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How to give birth to a baby?

Every woman once decides to become a mommy. Today, this increasingly occurs in adulthood, when she approaches this issue responsibly. Therefore, most pregnant women care about how to give birth correctly, so that there are no complications in the child and mother, and also minimize pain.

It is very important to do this in a specialized institution, where, if necessary, they can provide emergency assistance. Conducting births at home categorically impossible. Now about 60% of babies' appearances are transmitted with complications. Quite often the decision on cesarean section is already taken in the process of delivery.

Sometimes there are uterine bleedings, which are extremely dangerous for a woman's life. In some cases, the child needs urgent placement in intensive care. If the woman still decided to give birth at home, then an ambulance should be on duty at the entrance, and the process should be supervised by a competent specialist.

In order for everything to go well, you need to prepare for the birth of a baby. A woman should know how to behave during childbirth, and understand what is happening to her. At occurrence of the first fights it is necessary to calm down and not to panic. You have to set yourself up for hard, but necessary work.

Today, partner labor is actively practiced , when a close person accompanies a woman, it is better when it is the father of a child. However, a man must be mentally prepared for this, so as not to interfere, but to help the future mother in this difficult moment. To do this, it is desirable to watch a video with childbirth. If he really wants to be present and help, then the couple needs to attend special courses.

In the classroom they will be told about the techniques of relaxation, how to breathe and push hard. A man will learn how to do a massage, which reduces pain. Future parents learn about the postures in which it is desirable to be in different periods of childbirth.

Of course, how to properly give birth to a child should be told in the hospital. However, it is better to be prepared. Moreover, not always there is a good staff, and a woman does not always adequately perceive information during this period.

It is very important to choose a hospital and a doctor in advance, of course, if there is such an opportunity. Then the woman will experience less and worry, and this is very important. Fear and stress have a bad effect on the labor activity. It is necessary to relax as much as possible. You can watch your favorite movie or TV series, lie down in a bath with hydromassage, listen to your favorite music.

Many pregnant women are interested in how to give birth correctly - in a horizontal or vertical position. Traditionally, the first option is practiced in maternity hospitals, but only the second one was used 2 centuries ago. It is considered more convenient for a woman and a child, but it is more difficult for a midwife to control the process.

Today again in some maternity homes vertical labor is practiced . However, they must be trained by the staff, and it is still not enough. Experience with such midwives is also small.

So, how to give birth to a woman is prompted, in particular, by her own organism. There are different techniques of breathing during labor. Each woman in the process is in the process of finding the best option for herself. Proper breathing reduces pain and helps to open the neck.

It is desirable during this period to be in an upright position, and during fights rely on the back of the bed or an escort. Over time, their duration and strength increases, and the intervals decrease. The period of contractions consists of three stages. The first of them can be spent at home, during the second it is necessary to arrive at the maternity ward, the third one is the most painful and short and goes into attempts - the second stage of labor.

During this period, the woman will have the main job. She must push the child out with the help of the abdominal muscles. In this case, you need to listen carefully to the midwife. It is necessary to learn how to properly push, and also relax during attempts, as sometimes it is necessary.

So, how to properly give birth, it is better to find out long before the baby's birth. This can be done on special courses, which it is desirable to visit with her husband. It is better to choose a clinic and a doctor in advance. Very important are both physical preparation and emotional mood.

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