Driver-ambassador - what it is and how to become one

Many active users of the popular site and applications to find fellow travelers Bla Bla Car are familiar with the beautifully sounded word "ambassador". We will understand what the concept means for this resource, and how it is defined by dictionaries.

The term "ambassador"

Abstracting for a while from "Blah Blah Kar", we will analyze other definitions of this word:

  • The ambassador is a purely diplomatic term. This is the name of any official envoy representing a particular country in another state. May be a permanent, plenipotentiary, extraordinary ambassador.
  • Representative, participant in negotiations on behalf of a third party.
  • A messenger, a messenger of goodwill.
  • Promoter at any event.
  • A representative of a certain well-known brand, with his life, activity demonstrating the values of the latter. The agreement between the Ambassador and the company does not make him an employee and is not official - it's something like a sponsorship contract. From such a representative does not depend neither the direction of activity nor the budget of the brand - he remains only a representative of the corporation, who shares and propagates the personal value of the brand.

Having disassembled all the definitions of the ambassador, we proceed directly to Bla Bla Car.

Bla Bla Car: Experience levels

On the resource search for fellow travelers, there are five categories of experience registered on it drivers:

  • The beginner;
  • Confident user;
  • advanced user;
  • expert;
  • Ambassador.

So, what does the ambassador for drivers mean? The highest level of experience in Bla Bla Car, which directly depends on the activity and duration of the chauffeur's presence in the application and on the site, incidentally being a litmus test of trust in him of past fellow travelers.

What gives the status of Ambassador

What is it - the driver-ambassador? Users of this status have a number of advantages in Bla Bla Car:

  • Guaranteed trust of fellow travelers;
  • The ambassadors may be the first to try out new application options;
  • Of such drivers, project managers are often involved in crucial polls, invite them to interview, etc.

The users who have this status themselves note the following:

  • Practically in all trips the places in their cars are occupied by fellow passengers;
  • The status inspires confidence - from a number of trips of the same type passengers are guaranteed to choose the ambassador's car;
  • The highest category allows you to influence the operation of the application, the site, the developers' projects.

Speaking about the fact that this is the driver-ambassador, we note that the same five categories are valid for the passengers and fellow travelers of the site and the Bla Bla Car application.

Ambassador "Blah Blah Car": how to become one

To become a driver-ambassador (what it is, you already represent) on the resource, you need:

  • Specify and confirm in your personal profile your phone number and e-mail address;
  • Indicate your preferences in the trip (music, conversation, transportation of pets, etc.);
  • Have a photo-avatar;
  • Have 12 positive reviews from your fellow travelers;
  • The percentage of positive responses should be more than 90% of the total;
  • In Bla Bla Car the driver must be registered for at least one year.

These indicators are updated by the service moderators regularly - every day at 2 am.

If you, after learning that this is a driver-ambassador, also decided to become one, then you definitely need to do the following:

  1. Fill in the section "About myself" by 100%:
    • 15% - confirmed phone number and e-mail - this information is important to your future fellow travelers in order to quickly contact you and discuss all aspects of the upcoming trip.
    • 15% - avatar: the presence in your profile of a personal photo, on which you can clearly discern your face, for many passengers is the decisive factor.
    • 15% - preferences - this is the attitude to music and smoking, and three levels of your talkativeness - Bla, BlaBla, BlaBlaBla (referring to the name of the application - "Blah Blah Car").
    • 30% - brief information about yourself: name, age, characterization of yourself as a person and a driver.
  2. Get feedback from your passengers - they can evaluate the trip in 4 categories: "I did not like", "Normal", "Good" and "Excellent." To go to a higher level, you need to have at least 90% of reviews of the last three categories. To ensure that passengers are more positive for you, do not skimp on the relevant feedback and for them - according to statistics, 75% of users will respond to you with a similar mark.

Becoming a driver-ambassador in "Blah Blah Car" is very simple - you need to as often as possible to offer trips, be punctual and friendly with your fellow travelers, use safe driving techniques, do not forget to leave passengers with feedback.

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