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Corner sink - the new generation format

As a rule, the bathroom in the apartment is the smallest room in which we try to "squeeze" not only a bath, a sink and a toilet, but also a cabinet for storing all sorts of household things, and a washing machine. To get out of this situation, you can properly select the necessary plumbing and create visual effects.

For example, an interesting solution to the problem of small bathrooms is the angular placement of the shower and the corner sink. Thanks to this, relying on expert advice and own taste, you can create your own unique and cozy bathroom interior. Designers working in this direction, offer us and miniature corner sinks, and their full, "full-size" sizes, and sinks with a wide working area and with a table top.

The corner sink will be very appropriate in small, even tiny rooms. Small corners of angular shape have been developed for this purpose. They are ideal for use in cafes and public places, guest rooms or holiday homes.

Corner sink for the bathroom can not only become a real salvation of a small space, but also an interesting design idea that allows you to move away from the usual interior cliches and take a fresh look at the location of the sink.

There may be an angled shell and various configurations: a sink-tulip, Countertop, suspension model, waybill, classic or non-standard asymmetric.

But, perhaps, the most practical solution to the problem of placement is the corner sink with the curbstone. It allows you to hide a lot of household items and household chemicals. This practical and fashionable model, consisting of a sink, mirror and pedestal, popularly called "moydodyr", provides a place for household things, thereby ensuring the effective and maximum convenient use of useful space.

In this set, the sink can be built into the cabinet, table top or shelf. It can stand on the surface like a bowl, or can be embedded in a surface. And you can use this option: pick an unusual shell and order an equally unusual cube for it.

Especially good is a compact corner sink for the toilet, which can neatly fit into the tiniest space. Such miniature models are simply called "wash-hand basins". They help to solve the problem - where after going to the toilet to wash your hands. You can use the washstand in the case of small bathrooms.

Traditionally, the bathroom sink is made of faience or porcelain. The same initial data, but different manufacturing techniques make it possible to obtain completely different materials for quality. Sanitary faience absorbs moisture well, since it has a more porous structure. Therefore, products from it are usually covered with glaze. Porcelain has a more dense structure and does not need any additional processing.

Both materials are widely used for making shells, since they are not subject to physical damage and are resistant to aggressive chemicals. In addition, the color range of such ceramic products is not limited. You can choose models not only different in color, but even with a pattern.

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