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Elena Lenskaya. Fashion designer who feels the color, fabric texture and silhouette

As the creator of stylish and high-quality clothing, Elena does not like the style of unisex, believing that the female fashion is dictated by men. And with her usual tenacity tries to deal with this situation on the catwalks of the country. Elena Lenskaya (fashion designer) works in her own style and created kitsch-glamor. Favorite designers are the creators of their own fashion house Lenskaya Feather - Jenny Packham, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta.

Way to success

Elena was born in the city of Kiev (Ukraine) in 1971. Already at the age of four she began to cut and sew clothes for dolls. At fifteen she did it professionally. The girl was trained in the school of fine arts. And after graduation from the general education school she became a student of Kyiv State University. After that she entered the Moscow Open University.

All the time Elena Lenskaya perfected her own style of cutting and sewing, developed the necessary skills, studied many catalogs, tried not to miss a single show of fashion industry leaders.

Moscow. The first steps in the fashionable field

In 1994, Lenskaya created a studio for tailoring author's, naturally, expensive models of natural fur and leather. Any outfit sewn in her workshop goes on sale only in a single copy. Many exclusives are made specially to order. Stellar people - Alla Dukhova, Katya Lel, Sergey Zverev, Anzhelika Varum, Alexander Marshal, Leonid Agutin, the family of Presnyakov-seniors, Irina Dubtsova, Fedor Bondarchuk, Andrei Sapunov became regular customers and customers of the fashion studio.

Thanks to her efficiency, creative giftedness and commercial instinct, Elena Lenskaya with brilliance held a show of her first collection in the Kremlin Palace. Her exclusive models attracted the attention of the spoiled and glamorous Moscow public with a magnificent and even somewhere bold cut, spontaneous sincerity and seductive femininity. This is emphasized by the materials used in sewing the collection. Here, leather, fur, cashmere and silk were skillfully combined. Fashion models are not loaded with such a popular expression at the time, even the smallest detail is thought out and verified and must be in its place.

The show in the Kremlin opened for Lena the road to the tight world of Russian author and foreign fashion. Over the next four years, the designer develops and presents a wide range of fashion collections. Change the style, texture of the fabric, style of performance, but everywhere we recognize her creative handwriting - exclusivity, femininity and charm.

New milestones

Since the late nineties Elena Lenskaya started mass production of clothing, which was intended for the sale in Moscow clothing stores and boutiques.

2002 makes its own adjustments to the creative activity of the designer. It is this year that Elena has new tendencies and trends in the vision of her future collections. Cardinally changing the decoration of models, it is complemented and decorated with precious and semiprecious stones and decor, which Elena Lenskaya creates on their own sketches. The whole year is devoted to the development of a business plan for the introduction of a mass production of clothing.

2004 was an outstanding year for the designer in terms of professional activity. This year the Fashion House Lenskaya Feather was founded. In the middle of the two thousandth "Fashion Week in Moscow" they did not dispense with the display of the collections of this brand. Collections of Elena Lenskaya were demonstrated in the framework of Fashion Salons in France and America. A young and talented fashion designer has earned high praise and praise from the most authoritative fashion magazines in the world - Vogue and Glamor.

In the autumn of 2006, the designer presented the collection of clothes for the Beach Soccer sport to the public.

Out of fashion shows

The personal life of public people often becomes public, and Elena Lenskaya - the wife of Presnyakov and Sarukhanov at different times - never made secrets out of her. From Igor, she left for Presnyakov, the youngest. Lovers have lived in marriage for more than five years. In an interview with Elena Lenskaya in different periods, different reasons for their separation are voiced. Sometimes she said that the main one was Presnyakov's drunkenness. A little later I confessed that from Vladimir she had gone to a man whom she had fervently loved. But both Presnyakov and Lenskaya confirm that they are still in excellent relations and are always ready to come to the aid of each other.

Elena Lenskaya about the sense of style

On the deep conviction of Elena Lenskaya, stylish is not the one who is dressed dearly and at the latest squeak of fashion. She believes that you must always follow your own style. The external appearance of man must be in harmony with the internal state and way of life. Fashionable can be called a person who outlines the style of life with an understanding of where and how in a particular situation he should look. So fashionable and stylish Elena Lenskaya thinks, the photo of which, placed on the covers of glossy magazines, confirms this.

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