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How to choose a pacifier for a child? Nipples for bottles: an overview

The nipple can be called a real wand-a help for those parents who have troubled children. Some karapuzikov just suck a little pacifier, then calm down and fall asleep. But if you can not calm the baby with a nipple, you can contact your doctor to find out the reasons for his anxiety. In any case, it is very important to choose the right pacifier for the little one.

How to choose a pacifier, so she approached the baby, we learn from this article.

We select correctly

Many young mothers try to buy the beloved the most expensive and fashionable things, while not paying attention to their shape, preferring the external appeal of the product. They simply forget that the crumb does not care about the brand or originality of the design. For him the convenience of use is important. Children's nipples are distinguished by the shape and material from which they are made. The most comfortable nipple for a baby will be one that looks like a mother's nipple in shape.

There may be cases of a failure of the baby from the nipple, if it is big and uncomfortable for him. Therefore, when choosing a dummy in a store or pharmacy, you should pay attention to whether the product is fit in shape to the anatomical structure of the newborn's oral cavity. It is important not only the role and shape of the pacifier, but also the material from which it will be made. And what will be the reaction of the baby, it is almost impossible to predict. Someone does not like very soft rubber, someone more dense silicone.

Does a nipple need a crumb?

Many mothers have a natural question: why do their babies need a dummy and need to accustom to it a little girl? Usually women are interested in this, who many times heard stories about how hard it is to wean the crumb from the nipple over time. And yet the baby has a definite need for this little thing.

The sucking reflex is congenital. While still in the womb of the mother, the carapusik often sucks his finger. So he calms down and feels completely safe. That's why the newborn in the first seconds of his life greedily grabs his mother's breast, trying to calm down after the just experienced stress, which are his birth.

A small "reassurer"

Quite often it happens that the little girl needs to be quickly reassured. A dummy will be an excellent helper.

What kind of nipple to choose for a newborn, so that it is as convenient as possible, can be solved by the trial method. Proceeding from the above, it can be argued that the nipple for crumbs will be a kind of "soothing" and will help your mother in a huge number of situations.

That's why Mom needs to spend efforts to try to teach the baby to the nipple, so that he always takes it. But after the pacifiers are chosen, babies gradually get used to them and open their mouths themselves, as soon as they are seen. Sometimes they can even require a pacifier, crying aloud. As soon as mom gives the baby a pacifier, it instantly calms down.

Distinguish according to the form

How to choose a pacifier so that she likes the baby? The round nipple (or as it is called - "classical") has the form of a nipple of the breast, which will make feeding from the bottle the same as the natural one. Orthodontic nipples help to properly develop the lower jaw and the sky, prevent ingestion of air at the time when the crumb sucks.

Nipples with an anti-vacuum system reduce the amount of air swallowed by the baby, which results in a reduction in the frequency of regurgitation. And the valve in such a nipple does not allow it to stick together, which allows the karapuza not to break away from the bottle with the mixture. Similar nipples for bottles will be very convenient for the baby.

How many holes are there?

Nipples can also be distinguished by the number of holes in them. If up to 2-3 months babies will need nipples with one or two holes, then kids at the age of 2-5 months will already need three holes. Those pacifiers, in which four holes, will create a rapid flow of liquid food. They are suitable for children over the age of four months. The shape of the hole can be X-shaped (suitable for juice), Y-shaped (suitable for liquid porridge) and others.

Instructions for choosing a dummy. Material

Mom should pay close attention to the material from which the nipple is made. The choice is recommended to stop on soft and elastic latex and 100% medical silicone. Latex dummies are usually matte or light beige, with a characteristic taste and smell. The only drawback is that they are short-lived, and the sun can darken and deform.

The nipple latex round, as a rule, is comfortable for babies. Products made of silicone are usually more durable. They have no smell, no taste. The impact of sunlight is not terrible for them. What kind of nipple to choose - silicone or latex - will be decided by each mother individually, focusing on her child.

It is impossible not to pay attention to rubber nipples, which were so popular among toddlers born during the Soviet Union. Of course, now there are other, more interesting options (they were mentioned above). Such products are convenient in their own way, so it is quite possible to pay attention to them during the period when the question on the agenda is how to choose a nipple for feeding a youngster.

Unfortunately, rubber is an outdated material that can cause an allergy in the baby. But on the other hand, when his teeth are chopped, it is the rubber dummy in tandem with the rubber teeter that is better than the other modern ones that will help the karapuz to remove the itching and discomfort that torments him.

Instructions for choosing a dummy. The size

The size of the pacifier must correspond to the age of the baby. If the nipple is too small, the baby may have problems with the bite. If large, the crumb will hardly hold it in the mouth. Nipples for bottles - those originally intended for feeding crumbs from a bottle, can be distinguished by the intensity of the jet. On them put the figures having the following designations: 1 - jet slow, 2 - medium intensity, 3 - fast. It is recommended to change the nipples every one to two months.

Instructions for choosing a dummy. The form

The shape of the product is also very important for the baby. There are several types: round, anatomical and symmetrical orthodontic forms of pacifiers. The nipple of the round form will exactly repeat the shape of the nipple of the breast during feeding. Orthodontic nipples will induce the lower jaw crumb to move back and forth when sucking, which contributes to its proper development.

The shape of the anatomical nipple is similar to the structure of the gums, it will have less influence on their structure. Before buying a dummy, mom should make sure that the baby's nipples in the base have vent holes, and the nipple ring is firmly attached to its base. Such pacifiers are convenient enough to use.

Recommendations for care and choice

So, how to choose a pacifier for a child? First you need to study what kind of dummy forms exist, which experts say is better, which material is the safest, which design should be preferred. Now mom can determine what to buy for her baby. Pacifier dummies are better to buy in pharmacies or specialized stores. After all, you can see the documentation that confirms the quality of the purchased goods. Unequivocally, preference should be given to proven manufacturers (the child's health should not be saved) - Canpol babies, Avent, Chicco, TIGEX. It is necessary to constantly ensure that the size of the dummy used by the crumb corresponds to its age. It is desirable that the nipple has a monolithic construction.

Required hygiene

Well, the necessary goods have been bought. Now parents need to remember that before you give the baby a nipple, you should sterilize. This should not be forgotten during the use of the accessory, because bacteria accumulate gradually on it, which, when ingested, can be the source of the development of various diseases.

Note to parents: before using a pacifier for the first time, it should be held in boiling water for 3 minutes (but first read the instructions carefully, because not all pacifiers can withstand heat). Hygienic procedures should be performed daily. You can use three methods: boiling, sterilizing or washing under water using baby soap. If the nipple has fallen to the floor, you can not lick it and give it to the baby - this is the direct way to getting the infection into the baby's body. Do not dip a dummy in honey or sugar, because these products can trigger a diathesis.

Storage and use

How to choose a pacifier, we have already figured out. But how correctly to store and use it? Perhaps the best option for storing nipples is a sealed container. Thanks to him, the product is protected from germs. But the container should be washed periodically.

The same nipple can be offered for a baby less than three months, because over time the material wears out, there are small cracks, biting. The kid can accidentally bite off a piece of nipples and swallow it. But even if no visible damage is observed, pediatricians do not recommend the use of the same pacifier for a long time: the baby grows, and very soon this dummy will be to him not in size.

Do not miss the moment!

So, the baby got used to the nipple, which was picked up with great diligence. And over time, it is important for parents to catch the moment when they begin to wean the crumb from a bad habit. The kid is better distracted by his favorite games, and the nipple itself is periodically removed from the field of view of the youngster. You can not scold a child if he sucks a nipple. Do not shame and spank him, because adults themselves accustom him to a pacifier.

Some parents smear the nipple with bitter or burning. This is strictly not recommended, because in addition to psychological trauma, the kid can get a physical, for example, a burn of the esophagus. It is necessary to explain the baby: if he will suck a pacifier for a long time, his teeth can become crooked.

If the child is difficult to give up his habit, you can do this: cut the nipple daily from a nipple, starting from the very edge. The baby can be said that his nipple was bitten by fish, mice, squirrels ... Over time, the crumb will get used to the fact that his nipple is broken and every day it's more uncomfortable to suck. Thus, he can give up his habit faster and less painfully.

Having figured out how to choose a nipple for a baby, mothers and dads will now understand what to look for first. After all, sometimes, trying to keep up with the beautiful design, you can buy a child unfit for a thing that can adversely affect his health and even life. When the correct version is selected, Mom can not worry about the adverse effect of the dummy on the formation of bite or the grip of the nipple on the maternal breast during feeding.

And yet, we should not forget that even the best dummies will be present in the life of the little girl for only a few months, because their goal is to satisfy his sucking reflex. Gradually, the reflex decreases, which occurs approximately when the baby is 7 months old. Now we must gradually give up the pacifiers.

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