"Double square": the technique of a hairstyle and ways of stacking

What only come up with representatives of the weaker sex in pursuit of fashion. The easiest way to change the image is a new haircut and wardrobe. If you prefer to visit specialized beauty salons, then there the masters will pick up the most suitable styling and give you advice. But what about those women who are used to experimenting on their own hair? In this article we will talk about a haircut called "double quads." You will learn how you can perform this technique on your own. Also worth mentioning are several types of styling for a double-queen hairstyle.

What is a "double quads"?

A double-quilted haircut is a hairstyle created with scissors. If you do not have skills in hairdressing, you should ask for help from friends or relatives. Otherwise, you will not be able to smoothly cut the strands and perform the technique of "double quads."

To create a hairstyle you will need two types of scissors: usual for haircuts and thinning. Hairstyle perfectly looks on thin hair, devoid of volume. The length of the haircut can be completely different. It all depends on your imagination and courage. So, let's look at how a double-queen haircut is created.

First point: prepare hair

Damp your hair with a spray and carefully comb. After that, prepare the clamps and divide the hair into two parts with a horizontal parting. To do this, you will need a thin comb with a long tip. Pay special attention to this item, as the parting should be smooth.

Separation is considered ideal when two ears are connected by a straight line. After that, fix the top part of the shock and get to work.

The second item: length selection

If you decide to make a "double-edged" hairstyle for short hair, then cut your head and create the desired lower length. Remember that the top part should be even smaller.

Popnjadno equalize hair on one line. With a thick head of hair, draw at the end of work an easy miter.

The third point: the design of the upper zone

Dissolve the upper hair and divide them by three vertical lines. All parts should be the same size. Cutting "double quads" provides for the creation of a three-dimensional vertex. To do this, start working with the central part of the hair.

Create an even horizontal cut with the help of classic scissors. Be sure to align the ends. If your hair is very thick, then you can perform this item layer by layer. At the same time, the haircut is first made on the lower layer, only after that the upper part is processed.

The left strand of hair needs to be mowed somewhat when cutting. Select the most suitable angle and cut. All your actions must be sure. Spend lightly milling the ends and symmetrically decorate the right side.

Fourth paragraph: finishing touches

When all the points are clearly fulfilled, dissolve the entire mop of hair and comb it. Examine the hair on all sides. Be sure to compare the length of the facial strands. If everything suits you, then you can proceed with the installation.

If any irregularities or imperfections are detected, then it is necessary to eliminate them with the help of conventional and thinning scissors.

Hairstyle "double quads"

For such a haircut, almost all the stitches are suitable. Consider a few of the most popular.

  • Moisten the hair with water and apply a gel to create a wet effect. After that, dry the strands with a diffuser. As a result, you will get beautiful curls, giving the hair even more volume.
  • Comb your hair back and collect them on the back of your head. This hairstyle looks very interesting on a short square with a long lower part. Fix the tail with a clip or elastic and sprinkle with varnish to fix it.
  • Comb your clean hair and straighten them with iron. Be sure to use a protective agent. Lower curls turn outward, winding iron up. Put the top shock in the opposite way. Make scrolling movements of the ends inside. This style will look very original.
  • Wash your hair and put your hair ends inside out. All brush movements are carried out from the roots downwards and to the side. After completing the installation, beat the shampoo with your fingers and add volume to it.

If you want, you can create absolutely any styling. The double-quilted haircut is universal and suitable for women and girls of all ages. Such a hairstyle should be avoided only by young ladies, who have elastic curls from nature. Otherwise your image will turn out to be ridiculous.

Summing up or concluding an article

You became aware of a haircut called "double quads." If you have never had a case with stacking before, then you should contact the master. An experienced hairdresser will tell you about all the secrets of this hairstyle and give useful advice. Experiment and be beautiful!

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