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There is a creative beginning in every child. An uncontrollable children's fantasy requires an exit, and the most favorite occupation for many children is to make very interesting handicrafts. Parents need only to send the baby and provide the necessary materials, teach the technique of work. Joint creativity brings the child and parents together, teaches attentiveness, accuracy, assiduity, develops small motor skills, logic, thinking, fantasy. An interesting hand-crafted article, made by yourself, can become a favorite toy or an expensive gift for relatives. And materials for its manufacture can be the most diverse.

From paper

It is with paper that the child gets acquainted first. Already at the age of one year, children begin to try to draw with pencils and paints, examine the colors and their properties. Drawing is one of the most common creative activities of a child. You can diversify this process by using various unusual techniques.

An interesting hand-crafted article can turn out using stamps. They can be made from foam plastic or plasticine, interesting prints will be obtained if you use plastic bottles, banknotes or thick threads glued to cardboard, cups of different diameters, cut straws, lego pieces, leaves and flowers, your own palms and much more.

For drawing, you can use the technique of grafting - scratching a picture with a pen, toothpick or other sharp object on paper, filled with black ink or gouache. Technique frotaty - shading of the paper, located on a flat relief object.

You can think up a lot - use shaving foam, salt the finished watercolor drawing, paint with colored glue or soap solution instead of paints, take a sponge or cloth instead of a brush, etc.

The application will also allow you to make interesting light crafts with your own hands. The pictures are bright, colorful and voluminous. You can use not only colored paper, but also cardboard, fabric, leather, cereals, pasta, dried leaves, flowers and much more.

Origami is suitable for children of all ages. For the smallest, there are simple schemes of animal figures, and older children can do more beautiful and complex things. Origami can be decorated with colors, beads, buttons, sequins.

From the boxes

The usual cardboard box is already a ready-made form, it remains only to modify it a little. By adding a spout, eyes, ears, paws and a tail can be made by any animal. Cut the box, add furniture, cut out the windows - and the doll house will turn out . You can make a whole city.

Interesting children's crafts with their own hands can be made from a large box - it will become a house for a child, a car, a locomotive, a ship, a TV, a stove, an aquarium. Thick cardboard is suitable for making a small chest for storing small things.

From vegetables and fruits

In autumn, it's time for fairs in schools and kindergartens, there are many new materials, from which you can make beautiful interesting crafts with your own hands. From vegetables and fruits, it's fun to invent original things, and then they can be eaten.

Did you notice that many vegetables and fruits look like animals? Cauliflower, for example, an almost ready lamb, a banana is similar to a dolphin, and eggplant is a penguin poured out. From pepper is very easy to make a frog, and from carrots - a giraffe. On any fruit, you can cut out a funny face and make up the whole company.

From apples, cucumbers or zucchini with toothpicks can make real racing cars and arrange competitions. Experiment with the materials - on which wheels is better to go the apple car-lobster? On carrots or grape? The main thing is not to eat spare parts before the start of the competition! You can put in such a vegetable car passengers.

Of leaves, cones, acorns

From the autumn forest you want to take with you a beautiful cone, a few acorns, chestnuts or a bright maple leaf. Of these, you can make an original gizmo that will become a nice decoration of the house. These are not only standard guinea pigs and hedgehogs from cones.

From autumn grasses and leaves you can weave a wreath at the door. Conventional cones can be painted in bright colors and make an excellent winter bouquet or Christmas tree toys. Small acorns and cones can decorate the frame for photographs. Very unusual looks tree from branches, decorated with acrylic paints painted acorns.

From plasticine, dough, clay

Plasticine - a wonderful material for creativity, from which beautiful beautiful crafts are produced with their own hands. Traditionally, figurines of animals, cartoon characters, little men are molded from plasticine. But this is not the only application of it. With the help of this material, you can make pictures using appliqués on thick cardboard or old disks. There is also a technique for drawing plasticine, which allows you to create three-dimensional images.

Salted dough allows not only to make original figures and panels, but also to save them for a long time. After drying, the product can be painted and varnished. Salted dough should pay attention to the mothers of the youngest children, because soft dough is much better for children's fingers than dense clay.

Another application of the salted dough - from it you can make the magnets on the refrigerator. Blind the figure and glue an unnecessary magnet to it. The original decoration on the refrigerator will be a wonderful gift.

Another material for modeling - clay. Today in the shops you can buy a children's potter's wheel and everything you need to make bowls, mugs, bowls and plates. With the use of different materials, we will get an interesting piece by hand, which can then be painted with colors.

Of stones and seashells

Many children like to collect on the street beautiful pebbles and seashells. And these collections can be an excellent material for creativity. With the help of paints round stones turn into ladybirds, bright bugs, flowers, houses, bright tropical fish, birds, animals. Take a thin brush, paints, glue, and cool pebbles come to life under the skilful hands. With the help of these natural materials, you can decorate the frame or make a real sculpture.

From fabric

Fabric, leather, fur and satin ribbons - from this you can literally do anything, armed with a needle and thread. Now there is simply a huge number of master classes and all sorts of recipes. Interesting ideas for crafts with their own hands can be found in numerous magazines on needlework.

From the fabric can be sewn as small crafts and cute pads, and original animals and cute dolls. For example, now very popular jewelry and dolls in the style of tilde. The fabric can decorate the frame or make a new cover for your favorite diary.

Satin ribbons today are again the running goods in cloth stores, because the Kansas technique is very popular - the production of flowers from satin ribbons. Most often these flowers are used to decorate rims and hair bands.

Crafts made of leather and fur require special skills of work and great diligence, but the results of this work can be fantastically beautiful, besides this hobby is rare. Try your hand at using materials left over from old clothes and shoes.


Children love to give cards. An interesting hand-crafted article can turn out if you apply different techniques and materials. In addition to paints and pencils, you can use voluminous applications, wrapping paper, colorful buttons, fabrics, lace, feathers, ribbons.

For the yard

You can revive the homestead by applying hand-made articles. The most interesting thing is that you can use any improvised materials. Flower bed can be decorated with stones. Of course, the natural color looks good, but any kid will be happy if under the flowers a bright beetle or frog, which he made together with his mother, will settle.

A common material for the decoration of the site is ordinary automobile tires. They will not only become part of a flower bed or a flower pot, but they will easily turn into cheerful animals. A little color and fantasy, and on the lawn will appear swans, turtles, horses, giraffes and exotic birds.

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