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"Tera" - a heated towel rail for everyone

You can take water procedures with pleasure only at a comfortable temperature. And to help her create a tubular radiator installed in the bathroom. In addition, this attribute will not give the smell of dampness, mold and fungi in the bathroom. Traditionally, towels and linen were dried on radiators of this type, which gave him the second name "towel warmer".

In the Russian market, a significant niche is occupied by domestic production of the company "Tera". The towel warmer of this brand is of high quality at relatively low prices. The company, organized back in 2003, makes a bet on the convenience and simplicity of its models.

Characteristics of products

"Tera" is a towel warmer, which is made of quality raw materials - stainless steel AISI-304. This material is characterized by low magnetic properties, it is easy to weld.

The parts are welded together. The difference is that the additive is not used in this process. As a result, a neat, thin seam is formed, which can be characterized as reliable and durable.

Smoothness of the surface is achieved through electron-plasma grinding. Thanks to this, do not worry that the clothes will be tightened.

Radiators have a mirror surface, becoming not just a functional detail, but also an element of decor. You can choose a suitable model for all interiors, for large and not very rooms.

Most users are satisfied with how the towel towel "Tera" works. The reviews are positive. This applies to ordinary consumers, and specialists involved in plumbing.

Of course, there are conflicting opinions. The most common problem is that the towel released by the company "Tera" eventually starts to flow through the water.

For all products the company provides a guarantee. But, of course, the longevity and quality of service largely depend on the operation and the correct connection. For example, electrical tubular radiators should only be connected to grounded sockets. Water models require much more preparation. The process of connecting to the system will require disconnecting the water pipe on the riser. Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist for installation.

Advantages and disadvantages

To the advantages of towel warmers "Tera" you can include the following factors:

  • To models you can pick up a variety of slats, holders and shelves.
  • Shelves are tilted forward, which makes drying clothes more convenient.
  • Electric models offer 5 heating modes.


  • Leaks during the operation of models of economy class.
  • Unreliable seams after welding.
  • The final cover can slazit.

The Tera series

Towel dryer - almost the only detail of the decor in the bathroom. It is not always possible to use other accessories. Therefore, the design task is also assigned to the radiators. And if you look at the photos of Tera models, it becomes clear: the manufacturer coped with this task and managed to combine functionality and attractiveness. Along with classical models, the company offers not quite standard options. In general, the company's lineup includes about 80 types (50 water and 30 electric). But this is not the limit. A number of new items are constantly being replenished.

Small-sized rooms are suitable for M-shaped and U-shaped models. There are also PM models that combine into one two kinds of radiators.

For small rooms there are variants with stairs and shelves, the size of which reaches 60-120 cm. A bright representative is the towel warmer "Thera Bohemia", which is produced both water and electric. To them, you can choose a variety of different shelves and holders.

Among the novelties we can single out the models "Victoria", "Wave New", "Classic" (with a side branch), "Rib", "Bridge".

Water radiators

Towel dryers "Tera" are suitable in cases where water pipes are connected to a hot water supply or a heating system.

Tubular water radiators have a number of advantages in comparison with electrical:

  • Do not consume electricity.
  • Do not need grounding.
  • They work during the entire heating season.

Electric radiators

The electric towel heater "Tera" is chosen in those cases when:

  • There is no possibility to connect to heating or a hot water supply system (or this requires large financial costs).
  • Frequent cases of water pipe failure or systematic shutdown of hot water.
  • The desire to regulate the temperature and the heating mode.
  • As additional heating in the event that the main radiator runs periodically (for example, in the autumn-winter period together with the central heating).

The towel made by the company "Tera" electric has a number of differences from water radiators:

  • It heats up quickly (it cools down).
  • Installation in the room does not require special knowledge and training, skills and tools.


For the installation and operation of heated towel rails, additional accessories may be required. The main ones are:

  • Fittings (most often, customers prefer chrome plated).
  • Mounts.
  • Adapters.
  • Angular joints.

The company "Tera" offers its customers a wide selection of various components of good quality, suitable for all models of heated towel rails.

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