How to install the game from the computer to the tablet: possible options

Games for modern tablets and phones are most often installed from official stores. But for a number of reasons, the necessary application may for some reason not be there. And if they are found on the Internet, they are often downloaded to a computer to be transferred to a mobile device. In this case, the question of how to install the downloaded game and play it is reasonable?

Using USB

Games on the tablet from the computer can be transferred in a number of ways. Using USB is one of the most popular because you do not need to install additional software. As an example, an arbitrary brand of the tablet with the Android operating system version 4.2.2 will be taken. So, initially we get the developer's rights. Then we need to turn on the USB debugging mode. Thanks to him, the computer can work with the tablet or smartphone and send it data. Then we go to the "Computer" and open the mobile device as a regular folder. We are looking for a place where there are games (or where there is a desire to put the application). Now, to add his shortcut to the desktop, go to the main menu. Find the icon of the uploaded file. Click on it, the label "Label" appears in the upper left corner. Do not release the icon, move it to this inscription. Next, you can already choose the placement you want. As a result, we can install the games for free on your computer, if we find paid applications in free access.

Via Wi-Fi

But talking about how to install the game from the computer to the tablet, we did not take into account one moment - you need a special cable. And what if there is none? This does not mean that everything is bad, just have a little more work. We will be using Wi-Fi to drop it. Games on the tablet in this way can also be installed. But we need special software. And not any, but special - file managers. And not such programs that just allow you to look at files that are on your mobile device, and those that can interact with the computer, acting as a client. There is quite a good range of applications for this purpose. But since they are not, and the transfer of data is the topic of the article, we will proceed immediately to the fact that we will figure out how to install the game from the computer to the tablet. So, first you need to take care that their versions are on both the mobile device and the PC. Then identification is carried out. By it can mean the generation of a unique number, with the help of which the technician can learn another participant in the data exchange. When the codes are entered and the devices are confirmed, then you can use the client side of the computer to transfer information to the tablet. As soon as it is completed, the program will immediately notify. Can you see how to install the game from the computer to the tablet using Wi-Fi? This is not a complicated and costly business, therefore, if the first method has not come up, this one can help out.

We use a mobile network

This option is distinguished by possible monetary costs (if there is no unlimited Internet) and the slow download. So, how to install the game from your computer to your tablet using the mobile network? In general, the procedure is similar to the one in the previous paragraph, with slight differences:

  1. You must have a SIM card. That is, this option is not suitable for everyone.
  2. It is necessary to configure the operation of the mobile network and the ability to transfer data through it.
  3. Also do not forget that in the absence of an unlimited Internet, you will have to pay for traffic (we recommend that you check the prices).

Other ways of communication

The above features, considering how to install the game from a computer to the tablet, should help in all cases. But there are two more ways, which will be told in the article:

  1. Transfer via Bluetooth. Typically, it is suitable when working with laptops. All you need to do is make the devices visible. Then you can proceed with data transfer. This method can not boast of considerable speed, but it is free. In addition, information can be transferred directly between devices. This is albeit small, but a plus.
  2. Cloud storage. If there is no possibility to synchronize the operation of the devices at this moment and carry out data transfer, then you can use this method. You need to download the file from the computer to the cloud storage. And as soon as the opportunity appears, then you can transfer documents to it on a tablet or smartphone. And not only for one, but also for several devices.


So, we have analyzed all the most popular answers to the question "how to install the game from the computer to the tablet?" Of course, it is worth noting that in some nuances when using different operating systems it will be necessary to understand yourself, because they differ from the presented solution in the article.

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