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How to choose the right mattress in the stroller?

In order for your baby to feel comfortable during the walk, you will need to purchase a mattress in the stroller. The fact is that the child in her often sleeps, so it should be convenient. In addition, a properly selected product will contribute to the proper development of the skeleton of your baby.

It should be noted that it is not so easy to choose a mattress in a stroller. First of all, remember that you should not choose it in advance. There are models of wheelchairs with which the mattress is also sold. However, if you are unlucky, then you will have to buy the product separately. In doing so, consider the size of your "vehicle".

During the selection of the presented product, it is necessary to be guided by certain criteria. As already mentioned, the first factor is the size of the mattress. It should not be more than the bottom of the cot. Otherwise, it just starts to curl, and the baby will be uncomfortable lying on an uneven surface. The mattress in the stroller must be rigid enough that the child's spine is correctly formed. Naturally, later it will need to be replaced by a softer product, but this can be done after the baby turns a year old.

Now pay attention to what kind of filler is used in this product. The most useless is foam rubber, which is considered the most mild and short-lived, as it quickly deforms. The mattress in the stroller for the baby should be high-quality and durable, so it is worth opting for the fiber of coconut or buckwheat. Such products are very durable, hypoallergenic, resistant to wear, safe for the child. The main advantage of this filler is that it has the necessary rigidity for the correct development of the baby's support system, and can also retain its original form for a long time.

You can also use products with filler made of latex, wool and flax. Moreover, these materials can be combined. Baby mattresses in the stroller may have a different color and pattern. However, all of them should be equipped with covers that can be easily removed and washed. Also, try not to neglect your right to view quality certificates. You should know that the product is factory-made and does not contain materials harmful to the health of the child. Do not buy such an accessory on the market, it is better to choose a specialized store.

During the selection, also carefully inspect the mattress. If he has visible defects, ask him to replace it with another one. Recently, a mattress in the wheelchair is considered popular. Its advantage is that it is ergonomic, has a small thickness. Due to these parameters it can be easily applied in stroller, cradle-carrying. Another advantage of this product is the seat belt slots. Thanks to this you will be sure that your baby is securely fixed in the stroller and will not fall out of it. It can also be washed easily in an automatic machine.

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