Professional hair color "Indola": palette, properties, reviews

Nowadays professional cosmetic products are available to almost everyone. German hair color "Indola", a palette of shades which is designed for the most demanding audience, refers specifically to them.


Cream-paint "Indola" does not overdry the skin, hair does not fall out after use, do not split, but become stronger.

One of the same brand of paint can be used for many years. It does not cause allergies.

Quickly dyed hair, paints unnecessary shades that arise under the influence of the environment, hair color "Indola".

The palette of flowers is rich and diverse.

It is not only designed for coloring in any of the flowers for a long period. The indole paint makes the hair shine, giving them a beautiful saturated shade.

In addition, she feeds locks and takes care of their condition. In the composition of the paint is the Nutria-Cave complex, which makes them stronger all along the length. He also cares about preserving their structure. This polymer complex gives the hair a gloss, makes it shine, makes the color deeper.

How does it work out, at the expense of what substances is this effect achieved?

The paint "Indola" includes special pigments. They are in a concentrated form, so even a small number of them can have a strong coloring effect. These pigments pass deep into each hair and give them a certain shade. How many of them have hair color "Indola"? The palette of existing tones makes it possible to choose almost any of the more than 100 existing ones.


Paint "Indola" is packaged in 60 ml. The same is the volume of the oxidizer. But you can buy it in a liter bottle. Mix them in equal proportions for natural tones and in a ratio of 1: 2 (two parts of the oxidizer) with clarification.

The composition of the paint includes a small amount of ammonia. This is not very good for the hair, but the color lasts about 3 weeks.

The process of staining

During the manufacturing process, specially developed technologies are used, which make it easy to make the dyeing process.

Cream paint is combined with the developer of the same brand, containing peroxide, the desired concentration (clarification will be discussed below). The mixture is applied to the hair. Do not moisten or wash before painting them. Then the hair will not be so badly damaged.

Wash only if they have leftovers for styling. Try not to wash the scalp especially, so as not to wash off the natural protective layer. Hair before painting should be dry.

Keep the paint on the hair the right time (it is indicated in the instructions for use). Usually this is 45 min. At room temperature and 20 minutes. With the use of a hair dryer.

When painting in natural colors, the remedy is applied first to the entire length of the hair, except the roots (a couple of centimeters retreat). In 10 minutes. Stain the remainder and stand for half an hour.

Paint Profession Blondes is applied only to the hair, avoiding contact with the skin.

Then add a small amount of water and, foaming paint, distribute it along the entire length of the hair (emulsify).

Wash with shampoo.

To hair do not lose color, they become soft and do not get tangled, they are treated with air conditioning, you can also from "Indola".

Rinse your head with warm clean water.

Painting of gray hair

Many women are worried about having gray hair. They constantly change the paint, trying to find a magic tool that allows you to look as beautiful as possible, young and well-groomed for as long as possible. In this they will help hair color "Indola". The palette contains a large number of such tones. These are natural colors, copper and blond, that is turning into a blonde.

The palette contains tones that allow you to color the gray hair completely. But you need to follow some recommendations.

If you have more than half of the hair gray, mix the dye of the main tone with tints of _.0 or _.03 in equal parts. In this case, cold tones are used with _.0, and warm _.03.

You can mix them all together.

Root coloring

Since the "Indola" paint is very resistant, you may not need to stain part of the hair with a base. It is enough to paint the roots. To do this, they apply a prepared product and stand for 25 minutes. Emulsify on all hair. After a dozen minutes, rinse. Profession Blondes stand only on the roots. The rest of the paint is not applied.

Palettes of professional dyes for hair "Indola"

Tone is numbered in two or three digits. The first one indicates the color saturation, the second indicates the primary color. The third one speaks about the secondary tone. If the number is "0", it means natural color or its absence.

All these shades are divided into 3 categories:

  • Natural & Essentials (Natural & Essentials).
  • Red & Fashion (Red & Fashion).
  • Contrast (Contrast).


In addition to the basic tones, the Indola hair color palette has a mixton. They are used to get intense color or get rid of randomly appeared shades. To determine the desired amount of a mixton, the twelve rule is applied. From the number 12, subtract the hue number, which is located up to the point.

Do not be afraid to use too much of a mixton. It does not affect the hair condition negatively. When using more than a quarter of a tube of additional tone (60 ml) of the basic shade, add the same amount of developer.

Mixton 100 helps:

  • Get shade lighter.
  • Reduce the intensity of the used (count according to the rule of 12).
  • Improve the result when lightening very dark hair.

Precautionary measures

Do not use:

  • Up to 16 years;
  • If there are rashes on the head;
  • If previously there was an allergy to any paint;
  • Tattoos with henna (extra care).

Do not allow ink to get on the mucous membranes.

Do not dye your eyelashes and eyebrows.

Wear gloves.

2 days before staining, test. Apply paint below the elbow for 45 minutes. If the place is red, do not use this tool. But, otherwise, there is no guarantee that there will not be an allergy.

If there is burning, swelling of the eyes, weakness, shortness of breath, you need to stop the procedure.

Reviews positive

The vast majority of users like "Indola" - hair dye, the palette of which gives an opportunity to pick up almost any of the existing natural tones. Many people like that after the procedure, the hair looks natural.

Especially it is pleasant to women who hide a gray hair. Without changing their natural hair color, they look younger.

Fans of extravagant tones and gradient colors often look for the most original colors. In this they will help professional hair color "Indola". The palette contains intensive colors of the "Contrast" group.

Many users say that the remedy is not washed off at all from the hair canvas. And the subsequent staining they spend because of the roots growing during this time.

Some girls do not have enough of those tones that offer hair color "Indola" (the palette is very diverse, but still). Therefore, they experiment by mixing two or more shades and getting their own, individual.

Reviews are negative

Not everyone likes the paint "Indola". But this concerns the very quality of the product and its effect on the scalp. The feedback from some users suggests that after the application of the paint, a burning sensation is felt, the skin begins to grow dull, and the hair falls out. But the curls brighten and color the right color very quickly, literally in 5 minutes.

But these are isolated cases, most likely associated with individual intolerance to the components (allergy).

For some users, the product only stains roots.

Consumer testimonials indicate that Indola is a hair color (palette of natural tones), which paints gray hair well. Experts say that the process is better if they tone the tone.

In the case of the procedure in the salon, two tones are applied or the roots and the rest of the hair are colored with different compositions.

It is said that the paint stays on the hair for 2-3 weeks, and then it is washed off a little.

In what tone does the hair color "Indola" stain? The palette, reviews of some users talk about it, sometimes it does not accurately convey the color and the head of hear turns out to be darker in the end. But these are isolated cases. And if the curls are stained exactly and their structure has not deteriorated, you can next choose a more appropriate shade.

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