Fixing the siding to the wall. Installation instructions

If you are interested in the question of how to mount the siding to the wall, then you need to familiarize yourself with the technology of the work. The material will allow to refine the country house or the construction of residential type, which is located within the city.

Siding Features

Before you buy this facing material, it is worth exploring the features of the panels. Among the strengths can be distinguished high resistance to precipitation. This is true for steel, vinyl and cement siding. Choosing a wooden version of this material, you will have to perform surface treatment with a periodicity of 2 years. It is important to pay attention also to durability. However, the wooden panels will last more than one decade, provided you provide them with appropriate timely care. The surface of the finish will have to be tinted from time to time. Mounting the siding to the wall may not assume additional processing, if it is a plastic material. It is much more practical, compared to the above. You will easily choose the coloring of the siding, which will correspond to the exterior solution and your preferences. Acquiring vinyl panels, you can choose a material that is very difficult to distinguish from natural wood. To spend too strongly it is not necessary, as cost of the given finishing material is rather accessible.

Tips for the consumer

Before fixing vinyl siding, you need to take into account some recommendations. Pay attention to the thickness of the panel. It is important that the products do not differ in thickness between each other by more than 1.5 mm. Otherwise it will indicate a factory marriage. When calculating the required amount of material, you need to use the information that is indicated on the packs. It is important not to neglect the possibility of industrial marriage, purchasing material with a margin of 10 percent.

Recommendations for storage of panels

It is important to take into account that not only the mounting technology of the siding must be observed, but also the material storage features. It is at this stage that the finish may be damaged. Two days before the start of installation, it is necessary to fold the panels indoors, if the work is carried out in the cold period. The surface for storing the material must be perfectly even to avoid the sagging of the middle or edges of the fabric. Do not leave the material at a temperature below -30 degrees, there is a maximum limit, which should not exceed +50 degrees. Do not stack one packing material on another. This does not apply to steel siding.

Preparation before installation

Mounting of the siding on the metal profile should be carried out only after you can purchase the entire necessary tool. To do this, you need to stock up a puncher, without which it will be impossible to install a steel crate. It is important to prepare a jig saw for work that can be replaced with a circular saw. If such tools are not available, and they could not be rented, then you can do with a hacksaw for wood and metal.

Tools for fasteners

Install the fasteners will be better with a screwdriver, without which these manipulations will take several days. Do not forget about the roulette, as well as laser or conventional building level. These masters have at their disposal the last two tools. Do not forget to prepare a hammer, as well as kiyanku, metal scissors and rope.

Preparation of the facade

If you decide to make an independent installation of the siding, the crate must be installed initially. However, it is important to properly prepare the facade. To do this, remove the old finishing materials from the surface. If there are cracks, then you need to get rid of them with a stucco mixture. It is important to exclude the presence of mold or fungus on the surface of walls, they can be removed with the help of special solutions, which are on the market of building materials in a wide range. Do not leave on the facade and crumbling elements of plaster. Eliminate the rotten boards that need to be replaced. Mounting metal siding, like any other, assumes the need to ensure the evenness of the wall.

Work on the installation of the frame

It is necessary to choose one of the two versions of the frame before starting the work, it can be made of wood, which is a cheaper option. To carry out works on its installation, you will not need to have any specific professional skills. However, after installation, do not expect the wooden frame to be particularly strong and durable. Wood will be rotted. The metal frame is expensive, but also more durable.

Auxiliary profile

The profile for fixing the siding is installed on the finished crate. This is a horizontal starting strip, which is installed at a distance of 40 millimeters from the ground, sometimes this gap is deposited from the top of the cap. At the corners, make an indentation of 10-15 centimeters, which will depend on the corner elements. At the junction of the two bars, leave a gap of 5 millimeters. Angle elements must be installed at the corners of the building, receding from the line of the cornice 6 millimeters. First you will need to work on the starting profile, and then you need to proceed to the corner elements. Mounting the siding to the wall involves the installation of an n-shaped profile in those places where the panels will join.

Siding installation features

Initially, take the start panel and set it in the profile, which is positioned vertically. To facilitate these manipulations, it is necessary to slightly bend the middle of the blade. Then the siding can be lowered to the starting profile, using the locking connection. After the lower part is strengthened, it is necessary to press the upper panel and install the fastener in the middle of the hole. Work on the subsequent series should be carried out on the same principle. As an exception, the upper row appears, in this case, initially you need to install the finishing bar, only after you can install the panel in it.

Features of work

Mounting the siding to the wall, although it is a fairly simple job, involves the implementation of certain rules. Between the hardware cap and the canvas, you must leave some distance, which is 1.5 millimeters. When purchasing screws, make sure that they are made of stainless steel, and their hats should be rubberized. Using a wooden crate, it is important to treat all the bars with anti-burning compounds. The technology of mounting the siding may involve the use of a penoplex, the installation of the finishing is carried out only after the heat insulator is fixed on the facade. When carrying out work in winter, the tolerance for expansion should be increased to 10 millimeters. This is true for the trim, which is installed between the vertical profiles. If the ambient temperature drops below -15 degrees, then the installation must be temporarily postponed. Some build a siding to the wooden house, not making sure that the facade is perfectly flat. This after some time necessarily leads to the need for repair. It should be smooth not only the wall, but every panel, deformed elements should not be used.

Recommendations for a beginner master

The fixing of the socle siding is carried out by the same method as described above. However, it is important to comply with some requirements, which are expressed in the need to use well-dried wood for the frame. If wet lumber was installed, it will dry and deform over time, which will change the original linear dimensions of the finish. It is important to choose the right fixing material, self-tapping screws for securing the siding should have parameters of 30 millimeters, only in this way you will be able to provide a reliable fixation. The distance between the fasteners should be equal to 40 centimeters, although this figure will depend on the frequency of the crate. Do not exceed the maximum gap, which is 60 cm. When installing the fastener, it is important to ensure its perpendicularity to the surface, which will not prevent the installation of the next panel. During operation it is important to provide a lap of 25 millimeters, this will prevent the penetration of pollution and precipitation. If the siding is fixed with an overlap, it is necessary to trim the mud bar. When using a thermal insulation material, it is important to provide a ventilation gap that is 2 centimeters. It will eliminate the occurrence of condensation. Among other things, this air cushion influences the microclimate indoors. Specialists do not advise the use of liquid sealants for profiles and panels, which supposedly should improve the quality of moisture resistance. This, on the contrary, will negatively affect the integrity of the entire structure. If vinyl siding is used, it is especially important to ensure a temperature gap, as PVC products are very sensitive to changes in external conditions.

Features of the operation of the siding

It is important not only to properly install the profile for securing the siding, but also the finishing material itself, but also to operate the finishing by all the rules. If you used wooden siding, then every 6 years, you need to clean the surface, as the material will be covered with cracks. After that, the wood is treated with antiseptics. In this condition, the panel should be left for a few days, after which it will be possible to start painting. It is recommended to start doing this from the top of the house, which will remove the streaks from previously applied protective equipment.

If it is a question of vinyl siding, then it is inadmissible to wash it with the help of abrasive materials, as well as chemicals. The most suitable option is the garden hose and water pressure, which will get rid of dirt. Metal siding does not presuppose the presence of complex care - it is easy to clean, but has a certain disadvantage. It is expressed in the fact that the damaged panel will start to rust. In order to exclude such consequences, it is necessary to treat the material with special substances. Some home masters resort to a panel replacement solution. Cement siding does not form any external damage at all, and dirt can be removed from its surface with water. That is why the socle part of the house is most often faced with similar material.

In general, siding today is one of the most common materials for decoration and facade cladding. With its help it is possible to cover the socle part, which will be reliably protected from negative weather conditions and external influences. Thus, you extend the life of the entire structure, as well as provide a normal microclimate in the rooms of the house. The choice of the modern consumer, which acquires siding, is also due to the affordable cost of such material, so any buyer can afford such a finish. However, it is important to decide what kind of material is better to prefer.

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