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Mixture of "Humana" (Humana): types, composition, testimonials. Mixture of "Human" for newborns

Breast milk is an invaluable source of vitamins and the best option for a newborn baby. All pediatricians and specialists of the World Health Organization agree with this point of view.

Unfortunately, due to individual characteristics, emergency antibiotic treatment, inexperience or lack of support from obstetricians, young mothers have problems that only milk formulas for children can solve at times.

Difficulties in choosing

It's no secret that some of the fair sex refuse to breastfeed without weighty arguments. Unwillingness to limit oneself in nutrition, active physical activity and the convenience of preparing the mixture - the true reason for switching to artificial feeding of a child is not so important. It is best to concentrate on choosing the right mixture, together with which your baby will receive all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

The first obstacle in the way of young parents is a baby food store. The "unprepared" people can literally feel dizzy from a variety of brands. Help should be sought from a pediatrician you trust, or from experienced friends with children.

Traditionally, the consumers of the phrase "Made in Germany" is synonymous with quality, so many reviews of the mixture "Human" put the first place.

Years of experience

Milk mixture Humana, as close to breast milk, appeared in 1950. Its creator is Heinz Lemke - a pediatrician from a small town Herford.

Twelve years later, the company introduced baby food, designed for premature babies. In 1967, Humana was the first among competitors to produce therapeutic nutrition, and then a special mixture for babies with intolerance to cow's milk.

In 1993, on the shelves of shops there are mixtures for children who are predisposed to allergies. Ten years later, the brand specialists derive a special formula for feeding AR to prevent frequent regurgitation.

To date, the latest addition to the Humana range, not counting the new design, occurred in 2011, when a mixture for children with digestive problems appeared.


Humana - food for kids from 0 to 3 years old, which does not contain preservatives and dyes, is easily digested and ensures optimal development from the first day of life.

Sixty-five years ago, the Humana brand was invented in Germany, and much has changed since then, but not the place of production. Near the town of Herford there are 29 farms that supply milk. These partners have been tested not by one decade of cooperation, so there is no doubt about the high quality of products. Animals are fed exclusively by natural foods without GMOs.

Before entering the baby food store, dairy products are tested in independent laboratories.

Humana for every taste

Developing formula formulas, nutritionists and pediatricians are trying to reach an ever larger audience. For this reason, you can easily find the right product in the big brand line:

- Expert 1 (from birth to 6 months);

- Expert 2 (6-12 months);

- Expert 3 (1-3 years);

- AntiColic (with colic and flatulence);

- Bifidus (with intestinal dysbiosis and constipation);

- NA 1 and NA 2 (risk of allergy development);

- AR (predisposition to regurgitation);

- SL (dairy-free infant formula "Humana");

- HN mit MCT (various digestive disorders, cystic fibrosis);

- HN with prebiotics (with diarrhea);

- "Electrolyte" with taste of fennel and banana (replenishment of liquid for diarrhea).


The most popular milk formula is Humana - Expert 1 for babies up to six months. It contains nucleotides, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3, prebiotics and lactose. Without starch and gluten.

Make conclusions about the quality of the reviews. A mixture of "Human" is often compared with similar products, and the choice is always not in favor of the latter. First of all, consumers note convenient packaging. The mixture is perfectly stored in a jar, which is invulnerable to dampness and foreign smells.

Humana 1 is easily digested and satisfies the baby's nutritional needs. The mixture quickly dissolves - even an inexperienced dad can cope with cooking.

Other products in the "dairy" collection of Expert 2 and Expert 3 are additionally enriched with vitamins D and calcium, which are necessary for full development at a certain age.


Almost all children between the ages of two weeks to four months suffer from colic. Studies have shown that only 5% of children cause colic is a disease, but in other cases it is characterized as a behavioral syndrome.

In addition, among the possible causes of prolonged crying, mainly in the evening, called dysbiosis, increased psychological and physical sensitivity, immaturity of the digestive tract.

Unfortunately, there is no universal medicine that helps with colic. The effectiveness of the drugs presented in the apetheque has not been scientifically proven. Experienced pediatricians advise parents to independently seek the opportunity to alleviate the condition of the child during evening colic. It begins with a pose of the embryo, a light massage of the tummy and correction of nutrition.

The mixture of "Humana" for newborns AntiColic, which is shown with inclinations to colic and flatulence, is in great demand. Avoid constipation and make the stool softer allow structured lipids based on natural milk, included in a unique formula. In addition, the composition contains prebiotics, polyunsaturated fatty acids and nucleotides. A reduced amount of lactose and a split milk protein are meant to facilitate digestion.

The testimonies of young parents confirm the effectiveness of the AntiColic mixture. Problems with the tummy stop, and a balanced formula prevents the occurrence of allergies, diarrhea or constipation. As for the shortcomings, most often customers note an uncomfortable cardboard box and a high cost (about 600-800 rubles), but it is worth the comfort of the baby and the peace of the whole family.

Humana HA

Unpleasant "surprise" for parents can be an allergy to the mixture. Dermatitis, regurgitation, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal colic, and in severe cases, dyspnea signals an inappropriate diet.

With serious problems, pediatricians insist on the introduction of a specialized dry mix. Hypoallergenic Humana HA is made on the basis of partially hydrolyzed protein with the addition of nucleotides, prebiotics, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, lactose. Does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives or colorants.

Unlike other hypoallergenic mixtures, Humana HA has a sweetish taste. Moms celebrate the wonderful state of health of babies without diathesis and constipation. The only problem encountered in switching to "diet" food is the specific smell and color of the stool with an obvious green tint. Fortunately, this should not cause concern. The allergy to the Human HA mixture is very rare.

Humana SL

When there is a reaction to the proteins of cow's milk, experts advise paying attention to the mixtures prepared on goat's milk. If this option is not approached, then the next stage will be the purchase of soy mix.

For newborns with intolerance to lactose and allergy to proteins of cow's milk, a special mixture of "Human" was developed. Composition:

- isolate of soy protein ;

- glucose syrup ;

- vegetable oils;

- soy lecithin ;

- taurine;

- choline;

- L-cystine;

- L-carnitine;

- L-tryptophan;

- Inositol;

- Minerals and vitamins.

Babies willingly drink Humana SL. Despite the absence of fructose, sucrose and lactose, the mixture has a slightly sweet taste. The package contains 500 grams of dry product, which does not foam and is perfectly diluted with water (the required temperature is 70 degrees).

Unpleasant problem

Regurgitation often becomes a cause for concern for young parents. In the first months of life the development of the internal organs of the baby continues. Most pediatricians agree that regurgitation is a kind of indicator of good digestion.

Departure of excess air occurs after feeding, when there is a sudden change in the position of the body of the baby. If there is no contraction of the muscles of the abdominal cavity with regurgitation and the mood does not change, then it is best for parents to wait for the child to outgrow it.

The reason for seeking medical advice can be tearfulness, spasms, sweating, pale skin and the abundance of secreted.

Humana AR

Solve the problem of anxiety and discomfort in regurgitation is capable of antireflux mixture "Human" for newborns. Its thick consistency reduces regurgitation, preventing the return of food to the esophagus.

It is a medical supplement that should be introduced into the infant's diet only after consultation with the pediatrician. The doctor individually selects the required amount of feed and dose. As a rule, Humana AR is prescribed for each meal in a small amount of a course or until the regurgitation disappears completely.

The antireflux effect is provided by the gum derived from locust bean fruit. In addition, skimmed milk, lactose, demineralized whey, calcium carbonate, vegetable fats, a complex of vitamins and other components are included in the composition.

Abundant regurgitation, lack of weight gain and constant washing - many mothers faced this before buying Humana AR. According to customers, its efficiency is much higher than the analogues presented in children's stores. The only thing that disappoints the mixture of "Human" - the price of 650 rubles and more.

Humana Elektrolyt

Digestive disorder for an adult is quite an ordinary phenomenon. With the help of proven medications, we put ourselves in order in a matter of days or even hours.

Unfortunately, banal diarrhea in a baby threatens dehydration and deterioration of the general condition of the body. Panicking parents should remember that the first step to recovery is the timely access to a doctor who will diagnose and prescribe a treatment.

Compensate for the loss of mineral substances and fluids, as well as stop diarrhea will help Elektrolyt - dry mix "Human" (price 250-300 rubles). The package contains 12 sachets with a volume of 6.5 grams. The contents of one sachet must be dissolved in 250 ml of cold or warm water, eat regardless of meals.

Rotavirus infections, acclimatization and intestinal disorders - about the effectiveness of the remedy from the German manufacturer speak eloquently.

The mixture of "Human Electrolyte" is available in two versions:

- Fennel flavor for babies up to a year;

- with a banana flavor for toddlers over one year old.

Of course, for the treatment of diarrhea, there are drugs cheaper, for example, "Regidron." However, the composition of Humana Elektrolyt is considered to be more sparing: glucose, sodium chloride, maltodextrin, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, oil and fennel extract, acesulfame potassium and sweetener. Due to pleasant taste, children without whims drink "useful water."

Humana Bifidus

As you have noticed, there is only one milk formula in the Humana line, and all the rest belong to the group of therapeutic nutrition.

"Humana Bifidus" features a special composition with lactulose for babies suffering from intestinal dysbiosis and constipation. Depending on the doctor's recommendations, the mixture is prescribed as the main food or is replaced by several feedings.

When switching to artificial feeding, young mothers often face the problem of constipation in children - a mixture of "Human" comes to the rescue. The composition includes lactulose (prebiotic) with a laxative effect.

As a result of regular use of Humana Bifidus, the growth of its own lacto- and bifidobacteria is accelerated, and the consistency and frequency of stools in infants improves.

With prebiotics

Intestinal colic, a foamy stool with a sour smell and profuse regurgitation, and in extreme cases, a developmental lag and a slow set of weight - parents should be careful to suspect a lactase deficiency in a newborn at the time. With artificial feeding it is necessary to choose a special mixture with a low content of milk sugar (lactose). Experts advise "Humana LP with prebiotics."

Low content of fat and lactose facilitates digestion. The dry product is dissolved in the consistency of the mixture or porridge. According to information from the manufacturer, such food is prescribed not only to infants from birth, but also to older children and even adults for recovery from surgical operations. In a unique formula, there are vitamins and trace elements to strengthen the body and increase appetite.

In addition, the reviews say that "Humana LP" helps with chronic gastritis. Daily use of the drink reduces the feeling of depression and pain, normalizes the acidity of the stomach.

Another variant of Human LP + SCT is a low-lactose mixture enriched with medium chain triglycerides. It is often used for nursing preterm infants and patients with various digestive disorders.

During the preparation of both mixtures, slight difficulties arise due to the thick consistency. Prepare a beverage without lumps help a whisk or blender - that's the main advice from experienced moms.

"Spot" on reputation

As many reviews say, the mixture of "Human" is very difficult to find in pharmacies and children's shops. Pediatricians almost never advise this manufacturer. More than a decade ago, the reputation of the German brand was spoiled during the scandal that occurred in Israel.

In 2003, two babies died and a few dozen remained disabled for life because of a mixture based on soy. The investigation showed that the composition did not have the necessary amount of vitamin B1, which plays an important role in the development of the child's body. The manufacturer of ingredients for "Remedia Cymchitis" mixtures was Humana. Despite the fact that the German brand was not responsible for the Remedia formulas, the obligation to pay compensation to the victims was accepted in full.

Since then, Humana has always been associated with the death of babies, not bothering to search for details of the terrible tragedy. However, the testimonies of those parents who nevertheless figured out the circumstances and decided to feed the baby with baby food from Germany put consistently high marks in milk formulas.

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