How to understand, from what hair drop out

Many people are faced with the problem of hair loss. Let's try to understand some of the reasons why hair falls out. Such reasons can be quite a lot. Conditionally they can be divided into two groups: hereditary and acquired.

One of the hereditary causes is an overabundance in the body of androgen - a male hormone, the effect of which on hair bulbs (follicles) affects their nutrition, and consequently, on hair growth. Hereditary causes usually begin to appear at a more mature age as androgen accumulates in the body. But sometimes allopecia, that is, intense hair loss, is observed in 18-year-olds. One way to confront the hereditary causes of hair loss is the intake of special medicines. Including - and hormonal. Cosmetic means in this case are ineffective and can be useful only for a short time.

What causes hair to fall, if not because of heredity? The first among the acquired reasons worth mentioning is the popular concept of a stressful state today. It is known that with a stress of ten to fifteen percent of hair follicles - the follicle - they die. The most dangerous in this case is chronic stress, which is most often associated with overwork, constant lack of sleep, depression. It is worth it for a woman or a man to have a rest, and this cause will disappear by itself.

But it happens that the hair begins to fall literally even with a simple shake of the head, and not in adults, but in fairly young people, for example, in 18-year-old girls. So why do girls lose their hair , despite the fact that they are usually less prone to allopecia? Sometimes hair can fall out in the first three months after childbirth. In this case, you need to consult a specialist if the hair continues to fall out after six months.

One of the acquired causes is also chronic and infectious diseases, for example, stomach problems, diseases of the nervous system, venereal diseases, diseases of the endocrine glands, and the presence of foci of local infection in the body. The treatment of these diseases can also save from hair loss. What causes hair loss on the head after forty years? Changes in the body at this age, which are due to the same androgens, are also the cause.

Unbalanced diet, craze for diets, lack of vitamins C, B, E and F, amino acids, proteins, iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc contribute to the deterioration of hair health and their loss. Harmful habits, especially smoking, block the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Receiving contraceptive pills of previous generations with high levels of hormones is also the cause of hair loss. In addition, this phenomenon can be observed and because of the general weakening of immunity.

But if there are no hereditary factors, hormonal failures, chronic illnesses, bad habits, what do hair fall out from? Most likely, due to improper care, for example, the wrong choice of shampoo, excessive dragging lightening, coloring and chemical wave, frequent use of rectifiers and curling iron. Hair is undesirable to comb, when they are wet, do not too tighten them with an elastic band.

What causes hair to fall in the offseason, that is, in the spring and autumn? This is one of the natural processes, reminiscent of molting in animals. The hair is adversely affected by temperature changes, so in winter it is necessary to wear a hat.

With all the reasons, except for hormonal failures, you can cope on your own, changing the lifestyle, diet and nutrition using cosmetics. However, if the hair continues to fall out, then it is necessary to consult a specialist trichologist.

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