Hairstyle with a pencil. The most simple hairstyles for every day

When a girl or a woman wears long hair, she dissolves them so that others can admire their beauty. But it happens that curls are in the way, and there is no hairbrush or elastic on hand. What to do? Then you can use an ordinary pencil to stab them. The most simple hairstyles can be done very quickly and independently.


A pencil with a pencil is made using this technology: the curls are taken, the hands are gathered into the tail, then it is twisted about its axis several times so that the individual strands do not protrude. Further, the tail is laid in the form of a bundle in several turns depending on the length of the strands. After this one takes a simple pencil, pen or even a stick for Chinese food and sticks into the hair, as if it were hairpins.

This is an option for a simple hairstyle for each day itself in an out-of-home environment. If the girl is at home, then a similar hairstyle can be made more durable and sustainable. First, the tail is neatly tied with an elastic band, then the strands wrap around the base several times. Then stuck beautiful pencils or sticks. Additional fixation will be attached to the studs. Such a hairstyle with a pencil will last the whole day in a neat state. Alternatively, you can release strands from the face or comb the tail, so that the resulting beam is more voluminous.

Hairstyle for long hair

This hairstyle is using a pencil for long wavy hair. After washing the hair, you need to apply a styling agent: foam or gel. Next, pencils are taken, and each strand of curls is wound around the pencil. Secure the tips with a thin rubber band. You can dry them with a hair dryer or leave to dry naturally. After that, pencils are very easily removed.

Hair becomes wavy, and the waves are very uniform and structured. The locks keep such a hairstyle well, because they are lush and voluminous in structure.

Such a hairstyle with a pencil can have several options. If you leave your hair fluffy, just combing it and sprinkling it with varnish, you will get an elegant hairstyle. If you use a special tool for the effect of wet strands, there will be a fashionable styling with separated and shiny strands. If the hair is picked up and fastened to the nape of the hairpins, leaving a few wavy strands, you get a solemn hairstyle for an evening out. It will remain to wear fashionable in this season, a chandelier earring and a suitable dress.

A hairstyle with a pencil is one of the simplest and fastest in execution. The hair is collected in the roller and fixed using a pencil or a stick. The roller can be vertical or horizontal. A pencil can be replaced with a ballpoint pen, a chopstick for Chinese food, or any other long sharp object. This simple hairstyle for every day can be done most, and quickly and beautifully.

A hairstyle with two tufts

Simple hairstyles for each day itself can be done without effort. Locks should be divided by a parting, using the same pencil, having spent them on the middle of a head. Then turn each part into bundles and fix it with a pencil. You can release strands to leave loose tails. It turns out quite a playful and coquettish hairstyle. This option is suitable for curls of medium length. So, you can fix the strands, cut into the hair of the square, when the side strands are hindered. This is also one of the easiest ways for every day. The most simple hairstyles can be done very quickly and easily.

Scythe with pencil

This is an unusual hairstyle, for the creation of which you will need a comb, elastic, pencil and hairspray. First you need to comb the curls, then pull them together with an elastic band on the back of the head. Next, a pencil is taken and stuck parallel to the floor under an elastic band, and the braid is braided. When braiding from each of the three strands, a small part is separated and is thrown through a pencil, then this strand is attached to the main one, from which it was separated, and is weaved.

Thus, not all strands of the braid are hooked, but several strands at the beginning. For example, 5-6 pencil thrown across a pencil on each side will be enough. When the braid is woven to the ends of the hair, it is fixed with an elastic band. After that, the pencil is removed, and the locks are fixed with a varnish. The result is a three-dimensional braid. The tip of the braid can be pinned inside or left hanging, adorned with a smart bow.

The same hairstyle with a pencil can be done by tying two tails, and each braid braid as described above. Only the pencil needs to be stuck under a slight slope, so that the left edge is slightly lower, and the right one is higher. After taking out the pencils, we get a three-dimensional braid similar to flowers . This hairstyle must be fixed with varnish, and the ends of the braids should be turned inside and fixed with hairpins. This is an elegant hairstyle, which if desired can be decorated with small flowers, studs with crystals or invisible. The bangs can stay in their usual position.

In what situations will a pencil save

A stationery is very often found in a bag of any girl or woman. Girls schoolgirls do not go to school without a pencil at all. Hair can interfere in any situation. But the hairstyle can be fixed not only with the help of a pencil. Simple hairstyles for each day itself can be performed without problems, there are a lot of options.

For example, the artist came to the visiting lesson painting and forgot to bring a hairpin. She can fix her long locks with a tassel. Dachnitsa, being in the garden, can use a broken twig of the tree when weeding the beds. A schoolgirl on a walk can use a sturdy flower stem. At home, the flower can help in the decoration of hair. If it's a rose, then you first need to break off the stems from the stem, so as not to scratch the scalp.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of hairstyle for long wavy hair:

  1. Fast execution.
  2. Prevalence of pencils.
  3. Flirty and playful hairstyles.
  4. Pencil best captures the curvy, wavy from the nature of the curls.
  5. When using unusual items, you can use styling. For example, when using a brush, a bohemian, relaxed image is created, using a flower is gentle and romantic, using a chopstick for Chinese food is an image of a geisha.

Disadvantages of hairstyles with pencils:

  1. It does not always work the first time.
  2. A pencil can break off fine hair.
  3. If you use a pencil on damp strands, he can dye his hair a little.

Some girls use a pencil or other sharp long object in emergency situations when there is no other item for fixation at hand. And some people use a pencil intentionally, creating a casual, bohemian image with casually laid locks. Now it is very fashionable.

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