If utorrent does not swing

Practically on each thematic forum on the Internet you can meet the theme "utorrent does not shake". It's amazing: the developers of torrent clients (among which the specified muentrent) release new and new versions of their products, improve the mechanisms of work, add new functions, and some users claim that the programs do not cope with their main purpose. In fact, each side is both right ... and no. Indeed, sometimes utorrent does not pump, but the problem is not the errors of this client program.

Exchange of files through the system of torrents is one of the most popular in the whole Internet. It's no surprise that right-owner companies are actively pursuing a policy of suppressing the dissemination of information through torrents. The advantage of this method of distributing files is that the data source is not one computer, as in the case of file storage, but a lot of the same participants in the download. That is, someone should start downloading the file through the torrent, as its client program automatically (if it is clearly not prohibited in the settings) starts distributing the already downloaded sites to new users who are connected to the initial distribution. This is the system of mutually beneficial "cooperation". Why are there questions about what utorrent does not pump?

There are several reasons for this, and there are no important and minor ones among them, since the result is the same. Because of this, it can not be guaranteed that the implementation of recommendations with 100% probability will solve the problem. For an accurate answer, you need to take into account the various nuances that only the owner of each particular computer can do.

So, if the torrent does not work, then the problem may be the Internet provider blocking traffic from the torrent client. The fact is that these programs create impressive data flows, initiating a large number of connections, which causes a high load of the provider's equipment. Therefore, some of them began to block the work of such client programs, violating the flow of TCP packets. If the reason is this, then the solution is as follows:

- install utorrent version not lower than 1.8.1;

- In the client, press the combination Ctrl + P, go to the BitTorrent item and enable the encryption of the protocol used.

In addition, you can try changing the client program. On the torrent trackers (the sites from which the download is initiated), usually compatible clients are listed.

Another reason that utorrent does not pump is insufficient user privileges in the operating system. On the folder into which the download occurs (it is set in the client settings), you need to click the right mouse button and follow the path Properties - Security - Advanced - Owner - Edit. Here we change the owner to ourselves, put a tick for the subcontainers and apply the changes. It's that simple.

In addition, in some cases, the operating system Windows 7 blocks the saving of the uploaded file directly to the root directory of the disk, which, in principle, is correct. To solve it, you just need to create a folder for the files and specify it in the torrent client settings.

A similar problem may occur when starting a torrent client without administrator rights. This is especially true for Windows 8, where the user is limited to almost everything. To solve the problem, create a shortcut utorrent and in its properties we specify "run as administrator".

Sometimes the operation of the torrent is blocked by the firewall (both built-in and part of the antivirus package). You need to add the program to the exceptions or try changing the involved ports (Ctrl + G combination).

Another specific problem is an incorrectly configured proxy server (if it is enabled).

If utorrent brakes, then you need to configure the connection: Ctrl + P - Speed - Number of connections. Reduce it by half. Alternatively, use the setup wizard (Ctrl + G).

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