Concrete bridge: description

When building buildings from foam blocks, bricks, natural and artificial stone, a redistribution of load is necessary above window and door openings. For this purpose, a concrete jumper is used. Its load-bearing capacity is determined by its size and internal structure.

Main features and varieties

The concrete jumper increases the strength of the building, extends its service life, preventing the collapse of the entire structure and openings. According to the principle of production, these products can be attributed to two varieties, the first of which is monolithic and is manufactured at the construction site, while the second is a team that is manufactured in an industrial way.

Prefabricated jumpers and their parameters

The precast bridge can be a concrete bridge, but its width does not reach 25 cm, as for the slabs, then the above parameter is more than 25 cm. The beam crosspieces are L-shaped and intended to support the product of slabs. It is possible to distinguish and facade products that stand for the facade of construction and are used for openings, the width of the clay lining of which starts from 25 centimeters.

Standard sizes

The concrete bridge can have standard dimensions, which correspond to GOST 948-84. Thus, the limiting values for the length can be 10.3, but the maximum figure is 33.7 cm. As for the height, it can vary from 1.2 to 2.5 cm. The width varies from 1.4 to 2 , 9 cm.

Door and window lintels are mounted on portland cement without making a fit, this indicates that the product can not be cut. If the opening has an excessively large thickness, then it can be covered with several elements.


Concrete bridges, the dimensions of which were mentioned above, should be resistant to cracking by state standards, characterized by rigidity and high strength. Frost-resistance of concrete should correspond to F-35 - F-200. The concrete component must be strong and conform to the brand M-200 or higher. The moisture content of concrete should not exceed 13%. Products are fireproof and reinforced in production. The bridges have a technological bias, which indicates that the lower plane is slightly smaller than the upper plane. The width deviation may be 8 millimeters or less. As for the deviation along the length, it can not be more than 2 centimeters. The reinforced concrete bridges are earthquake-proof and are capable of undergoing a 7-point earthquake.

Cost of reinforced concrete bridges

Jumper concrete, the price of which can vary depending on the manufacturer, as well as technological conditions, must have a quality certificate and a certificate. When choosing products, the first thing you should pay attention to is the load that the element can withstand. It is necessary to take into account the brand of concrete. If we consider several manufacturers, then Uralstroymarket is ready to provide a bar jumper at a cost of 975 rubles per unit. At the same time, the size will be 20.7 x 1.2 x 2.2 cm. For an identical product, "JBI kit" asks for a price of 512 rubles, while RusGradStroy offers the same products for 813 rubles.


When buying products of the type described, it is important to pay attention to the marking, which deciphers the dimensions and technical characteristics of the jumper. Mark - this is 3 groups of letters and numbers, which are separated by a dash. The first group denotes the section number, followed by the type of jumper and length. The second group allows you to understand what the design load is and what type of reinforcement was used in the manufacture. The third group indicates the marking of the loops, the release of the armature bars and the mortgages. Here, seismic resistance and the degree of density of concrete, which was used in production, are mentioned.

Jumper settings

Non-carrying bridges can be mounted manually, however only if the height of the window or doorway is not more than 2 meters. As for the bearing bridges, their installation is carried out by a crane. For convenience of carrying out such work in the product holes are made in advance, the diameter of which is 3 cm. They are sometimes replaced with mounting loops. Before making the masonry, the jumpers are checked for damage.

The solution is designed to fill the hollow spaces obtained, forming seams.


When choosing jumpers, it is necessary to pay attention to their qualitative characteristics, since each model is intended for certain purposes. That is why it is important to pay attention to the marking, the decoding of which can be done by you yourself after reading the article. However, installation in many cases is not possible to do on their own, without attracting construction equipment, for which rent will have to pay.

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