Notebook for the computer: a list of the best programs

This article examines the best programs that replace notebooks in the electronic 21st century. They work on both PCs and smartphones. Some of them will be used as a simple replacement for an ordinary notebook, while others will become full-fledged organizers.


Currently, the PC replaces a lot for people. Those simple things that were done manually can now be done on a computer. Notebook is not an exception. Why rely on the safety of paper, when a notebook for a computer is guaranteed to leave everything in its memory in its original form? It is time to take advantage of the benefits of civilization in this case too.


Almost the most famous program, a notebook for a computer, is OneNote (literal translation - "one record"). This application is from Microsoft, which is even installed by default in the latest (8 and 10) versions of Windows. But even if the user has an earlier OS or for some reason OneNote has been removed from the computer, it is offered for free download from the official Microsoft website or in the "Application store".

In this electronic notebook, you can create and organize records. And by "creating" it is meant not only to "write", but also to draw with a stylus or a finger (depending on the type of device used). This means that OneNote is available not only for Windows, but also for Windows Mobile. There is such a notebook for "Android", iPhone, iPad, all from Microsoft developers.

Mars Notebook

The advantage of programs that can be used as a hand-rolled piece of paper is that eventually the whole mountain of information written in scraps can be sorted, because these will be files of the same extension, not scraps of notebook pages or notebooks with Incomprehensible notes with different pens.

Notebook for the computer Mars Notebook successfully copes with the duties assigned to it to store information. Generally it is paid, but Russian-speaking users on the official website can register for free. When you first start, you must create a database in which records will be created. The advantage of this approach is that different databases can be made for different types of notes, besides, if a program is used by several people, there must also be a "corner" for each. The number of such bases is not limited.

In Mars Notebook user-friendly interface: directly records on the right side, and in the left-sections and items in the tree structure to which these entries belong.

Notes can be either simple (text) or extended. This means that you can add pictures, music, videos and other files. There are a lot of settings and peculiar chips in the form of a calculator, calendar and other things. Not for nothing that this program is called advanced.

Mars Notebook is a notebook for the computer, that is, it works only on Windows. For "Android" various developers made alternative applications with a similar tree structure and similar functions.

Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is ideal for those who are looking for something unpretentious. Notebook program with a bunch of additional "buns" as in Mars Notebook, discussed above, is, of course, interesting, but not everyone agrees to deal with the many settings and functions offered to them. This is where Notepad ++ comes to the rescue. This notebook for a computer is similar to an extended version of an ordinary notepad. For example, the function of many tabs is added (as is known, in the program that is on each PC by default, it is not possible to open several documents at once).

It supports not only multitasking (which, by the way, is remembered by the program and can be later reproduced), but also the scalability of the text, and various plug-ins allow you to work with different encodings. With all the features and excellent speed of work, "Notepad ++" also weighs very little and is installed very quickly. Moreover, the program is free.

"Notepad ++" is available both on the computer and on the smartphone. It is also a notebook for "Android", which you can download, like many other softwares, on GooglePlay, simply by typing the name in the search.

Exiland Assistant

Exiland Assistant contains an entire organizer, representing a complex structure, expressed in a user-friendly interface. Program-notebook for the computer Exiland Assistant is suitable for those who like to approach the matter thoroughly. If the idea of a database is implemented in Mars Notecbook as a useful feature, then it is brought to the ideal.

Exiland Assistant allows you to manage your personal data completely. It becomes a rescue for business people, for which it was actually created. There are three versions of this program - free, single-user and a networked organizer for many users at the same time. The latter sometimes even choose small companies to store their employees' databases. Still, in addition to a lot of useful features and functions, Exiland Assistant has good data protection, which includes backup.

Unfortunately, this notebook for "Android" is not available as an application. But she has synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, and this official software is available on Google Play, which allows you to use Exiland Assistant installed on your PC at any time, saving information in Outluk, and then importing it into the "Assistant."

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