Kinds of bracelets from elastic bands: patterns, weaving technique

To look bright and unusual, often enough original accessories. That's the way things look, made of Rainbow Loom Bands. Types of bracelets from rubber bands exist different both in appearance (pattern) and in the way weave. Below are the main options. Choose your favorite, the simplest or the most difficult, and try to make a fashionable jewelry for your wrist.

Weaving bracelets: what you need

Whatever kinds of bracelets you can choose from, you will need the following materials:

  • Erasers Rainbow Loom Bands (better original).
  • Slingshot.
  • Machine.
  • Hook.

Some options are easy to weave even on the fingers without any additional devices.

Types of weaving

When you prepare everything you need, choose what kind of bracelet you will weave from the elastic bands - "Dragon", "Sidewalk", "Fish tail" or other. All patterns are different technology of weaving, obtained by the width of the product. Any variant can be made both from one color of elastics, and from several. The number of rows in the bracelet can vary considerably. A wide bracelet of rubber bands can be obtained on the machine, and for a narrow one it is enough to have a slingshot.

Ways of weaving

Types of bracelets of rubber are different and for the tool that was used in the work. Variants of manufacturing of products are as follows:

  • On the slingshot.
  • On the machine.
  • On fingers.
  • On the fork.

If the pattern scheme assumes the use of two elements, any method from the list is suitable for weaving. The plug can be used plastic if you remove the middle teeth from it. The four sticks also make spectacular decorations. The same options are suitable for the machine with four pins.

How to weave bracelets on a slingshot

If you have never tried to make decorations from Rainbow Loom Bands, you can start with the simplest version, which is easy to create even on your fingers - in the work usually use the index and middle of the hand that is not leading (left-righters). If you still have some devices, it is better to use them for the convenience of work, so that both hands participate in the weaving, and do not play the role of an instrument.

If you want to learn how to weave bracelets on a slingshot, you can start with the most elementary version.

Work like this:

  1. On both horns put on the first elastic band, crossed it with a figure eight.
  2. Put on the second elastic band without crossing.
  3. Raise the loops formed by the first elastic, up through the ends of the horns of the slingshot and throw off to the middle.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the desired length of the bracelet.
  5. Install the clasp-clip.

By the same technology, you can make a bracelet with beads. It will look more interesting. The only difference is that instead of empty rubber bands (an example of step 2), rubber bands are put on the horns of a slingshot, on which beads are pre-strung (usually one at a time). To do this, a rubber band is folded into the bead hole. This can be done with a needle and thread or a twisted wire loop that passes through a small hole in the bead, grabbing an elastic band.

Weaving on the machine

You can work on this device in many ways. It all depends on the number of posts used on the stand. If you take only two, then any weaving is performed in the same way as working with a slingshot or using your fingers. If you put four bars, you can create a wide bracelet of rubber bands. The principle of execution will be the same as if you work with a plug. Most often the machine is purchased in order to make complex kinds of ornaments, when a large number of benches of the machine are involved in the work.

Bracelet from rubber bands "Fish tail"

This is quite simple in terms of performance and at the same time a spectacular pattern. It is beautiful both from one shade, and from a combination of several colors. You can alternate two or three colors or any other number. Bracelet made of rubber bands "Fish tail" is made as follows:

  1. Put the first rubber band in the form of a figure eight on two columns of the machine or slingshot.
  2. Put on another pair of rubber bands, but without crossing.
  3. Raise the loops of the bottom gum through the top of the pins and discard to the middle.
  4. Put on the next elastic band without crossing, repeat step 3.
  5. Operate the sequence of items 2 and 3 to the desired length of the product.
  6. Place the clip in the end of the bracelet.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. Of course, it will be more difficult to use several colors, as it will be necessary to constantly check the correctness of the order of the alternation of the shades of the rubber bands.

Pattern "Pavement"

This section also presents an easy option for beginners. The technique is simple. As a tool suitable slingshot. This decoration makes sense to make of two contrasting colors, for example, white and black or blue. The product is quite wide and massive, so with the appropriate range of shades can be used as a male decoration. Bracelet made of rubber bands "Sidewalk" is made according to the following scheme:

  1. Take the slingshot and arrange it with open parts of the posts to yourself.
  2. Prepare the gum of two colors and arrange them in pairs (two white, two blue). So it will be more convenient to work in the future.
  3. Put the first pair of rubber bands on the posts of the slingshot, for example, white, crossed as a figure-eight.
  4. Next pair of blue color put on already without crossing.
  5. With a special hook, hook the bottom pair of rubber bands on the left column and discard them through the top to the middle.
  6. Push the rubber bands down to free space for further work.
  7. Put on the next pair of white gum.
  8. From the right column, remove the two lower pairs of rubber bands (both white and blue) through the top of the horns toward the middle.
  9. Put on the next pair of blue rubber bands.
  10. Now, from the left column, discard the bottom two pairs of rubber bands (blue and white) through the top to the middle.
  11. Bracelet made of rubber bands "Sidewalk" is padded according to the specified pattern to the desired length. It is important to correctly rotate the colors of pairs of gum and throw the two lower pairs to the middle alternately from the right, then from the left horn.
  12. At the end of the weaving, you will have two pairs of rubber bands on one column, and one on the other. Throw off the bottom pair of elastics in the center to the middle of the column where you have two pairs left.
  13. Pull the remaining pair of rubber bands from one bar to the other.
  14. Pull the loops and put a clip on them.
  15. The second edge of the fastener is fixed in the first eyelet-eight.

As you can see, you've got quite a spectacular decoration, and time and skills did not take much.

Pattern "Scales"

This bracelet differs from others in that it looks delicate, rather than tight. It is more like a lace or a grid, the cells of which are obtained, in shape resembling scales. This accessory is best worn on the machine.

You can use a mini-machine, but it does not get enough width of the product. So, the bracelet from the rubber bands "Scale" is made as follows:

  1. Prepare the machine by putting the desired number of columns in one row, for example, 11. If you need a wide decoration, then more.
  2. Twist the first rubber band in the form of an eight and connect the third and fourth bars.
  3. Do the same with the fifth and sixth, seventh and eighth, ninth and tenth.
  4. Join the columns in the following pairs - the fourth and the fifth, the sixth and the seventh, the eighth and the ninth, the tenth and the eleventh, also twisted eight.
  5. Throw the lower loops from the pairs formed on the columns through the top in the entire row.
  6. Now we put on the rezinochki also on a pair of columns starting from the first, similarly to steps 2 and 3, only without twisting.
  7. Drop the lower bands from those posts where there are two of them.
  8. Put the erasers on pairs of posts in analogy with step 4 without twisting, starting from the second column.
  9. Repeat step number 7.
  10. Work in the sequence of items from No. 6 to No. 9 to the desired length of the product.
  11. It is important to secure the bracelet correctly. When you have one eyelet on each bar, drop the last loop on the penultimate post, the first on the second, from the third to the fourth, from the fifth to the sixth, from the seventh to the sixth. To the remaining loops, fasten the clip-clips in the correct amount. Attach the second edges of the fasteners to the first row of loops.

As you understand, working with a machine is not more difficult than with a slingshot, and the pattern obtained with this tool turns out to be very beautiful and delicate.

The pattern "French Scythe"

This is one of the simplest options for which you need a tool with two pins (slingshot, fingers, machine). Bracelet made of rubber bands "Kosa" is made as follows:

  1. Prepare the gum of one shade. For the first time so it will be easier to work. In the future, you can use any combination of colors. Put on the first gum eight on two horns.
  2. Put on two more elastics in series without twisting.
  3. Remove the loops of the lower elastic band to the middle through the top.
  4. From the right horn, discard the middle elastic band to the center.
  5. Remove the bottom rubber band from the left pin.
  6. Put on both horns the next elastic without twisting.
  7. With the left horn, discard the middle elastic band, and from the bottom right.
  8. Continue to weave to the desired length.
  9. Install the clasp-clip.

All is ready. You can try it on.

Thus, the types of bracelets made of elastic are represented in a large variety. Distinct patterns, width, technology of weaving. Choose your favorite ideas and embody them in the form of bright ornaments that perfectly complement your image.

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