Agnes Dane - the icon of the English youth style

Many of those who are interested in the fashion world know the name Agnes Dane. She is a recognized icon of the English youth style. In addition, it is the model of Agnes Dane that is currently one of the most popular fashion in the world, and also one of the rare lucky ones who have escaped from the small mediocre town to the fashionable world stage solely by their own labor, step by step moving towards the intended goal.

Essays on the life of the model

Her life path Agnes Dane began with a small town in the English county of Greater Manchester. She grew up in a large family, without a father. The mother was forced to keep herself of all three children for a small salary of the nurse of the local hospital. Accordingly, Agnes (or rather, Laura Hollins, as her name was then), early realizing that there was no help from anyone, settled herself as a saleswoman in the nearby shop. Then in a small city restaurant - a waitress, providing not only themselves, but also helping the family. At the same time, the future model continued to successfully study in school and eventually entered the Lyceum. At the age of 16, Laura went to work in a local beer bar, and started her modeling career. The owner of the bar decided to arrange a beauty contest, one of which was Laura and, of course, won, and went to conquer London for the reward received.

Searches for a place under the sun

To somehow survive in a big city, she had to get a job in a night bar, and in the afternoon the future diva would cover the thresholds of model agencies and go to all sorts of castings, trying to catch on in the model sphere. Nevertheless, her first significant contract with the modeling agency Models-1, she got completely by accident - having collided on the street with a famous photographer.

It was this accidental acquaintance that became the starting point of her modeling career. Stylists Models-1 turned the provincial English freakish little girl Laura into a platinum blonde with a character - an icon of the youth style of Britain, Agnes Dane.

For her, an authentic style was created, which fully corresponded to her harsh character. The work of the young model was a short haircut for a boy, large chains, bracelets and a defiant look.

It should be noted that even now the model that has already taken place does not change the image of an unruly girl. Each new haircut Agnes Dane causes an explosion of delight, this woman is accustomed to shock the public and does not depart from their traditions. She easily parted with the platinum locks of the bean's hair, painting them in black, then generally turns into a short-cropped, but very feminine boy. Adoring all her headgear without exception, she constantly changes her style, while remaining fashionable and youthful.

First success

In 2006, on the cover of Vogue, the first photos from Agnes Dain appeared.

Since Agnes came to work for the agency Models-1, and her face began to appear on the covers of world fashion magazines, she was invited to cooperate with the best fashion houses: Burberry, John Galliano, Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Cacharel and others.

Designer Henry Holland was fascinated by her beauty, and Agnes, thanks to his patronage, began to represent the fashion house House of Holland and a collection of T-shirts from Henry Holland.

On the wave of popularity

The peak of her fame can be called 2008, when in London the model of Agnes Dane became the main "event" of the fashion week. She was also recognized as the best model of the year by the rating of the British Fashion Awards and took part in the advertising campaign of the brand New Look, replacing Drew Barrymore from this place. At this time, they began to talk about the fact that Agness decided to change the profession and go from fashion business to show business. She even created her own musical group, but this initiative was never crowned with success. She had to return to the model sphere, and already in 2008, Agness again conquered the world's catwalks. However, her musical hobbies have borne fruit, and after a couple of years she was invited to star in the video of the band Five O'Clock Heroes, and in 2011 - in the video of the French musician Woodkid.

Now Agnes Dane continues to work in the fashion industry, introducing the brands of Jean Paul Gautier Ma Dame, Shiseido and House of Holland, as well as Beat's toilet water from Burberry.

Successful in everything

Agnes Dane can be called not only a popular model, but also a successful woman. She excelled not only in the fashion industry, but also in her personal life. In various periods of her modeling career, she was in a love relationship with show business stars such as musicians Josh Hubbard and Miles Kane, and Hollywood (actor Josh Harnett). And in 2012, her choice was another American actor - Giovanni Ribisi, with whom she secretly married. Now the couple do not yet have their own family home and live in the United States, then in England. However, in a short time, much must change in this way of life. In the near future, the couple intend to purchase a new house and finally decide on a permanent place of residence.

Career Agnes Dane has become a model not only of purposefulness, but also of the great talent of the model.

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