Than to cut metal? How to cut metal roofing?

Metal tile is, perhaps, the most popular roofing material today. It is used for roofing residential private houses, cottages, garages, industrial premises, etc. Metal sheets have standard, very convenient dimensions, and therefore there is practically no waste when installing them. However, sometimes this material still has to be cut. For example, in order to close the pediments. To carry out this work should, of course, strictly adhering to a certain technology. First of all, the owners of the country house will need to choose the right tool for cutting metal.

What do I need to know about?

Manufacture of metal tiles from steel by cold stamping. The thickness of the sheets used during production can be 0.4-0.6 mm, so, in principle, cutting them is not particularly difficult. However, from above and from below they are covered with zinc and polymer layers, providing protection from moisture. In the event that during installation, these coatings are damaged, the roof will subsequently start to rust very quickly. That is why the answer to the question of what to cut metal, so important.

To cut this material, not every hand tool can be used. For example, a Bulgarian for this purpose is absolutely not suitable. This equipment very strongly heats the cut surface, as a result of which the polymer coating of the sheets (and sometimes the zinc coating) simply burns out.

Than to cut metal: we choose the tool

How to properly cut this roofing material? Manufacturers recommend using only such tools for cutting metal roofs as:

  • Scissors for work on metal;

  • Hacksaw with frequent small teeth;

  • Circular saws with carbide tines;

  • Electric shears;

  • drill;

  • Electric jigsaw.

Next, we'll look at how each of these tools is used and what the advantages and disadvantages are.

Use of electric shears

This tool - the best answer to the question of what to cut metal. Cutting electric shears can be used for cutting steel sheets up to 2 mm thick. That is, in fact, for metal tiles, they are just perfect. Their main advantage is that they can cut sheets without bending the edges. That is, there is no need for further processing. Another plus of scissors is ease of use. The size of this tool is small, and accordingly, and weighs not too much. Scissors, like any other household electric tool, are connected to the 220 V network. All that a domestic master needs to do during work is to carefully guide them along the cut.

Mechanical tools

Instead of electric, you can take for cutting and conventional scissors. For cutting metal, they are also suitable. But since it is rather difficult to work with this hand tool purely physically, it is usually used mainly only for cutting small pieces. The drawback of mechanical scissors is that they can leave uneven edges.

The better to cut metal: the use of jigsaw

This tool is a special saw with an electric motor. Its main advantage is speed of cutting. In addition, the electric jigsaw can easily do not only straight cuts, but also curved ones. Modern instruments of this variety are usually equipped with backlighting and a special blowing device, and therefore are very convenient and do not completely damage the polymer layer. Before you start cutting with a jigsaw, the sheet of metal should be fixed in such a way that it keeps very firmly and does not move. Otherwise, even cutting will not work.

In addition, for working with a metal tile to a jig saw it will be necessary to buy a special saw with a wave-like divorce and very small teeth. It is necessary to conduct the sawing with the use of this tool as slowly and accurately as possible. Otherwise, you can bend the metal or damage the protective layer mechanically.

Hand tool

Sometimes for the cutting of metal tiles, the usual hand hacksaw for metal are used. However, of course, a lot of sheets will be very difficult to cut with such a tool. Like mechanical scissors, such tools are usually used only for cutting not too large pieces and in small quantities.

How to cut with a circular saw?

A good answer to the question of what to cut metal, can be and this modern tool. Unlike the Bulgarian, the circular saw provides cold cutting. Therefore, the polymer coating usually remains intact. However, the metal still slightly warms up, and therefore suitable for cutting metal tiles is much less than the same electroscissors. High accuracy of cutting with a circular saw can be ensured by using guides from the bars. In order not to crumple the sheets, the tool should also be placed at the lowest transfer rate.

The main advantage of this equipment is its high degree of reliability. Owners of a country house will need to purchase only one quality disc. To cut the metal in the amount sufficient to protect the entire roof, it is quite enough. In the future, it can be used for other works. Actually for the most metal discs are not produced. However, to work with this material, the option ideal for cutting aluminum is perfect.

Using a Drill

What can be cut metal yet? Sometimes for the cutting of this material, a drill with a special nozzle, called a "cricket", is also used. Work in this case is carried out approximately by the same rules as with the use of shearing scissors. With this nozzle, it is possible to cut steel up to 1.5 mm thick. This is quite enough for roofing sheets.

"Cricket" for cutting metal roofs allows you to make high-quality cuts both in a straight line, and curvilinear. The same tool can be cut out in the sheets of the hole. Of course, in terms of ease of use elektronozhnitsam "cricket" is much inferior. However, in the absence of such it may well come down and he. Especially in the case when it is required to cover a roof of not too large area, and accordingly, it is necessary to cut out the sheets in a very small amount.

Using Bulgarian

This tool for cutting metal, as already mentioned, is not recommended to be used. This is warned by all manufacturers of roofing steel sheets. The Bulgarian burns both the polymer layer and zinc. Damage in this case appears not only directly in the place of cutting, but also throughout the sheet - because of flying from under a circle of sparks. Later, when moisture gets to damaged areas, steel begins to rust. As a result, the roof loses not only decorativeness, but also most of its protective qualities. At the same time the owners of the house also lose the guarantee for the roof from the manufacturer. Repair the roof if necessary at your own expense. The fact is that most manufacturers include in the contract for the provision of a safeguard clause prohibiting the use of Bulgarian.

Thus, the Bulgarian is by no means the best answer to the question of how to cut metal tiles correctly. However, sometimes it happens that there is no other suitable tool for cutting the tool. In this situation, many owners of country houses still use the Bulgarian. But in this case, usually taken a number of measures that reduce the risk of burning polymer and zinc coating to a minimum. Bulgarian - a tool is strong, and therefore with its use, you can cut several sheets at once, folding them in a bundle. Over the first one, one should put some old metal sheet or any other material capable of preventing sparks from entering the polymer surface.

After the cutting of the metal tile by the Bulgarian is finished, the edges of the roofing material should be treated to protect against corrosion. The best solution is to use for this purpose sold together with metal tiles special paint. It is also possible to pass the cutting places with enamel, intended for steel and galvanized surfaces.

Thus, we have found out what you need to cut metal. It is best to use a jigsaw or electric shears. You can also buy a special drill bit. But in any case, no matter what tool the owners of the country house have chosen, work should be done as carefully as possible, not hurrying, trying not to crumple the sheet and not to damage the zinc and polymer layers.

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