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Resort towns of Russia, located on the Black Sea coast

Resort towns have been known since ancient times. Some of them were founded by the Romans near healing springs in different European territories. The resort cities of Russia in the twentieth century began to develop with new force. Black Sea coast, Caucasian Mineral Waters are famous for their newest modern sanatoriums, boarding houses, hydropathic institutions.


Anapa represents the cleanest, family resorts in Russia. The Black Sea, on the coast of which it is located, attracts tourists from around the world. There is a very large number of sunny days, the climate is quite warm and moderately moist. Therefore, the bathing season in Anapa lasts until October. In July - August, the water warms above 24 degrees. At the same time, the bottom is small enough that it allows you to take water baths even to babies. Here there is a unique water from the Semigorsk spring. She is Mineral and has been used for treatment since ancient times. At the resorts located in Anapa, climatotherapy, hydrogen sulphide mud, mineral waters are widely used. Procedures using these methods are perfectly complemented by physiotherapy, gymnastics, psychotherapy, as well as non-traditional methods of treatment.


The resort towns of Russia, located on the Black Sea coast, include Gelendzhik. It is located near the Markhotsky ridge. Sandy beaches stretching along the foot of the Caucasus mountains attract thousands of tourists. Pearl baths and sea baths, physiotherapy exercises are actively used here. For therapeutic drinking, "Gelendzhik" mineral water is ideally suited. And in the sanatorium of Lomonosov for treatment of many diseases use therapeutic imported mud. Practically 2400 hours a year the sun shines here. Spring comes early enough, and in July and August the water heats up to 28 degrees. Therefore, for holidays with children the most suitable is September, when the intense heat subsides, but the sea is still very warm.

The resort cities of Russia: Sochi

Across the coast in the vicinity of Sochi are numerous boarding houses, hotels, holiday homes, sanatoriums. That's why unofficially the city is called the resort capital of our country. Currently, there is an active construction here for the Olympics in 2014. By itself, the climate is curative because of the unique combination of saline evaporation of the Black Sea and mountain air. In addition to this factor, tourists are attracted by the mineral waters of Matsesta. Thanks to them, diseases such as rheumatism, circulatory diseases, varicose veins, diabetes and many others are safely treated. Some sanatoria also offer to improve their health with the help of Adler silt mud. However, such treatment is suitable in the absence of heart diseases. In addition, the resort cities of Russia, in particular, Sochi, offer to treat the digestive and excretory system with the help of alkaline water "Lazorevskaya" and Chvizhepsinsky Narzan from Krasnaya Polyana.

As you can see, the resort cities of Russia, located on the Black Sea coast, are suitable not only for simple rest, but also for healing and rejuvenation of the body.

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