Hairstyle with my own hands step by step

The famous film actress Nicole Kidman at the premiere in Cannes appeared on the red carpet not only in an incredibly beautiful dress, but also struck all those present with a stylish hairdo. It is quite possible to perform a similar hairstyle with their own hands. A step-by-step process is presented in this article. For solemn occasions and official events, there is no better option. Although our version is somewhat simplified and changed, but in its silhouette and style it may well compete with Nicole's hairdo.

Evening hairstyle with your own hands: step by step the whole process

To create such a hairstyle, hair of medium length and preferably textured (curly) is best. In our case, the hair is done on straight hair. If you want to get an effect of slight negligence, you will need to pre-prepare your hair: wind it, scratch it a bit and lightly coat it with varnish to make the strands more docile. This model is basically made up of French braids, which fit into a spiral. Such a hairstyle is performed by oneself, step by step it is described below, but first it is necessary to practice in weaving of French braid. Remember that the main difference between the classical scythe and the French one is that in the French method, hair is added during the weaving only on one side (in our particular case, only from above). The idea of such a solemn hairstyle consists in the execution of two French braids, followed by their laying on a spiral at the back of the head.

Other stylish hairstyles by your own hands, step by step

The photos show well the sequence of work. We see that the girl herself makes a beautiful hairstyle, without resorting to the help of other people:

1. Separate a strand of hair over the right ear for weaving, as shown in the photo. If you want, you can leave a bang, but you can also include it in the weaving.

2. Start to braid the braid of three strands. Tip: a hairstyle with weaving works better if the hair is not too clean.

3. Alternate the following actions: shift the lock from right to left through the middle, then from left to right through the middle strand, then again right to left through the middle and so on. In this case, on each turn, add a small strand from the main body of hair on one side (on the left).

4. Continue the weaving by bending your head toward your ear until the braid reaches the middle of the neck. Try not to pull together the braids of the braid, so that it is airy, not snug against the head.

5. Point the braid downward, making it by the side strands. You will see how a stylish hairstyle, with its own hands, step by step, comes close to the end. The completed French braid should be secured with an elastic band.

6. Remaining hair on the right should also be braided in the braid, following the pattern. Start the job slightly below the first spit.

7. After reaching the middle of the head, start to change direction, forming an arc. This can be achieved by adding strands from the lower part of the head to the weave.

8. Complete the pigtail with the classic method and fix it with an imperceptible rubber band.

9. Form a spiral from the smaller braid and fix it with studs and invisible ones. A large braid should be laid around a smaller spiral.

10. The hairstyle, made by hands with its own hands, is completed by fixing with varnish.

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