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Electric BMW - a childish whim for any holiday!

Every child dreams of growing up as soon as possible and becoming like his parents. Electric BMW - children's analogue of an adult car. Its appearance is almost identical to the current BMW X6 jeep, the difference is only in the absence of a roof in a small car. Your child will feel like a real driver on the big road, because such a children's car can impress even a desperate motorist.

What is attractive for a children's electric car BMW X6?

The unique design, pleasing look not only of children, but also of the parents themselves, was developed under the license of a well-known automobile concern and exactly repeats the external appearance of this car. Although the electric car BMW is a children's car, everything is really in it: opening doors open on both sides, lighting lights, two powerful motors, an ignition key, leather very comfortable seats, a windscreen and, naturally, brand BMW badges that determine the brand of the car. In addition, the sounds that the children's car makes are quite believable, and the music, which when switched on pours from powerful speakers, will certainly raise the mood of your child and draw attention to the street both adults and children. The car itself is made of a metal frame and safe impact-resistant plastic, and the body is painted in non-burning color, beautifully shimmering in the sun.

Specifications of electric vehicle

The BMW electric children's car has a fairly compact size, so you can easily store it on the balcony, in the hallway or on the floor of your floor. Its length, width and height are only 117, 73.5 and 59 cm, respectively. It weighs 17 kg, which is quite a bit for such a powerful car. In the kit you will find a charger, two powerful batteries, a remote control, working with Bluetooth, as well as a wire for turning on the MP3 and radio. There is only one seat in this children's car, but it is very comfortable and spacious. Two powerful batteries of 35 watts each allow you to work the car for up to two hours without interruption. At the same time, when fully discharged, it is enough to put them on charge, and after 8-10 hours the electric electric car of the BMW jeep is again at your disposal.
The doors in the car are equipped with special locks, so their opening and closing is smooth and almost noiseless. The wheels are sturdy, made of plastic with central PVC pads. The machine has two speeds for forward travel and one for backward travel. And in order to set it in motion, it is enough to press the ignition button, while the sound of the car is difficult to distinguish from the present.

An adult jeep is everyone's dream

If you get an electric BMW for your child , childish rapture is inevitable! After all, it is the embodiment of the dream of both boys and girls. The color range is diverse, so you can easily choose exactly what your child dreams about. In addition, the children's jeep is not only attractive in appearance, but also contains the maximum number of options:

  • Opening and closing doors on both sides, the design of which is as close as possible to the present due to the use of inserts made of plastic glass;
  • Real car roar when you press the ignition key;
  • Including front and rear lights, internal illumination of the instrument panel;
  • Two speeds for forward speeds and the ability to move backward at the same speed;
  • Safe, durable and non-combustible plastic, from which the body of a children's car is made;
  • Availability of FM-receiver and MP3-player.

Our children dream of it!

Even if your child is too small to drive yourself with the help of the brake pedal and the gas and gearbox, you can easily do it for him. You can remotely start, stop and turn the steering wheel of the car with the help of an individual control panel. In this case, near the seat is a seat belt, which can be attached to a small child in order to avoid his falling out of the car. All these pleasant functions and additional options will lead to the indescribable delight of not only children, but also their parents. A small copy of the famous BMW X6 jeep will not leave anyone indifferent. The children's electric car is beautiful, compact, safe and reliable. It's so easy to fulfill small dreams!

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