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31 weeks of pregnancy

31 weeks of pregnancy - the time of development of serious toxicosis. Not every woman has health problems at this stage. However, it is 31 weeks of gestation time for the development of late gestosis or toxicosis. Symptoms of such complications include the appearance of severe edema, increased pressure and the appearance of protein in the urine analysis. Specialists say that most common gestosis occurs in the fall or spring. This complication "prefers" pregnant women with blond hair and skin. This dependence is not yet fully understood.

The first sign of gestosis is a strong increase in weight. The body weight of a pregnant woman increases quickly enough, although she adheres to a certain diet and limits the use of liquid for a day. If the future mother adds weight in a week more than three hundred or four hundred grams, then this phenomenon is considered abnormal. The first stage, the so-called gestosis, is an ordinary dropsy. It is characterized by the appearance of edema on the lower limbs. Later they extend to the face, stomach and hands.

To avoid the appearance of dropsy, doctors recommend taking very simple measures. A pregnant woman should exclude from her diet all spicy, fried and salted, reduce the amount of liquid consumed to a liter a day. In this case, fruits and soups are a liquid. Experts advise to spend weekly unloading days. Diuretics are only natural products. For example, future mothers are assigned herbal collections of cranberries, cranberries and the like. In fact, these simple remedies are very helpful in the fight against gestosis.

31 week of pregnancy. Nutrition of the future mother is of great importance in the development of the baby. Do not eat large amounts of fatty and smoked foods. In addition, many women are simply not at all harmful to consume smoked meat. In more serious cases, when all this does not help a woman, the doctor usually offers hospitalization to a future mother. The reason for such a serious decision is that the next stage of ordinary gestosis is much more dangerous. It is called nephropathy.

As for nephropathy, it is characterized by three main symptoms. First of all, it is high blood pressure and strong swelling. Protein in the urine of a pregnant woman is also present. Nephropathy is treated only in a hospital setting, otherwise it passes into the next stage of gestosis, which is called preeclampsia.

31 weeks of pregnancy is the period of the third comprehensive examination of a pregnant woman. The future mother regularly gives tests of urine, blood, visits her doctor, under whose supervision she is. If there are any serious abnormalities, the woman is most often placed for treatment in the department of the maternity hospital.

31 week of pregnancy. Ultrasound at this stage of fetal development already clearly shows all the significant features of the baby's body. The child is fully formed externally. However, some internal organs continue to develop. A pregnant woman can see her unborn baby, his hands and feet. Usually the child at this stage sucks his fingers, being most often in one position. Places in the uterus is already small, so it is difficult to make coups and sharp movements to the child.

31 weeks of pregnancy is a turning point in the psyche of a future mother. She experiences many fears associated with the birth and education of her baby. However, pretty soon, all this will pass, and the woman will calm down. The main thing for her in this period is support and attention on the part of close people, especially the father of a future child.

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