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Hygrostat device. What is it and when is it needed?

A common phenomenon is the increased tearing of the eyes in the winter time in the open air. What happens to our eyes, who or what causes irritation of the cornea? And where is the hygrostat? What is this - a necessary device in the household or unnecessary trash from advertising?

And what does this word mean? Both its halves are Latin. The first "hygro" means humidity. The second "stat" is some fixed, stable position. So, figured out. Hygrostat - a device to maintain a fixed level of humidity. And what kind of moisture is it, and why should it be supported?

In what conditions should a person live?

Man - the crown of the creation of nature and thanks to his mental abilities, he was able to conquer such heights and depths, where even the simplest organisms survive with difficulty, if not life at all. In addition to the vents of volcanoes, the abyss of the Mariana Trench and the stratosphere, man even "walked" on the Moon.

But coming home, this very crown of creation removes all of his spacesuits, puts on a home dressing gown, soft slippers and becomes more other living species on the planet vulnerable to environmental conditions. And these conditions for the supreme representative of the order of primates are in a very narrow corridor.

It is believed that the human body can survive at an ambient temperature of -40 to +60 ° C. And in order to feel comfortable, a person needs to let the air around him warm up to a temperature of about 20 ° C. Atmospheric pressure, at which we feel comfortable - 760 mm of mercury, increasing it or lowering it by only 10 mm already causes problems with the state of health of hypertensive patients.

But if we are familiar with the pressure and temperature well, then this parameter as the humidity of attention in our country has been paid little. And in vain, especially since humidity refers to such parameters that a person in his dwelling, at least, is able to control.

What happens from dry air?

Even the ancients guessed about the significance of the humidity level of the air. Not for nothing in the palace construction, especially in the southern latitudes, so popular were fountains, artificial waterfalls and streams. We can say that the fountain is also a kind of hygrostat.

What is it like to live in conditions of over-dried air? With a decrease in humidity, the human body begins to suffer. The mucous membranes are the first to strike. And not only open - the eye and mouth, but internal - in the bronchi and the lungs. Deprived of natural protection in the form of mucus the lungs become an easy target for any pathogenic microorganisms. But this is not the worst. Without sputum, the lungs stop self-cleaning, which leads to stagnant phenomena in them.

When do you need a hygrostat?

How to understand that a hygrostat is needed in the house? It is easy to determine by means of a special device - a hygrometer. Recently, most home desktop electronic thermometers are equipped with this function. But there are some signs, noticing which, it is worth thinking about the problem.

So, with lowered humidity, a person becomes sluggish for no apparent reason, fatigue quickly comes. Family members often get sick with various respiratory diseases, and the mucous membranes of the eyes become sensitive and painful.

Types of humidifier designs. Traditional

The most common and at the same time the simplest in design and reliable hygrostat. What it is? By design, a conventional axial fan, with the only difference is that the air in it is run through a filter, moistened with water.

The humidity level is regulated by itself - dry air absorbs water molecules intensively, and when the humidity reaches 60%, the absorption process stops.


Next by type hygrostat. The characteristics of such a device will be somewhat different. A similar in size steam humidifier can serve a room 5-6 times larger in volume. Consumes more power and requires a shutdown device.


He came to our life from medicine, where he served and regularly serves for inhalation. To date, the hygrostat is gaining popularity. The description of the principle of its operation is briefly as follows: a piezoelectric element, vibrating under the influence of a current, causes water to vibrate with great frequency and thus splits it into the smallest spray. Like the previous model, requires the presence of electronics, disabling the operation of the device when reaching a certain humidity.

Combine harvester

Combined hygrostat - what is it? The easiest way to say that this is one of the options for a good air conditioner. Such an instrument is able not only to increase the humidity in the room, but on the contrary - to dry it if necessary. And besides, it air-conditioned not only the moisture content, but also the temperature, cooling or heating it, depending on the settings and the weather outside.

Features of structures, additional options

The advantage of complex hygrostats, ultrasonic and steam, is the ability to adjust the humidity level at your own discretion. Some instruments have the option of aromatherapy - the ability to add essential oils to the water.

Traditional air humidifiers often serve as filters for its purification. In this case, they are equipped with replaceable filter cartridges. A more complex type of filter, optionally added to the humidifier, is electrostatic. Due to the impact on dust particles by the electrostatic field, air is cleared better.

However, chasing the additional options, one should not forget about the main purpose of the hygrostat.

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