Several ways how to sober up quickly at home

Probably, each of us was in such a situation, when it is required to depart as quickly as possible from the consequences of a merry party. In this article, we'll tell you what to do to quickly become sober at home. For this purpose, several basic and additional methods have been devised. About them and talk.

How to Sober Quickly

At home, it is, of course, more difficult to do than in a hospital (for example, through hemodialysis), but it is still possible!

  1. Let's start with the classics. Quickly sobering will help tonic, for example, washing with cold water, ice or snow. If possible, it is recommended to take a cool shower or even a whole bath! Just do not forget that such methods can negatively affect your nervous or cardiovascular system. This method allows you to sober up for half an hour. If you need a longer term, you need to look for another way, how to sober up quickly at home ... And it is!
  2. In this case, ammonia or any other alternative that has a very sharp and strong odor will be helpful. Wet a tampon or cotton wool in this substance and bring it to yourself or to the person you are going to sober up, under your nose. Minute inhalation of these "fragrant" fumes will make a drunk person quickly come to adequate feelings. In addition to ammonia, there is another creative way, how can you sober up!
  3. Quickly bring to life a drunk person will help ... an enema! It is necessary to enter into the poor guy rectally (through the anus) not less than two liters of water. Its temperature should correspond to room temperature. After the procedure, you need a lot of drinking. Also, you should increase the flow of air, putting the "martyr" on the balcony or sending him to breathe out into the street.

A few additional ways how to sober up quickly at home

  1. Try the proven method of "two fingers in the mouth." If it does not have the strength, then the granny of black bread will help you. It is necessary to roll well in food salt, and then chew for a long time, squinting. When you do, swallow it! You can drink this thing with strong tea.
  2. Try not to smoke indoors, because from this action Alcohol is only exacerbated, and all the above methods with an enema, ammonia or cold shower can "fly out into the pipe"!
  3. An excellent sobering effect shows black pepper-peas. Take 12 peas, bite into each one and swallow. You can drink strong tea.
  4. To the evening (or the next morning) you were not painfully hurt, take the drug "Alka-Seltzer." This remedy helps to get rid of the impending hangover syndrome. He has an alternative - several aspirin tablets.
  5. If a drunk person is a physically strong person, then you can work out in gymnastics. Exercise will provoke copious sweating with alcohol.
  6. One of the unpleasant ways, how to sober up quickly at home, is to use a certain "potion". It is not quite pleasant to the taste, but, as already mentioned, has an excellent sobering effect. The recipe for "potion" is simple: drip 6 drops of ... ammonia in a glass of cold water and drink it! Good luck!

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