How to make a purse for yourself or as a gift stylishly and simply?

Surely little handbags for money were invented long ago, almost immediately after the invention of the money itself. Purses of antiquity corresponded to the content: for metal coins, a bag was needed rather than a modern purse. It is clear that with the introduction of paper banknotes, treasury notes and plastic cards, the appearance of "handbags" for carrying and storing money has changed extremely.

The classic purse now is a bag a bit larger than a bill with several pockets. Men's models are often folded from the desire for minimalism, well, women are represented in all variants. On sale there are many models of different quality, but often not the best. Therefore, the question arises: how to make a purse from the skin with your own hands, so that it was durable and emphasized your individuality?

Leather for wallets

First we need a suitable piece of material. The dimensions depend on the model and the future dimensions of the product. To make a purse for a man, it is better to choose a bull-skin, which has a serious stiffness even after tanning and perfectly keeps the shape for many years. Inner pockets are best made from cow or calfskin, but for a women's wallet model, you can choose a skin softer.

The thickness of the material is better to choose yourself. It is important to choose the skin of vegetable tanning - this dressing of the skin makes the material more elastic. A significant disadvantage of this preparation is a fear of moisture, under the influence of which the skin swells, and after drying it sits down and becomes brittle. This is critical for shoes, and for a purse is not so significant. In contrast, the skin of vegetable tanning is more easily processed by embossing, pyrrhography and even carving. Variants of more expensive skin will not suit beginners because of their price and processing requirements.

In case of need, it is necessary to paint the material according to the instructions indicated on the dye package, and only then proceed to cut the workpiece. This will get the right color on the surface of the whole product much better than the color of the cut shape.

Wallet without thread

Leather as a material for such accessories as wallets, purse and small handbags is traditional. There are some difficulties in processing. For the purse requires a toe, durable and fairly thick material, which can not be sewn by every sewing machine. By hand, even stitches can not always be created, so first consider the option of how to make a wallet made of leather for women without using threads. Let's look at the photo.

The figure shows how to make a purse on just one metal fastener. This model is suitable for storing cards, notes and small papers, and making a larger model, you can get a small cosmetic bag.

Men's wallet with card slots

If you feel enough strength and patience in yourself, you can try to sew a classic model of a man's folding purse with one compartment for bills and 6 pockets for cards.

This model of 4 leather parts is called the "Milan collector". It is characterized by high strength and popularity among men. Making such a purse, you can use it almost all your life. The question of how to make a purse, which will serve you all your life, is solved by the simplicity of design and the replacement of parts.

Material and tools

To make such a purse you will need a fairly rough strong leather, so that the purse can keep the shape for a long time. For internal parts, you can take the material a little thinner, but not too much, otherwise the seams will be uneven, which will lead to additional wear of these parts. You need the following tools to work:

  • Scissors - choose a tool for working with the skin, durable and comfortable.

  • A sharp knife is suitable for construction or a strong office clerk with replaceable blades.

  • A metal ruler or just a straight plate for cutting with a knife.

  • Silo or special piercing.

  • Needles - select the thickness of the thread, but remember that the holes for the needle should be slightly smaller in diameter so that the needle densely walks in the skin, rather than hanging.

Threads should be nylon - they have sufficient strength and melt at the ends to avoid unraveling the seam. Color choose yourself, based on personal preferences, but it is worth remembering that the thread, slightly darker than the skin, will accentuate the color of the material.

Nuances of manufacture

The most difficult thing in making this model is, perhaps, piercing holes for threads, then you need to show accuracy. It is necessary to combine the stitched parts when piercing or to measure the holes exactly according to the ruler. The seam will be visible from the outside as an additional element of decoration, so the distance between the holes must be kept as precise as possible. The end threads will need to be pulled from the inside, bound and fused with a cigarette lighter. The patterns show patterns with the locations of the holes - you can simply print them on paper and transfer them to the material.

If you are wondering how to make a purse yourself or as a gift to a friend, come to work with care and patience, and you will necessarily succeed.

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