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Hacksaw for metal. Features of choice

Hacksaw is a tool that will have a place in every house. The device is useful when it becomes necessary to cut a piece of metal bar or board. Today, the choice of devices is very large, and it is not always easy to buy a hacksaw.

In the shops there are different types of products. For example, there is a hand hacksaw for metal and electric. In the first case, the devices are more universal, they can be used everywhere. They do not have a connection to the power source, they are light and cheap.

The electric tool has a more serious price and additional functions. With its help, it is possible not only to process wood and metal, but also to cut hard artificial material, ceramics and plastic. Such a hacksaw for metal requires the presence of an electric current, which limits its use outside the house or dacha. In addition, this tool has more weight, compared to manual, because it provides for the attachment of a powerful engine, which allows you to perform complex work in a short period of time.

Externally, the hacksaw for metal differs from a similar tool designed for woodworking. The working part of the device is a toothed thin web, and the work is done with two hands. The band saw blade is made from various materials, so its choice depends on which alloys are to be processed. For cutting extra hard workpieces, you should choose a hacksaw with a frame made of composite materials that will serve the owner for a long time.

If you have to work with small details and make cuts in hard-to-reach places, then a hacksaw for metal with a shorter frame or a model that will allow you to adjust the angle of the blade is best. When the cutting edge of the tool is worn or broken, it is replaced. To do this, remove the part from the frame and install a new one.

Also, a hacksaw for metal is perfect for processing wood, plastic, ceramics. Therefore, this type of tool is considered more versatile than the tools for working with wood. However, when buying models for metal, you should consider their higher cost, which depends on the material of the handle and the quality of the fabric.

The convenience of working with the tool is largely determined by the handle, which you should pay special attention to when buying. This part of the hacksaw should have a shape that will ensure a reliable grip and will not slip. On the handle is not worth saving, so as not to pamper your hands during a difficult and long work. The best are two-component parts, complete with rubber inserts.

Also, when choosing a tool, it is necessary to find out whether the metal hacksaw has a hardening of the teeth of the blade. Such devices last longer and will easily cope with complex materials. The reliability and strength of the cutting part largely depends on the material of manufacture. Good products are made from high quality steel.

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