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Kids through the game know the world around them. Entertainment for children, which are held in pre-school educational institutions and at home with parents, should not only be fun, but also exciting. The game should develop the child's psychological processes (memory, perception, imagination), physical health and mental abilities. This article presents a selection of activities that can be conducted with pre-school children at home and outdoors at any time of the year. This information will be useful to all mothers and fathers, as well as educators of educational institutions.

What to play with a baby from 1 year old?

The crumb was already a year old. At this age the kid is very active and curious. What can be children's entertainment? Let's consider some of them.

  • A mold from salted dough. Although the kid at this age and can not dazzle a full-fledged figure, but to manipulate a soft elastic mass will be with pleasure. Compression and straightening of fingers, tearing off small pieces of dough, laying them on the table - these actions will contribute to the development of fine motor skills of the hands. It is important for parents not to let the baby take salty stucco in her mouth.
  • Water activities. Very fond of children at the age of 1 year to swim with toys. In the bathroom during the water procedures should be a container of different sizes and colors (bucket from a set of sand, doll utensils, usual plastic cups and plates). A one-year-old karapuz will enthusiastically pick up water in them, pour it from one container to another. Such entertainment for children helps them to quickly understand the concepts of "size", "volume".
  • Ball games. It is this sport attribute that is one of the most favorite among kids from 1 year old. They learn to kick, throw, catch, catch up, which has a very positive effect on the development of physical data. In addition, manipulation of the ball develops a sense of orientation in the child's space.
  • Finger games. Spills (or rather, their playback) stimulate the nerve endings on small pens. And this is very important for the development of all the child's mental processes.

Entertaining a two-year-old kid

In the period from 2 to 3 years, children already have the skills of walking, running, and climbing. Coordination of movements becomes more clear. During this period, parents and teachers need to pay special attention to the development of differentiated movements. Choose entertainment and games in such a way, participation in which would cause the child to manipulate the fingers more. It can be stringing of rings on a pyramid or a string, unbuttoning of large and small buttons, drawing with fingers, grooming of cereals and pasta.

As for physical development, then at this age you can involve crumbs into moving games. They should motivate the child to run, catch up, squat, step over or climb through low barriers. Very fond of children at this age to dance. Include them rhythmic music and teach elementary rhythmic movements: claps, pritopam, rhythmic steps. These entertainments help to develop not only physical data, but also musical ear.

The speech of a two-year-old baby is developing very quickly. By the beginning of the third year of life the child can already speak in small phrases. It is important during this period to encourage him to communicate. Games should provoke a child to repeat words, call items by their proper names, make sentences. Methods of conducting such entertaining classes are mass: conversation on pictures, viewing cartoons and commenting on them, the game "Question-answer", games-staging, participation in the puppet theater.

Entertainment for children 3 years

In the third year of life, children are interested in learning about the world around them. It is from this age that it is necessary that the crumb as much as possible be among people. It is recommended to give it to a kindergarten, where he will be able to communicate with peers. Hiking in the zoo, circus, puppet theater, exhibitions favorably affect the adaptation of a small man in society. Be sure to include such events in the program of your weekdays and weekends.

In the period from 3 to 4 years, the child's speech continues to develop. Talk with him more, provoke him not only to the repetition of words and phrases, but also to the independent compilation of completed sentences.

At this age, pay special attention to the development of mental abilities of crumbs. Include in the leisure of the toddler game, helping to study the colors, size, shape of objects. Here are some examples of such entertainment:

  • "Build toys in a row: from small to large";
  • "Put the cup in a plate of the same color";
  • "Sort the cubes by size and color";
  • "Picking up the pyramid" and others.

What sports entertainment should be for children of this age? Moving games with elements of running, jumping, catching the ball, hitting them at the target. Such activities contribute to the strengthening of physical health, and the development of agility, motor skills, endurance.

Games and entertainment for children 4-6 years. Learning while playing

The kid at this age is able to quickly learn new material. It is important for parents and educators not to miss this moment in the development of crumbs. Include as many learning points as possible in games and children's entertainment. For the children of the kindergarten, the program of upbringing and development presupposes the holding of such events in the form of classes, matinees, performances. At home, moms and dads can independently organize interesting leisure time. Organize a home concert, for which you will first learn with the children verses, songs, dance. Well, if the movements for the latter come up themselves are small artists. It develops creative abilities, develops hearing and voice, helps raise self-esteem, develops leadership qualities.

To develop logical thinking, memory, imagination, and perception of preschoolers 4-6 years old are helped by games that include elements of comparison, classification, and the establishment of cause-effect relationships. As an example, let's name some of these entertainments: "Add a picture of the parts", "What is superfluous?", "Name it in one word". Such games are always fun and exciting, if they involve several people, whether adults or children. They can be held as quizzes or competitions. Children are happy to participate in the story-role game "School". Here teachers and parents need just to competently select tasks for the baby. And he will be very diligent in performing them, imitating older friends. Such entertainment is an excellent stimulus for crumbs in the matter of preparing it (psychologically) for schooling.

Entertainment for the child 4 years (or more) of the sports plan should already be of a competitive nature. The child, taking part in the game, should not just perform physical exercises, but also think, strive to win, make a decision. Competitions (both individual and team) can be conducted in the educational institution, at home, and on the playground with neighboring children.

Children's entertainments on seasons

Whatever age your children are, the best leisure for them will be games at a fresh age. At any time of the year, with favorable weather, the kids need to be taken out for a walk. In pre-school institutions this activity is a mandatory regime process. During the day in the kindergarten the children are taken to the street twice: before lunch and after mid-lunch. The same regime must be observed by parents on weekends. About how to entertain the small fidgets in the fresh air, we'll talk further.

Warm season

Entertainment for children in summer, autumn, spring - is primarily walking. They need to be conducted in order to get acquainted with nature, the surrounding world. For example, it could be bird observations, changes in nature, transport and pedestrians.

Sports entertainment on the street - a variety of mobile games with and without attributes, competitions, racing on scooters and bicycles in the stadium.

In the open air, you can organize a kind of scene where the kids can show their talents. Passing the screen from the tree to the tree, you organize a base for the puppet theater in a few minutes, which will also delight the little artists.

The sandbox is another place for interesting leisure activities. In this place, you can hold contests for the best sculptures or sand castles.

Winter fun with a child

When the snow falls, there is no limit to the child's joy. Here, and to invent in terms of entertainment, parents and teachers especially do not need anything. Children willingly participate in such traditional events as sledging, modeling snowmen, playing snowballs. The task of adults to properly organize such entertainment, so that everything is disciplined and safe for children.

Experiments with snow and ice also take place in the teaching and entertainment program of children's leisure. When carrying out such activities, kids get new knowledge and a lot of emotions.

Family leisure

How to spend a weekend? The best recreation for adults and children is the joint pastime of all family members. Entertainment for children (in Moscow or another city) can be very diverse. Almost every city today has a circus, water park, children's towns, exhibitions and fairs, cinemas, sports grounds. Visiting these and other events will benefit not only the development of the child, but also the relations of all members of the family. Even a joint shopping trip or a walk in the park by a friendly company can turn into a fun pastime.

In the warm season, the best event is, undoubtedly, a trip to the sea, to the forest or mountains. Fresh air, nature contribute to the development and recovery of crumbs. Well, entertainment can be thought up a lot: competitions, attractions, excursions, hikes and more.


Organizing entertainment for the child, it is important to take into account his age and individual characteristics. A competent approach to planning and conducting such events will necessarily bring its positive results: the kid will not only play, but also receive and "absorb" knowledge, acquire skills and strengthen skills.

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