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Adjika with apples and tomatoes: the best recipes!

Do you like adzhika? Sharp, fragrant, sour or sweet, delicious, tasty? Without which it seems fresh and fried meat, and stewed potatoes, and all other dishes. If so, our today's article is just for you!

Vegetable pleasure

The same adzhika that we so enjoy in winter, in fact, has little in common with the original source - the burning salt seasoning, the birthplace of which is the Caucasus. Mountain peoples make it from hot pepper, garlic, herbs, walnuts. Naturally, it is necessary to put spices in dishes a little, and you can not spread such a delicacy on bread. Another thing - adzhika with apples and tomatoes! Excellent snack, it is suitable as a salad, and as a dressing for borscht, soup, gravy. The main condition - all products should be only of high quality: the Bulgarian pepper is well ripened, fleshy, without bitterness. If you are preparing Adzhika with apples and tomatoes, then tomatoes take only sugary varieties, thin-skinned, and the fruit is sour or sweet-sour. Be sure to use herbs and spices. And as for the sharpness, sugar and salt, then you can experiment and choose the ratio of components, thanks to which your adzhika with apples and tomatoes will turn into a real pleasure and the richest source of vitamins.

Recipe Seven

The name of the recipe is not accidental. From it you can learn how to prepare a twist from the most complete set of vegetables and spices. Such adzhika with apples and tomatoes includes still onions, garlic, Bulgarian and hot pepper, carrots. And salt, sugar, vinegar, vegetable oil. From aromatic herbs you can include in the recipe dry fennel, coriander, as well as ground coriander or cinnamon. Vinegar, prescribed by the recipe, you need to take not a table, but a fruit, natural. So, take a 3 kg tomato, remove the stems and scroll through the meat grinder. Next - one and a half kg of apples, carrots and Bulgarian sweet peppers - also cleanse, remove seeds, and scroll. In the same way, grind 1 kg of onion and garlic, 500 g of hot pepper (chicken). Chop a small bunch of dill or parsley. Mix well the resulting mass and put it on the fire. Let boil, fasten the fire and cook for about 3 hours, periodically stirring. Then put the pelvis aside and again take the brew in a day. Boil again, put from 3 tablespoons of salt and 5 sugars, pour in a glass of vegetable oil and again cook over low heat for 2 hours. At the very end, pour half a glass of vinegar, stir. Do not remove from heat, pack on sterilized cans and roll up. If the snack you get seems too sweet for you, then take on the recipe "Adjika with apples and tomatoes without carrots."

The recipe for instant cooking

In the culinary reference books are given different compositions of the described dish. As with experienced housewives, there are always 3-4 options for its preparation. And if you are interested in how to prepare Adzhika with apples and tomatoes without carrots, then it is done this way. Pass through the meat grinder 1 kg of tomatoes, one and a half kg - of Bulgarian pepper, 400 g of apples and the same number of onions. Pour a half cup of oil and add. Cook on medium heat for about 50 minutes, stir so that it does not burn. During this time, chop the garlic (300 gr), put it in the adjika. Pour 100 g of vinegar, pour a pinch of coriander, crushed bay leaf or a mixture of "hops-suneli." Stamp for another 5-7 minutes and lay out straight from the heat in the jars. Roll, turn upside down, wrap up the twist, and a day later put on the shelf in the pantry. If you think that such adzhika is so sour (tomatoes, peppers, sweet apples give little), add a little sugar, although it is not a prescription.

Adjika from green apples

As already written, it is recommended to put apples of sweet varieties in a snack, especially since you have to add vinegar to the dish for preserving canned food. However, in cooking there are quite a few recipes for the use of sour fruits. Due to them, the landlady can either significantly reduce the amount of vinegar, or exclude it altogether from the recipe. For example, here is such adzhika from a tomato, apples, carrots. For it you need: tomatoes 2 kg, Bulgarian sweet or salad pepper - a kilogram, as much carrots, onions and exactly green, sour apples. For sharpness, add 2-3 pods of hot pepper (red). Seize, put on a stove, cook, not giving bubbling, 40 minutes. Then put the garlic (enough for 100 gr crushed), cook for another 5 minutes and roll up boldly, the conservation will be all winter and will not go bad!

Adjika from tomatoes and pepper

This filling is almost ideal and indispensable if you need to prepare the first or second course. The composition of Adzhika is very simple: in the meat grinder, scroll in equal amounts of Bulgarian pepper (preferably red) and tomatoes. Pour 2.5-3 tablespoons of salt, you can and with a slide. And also a floor of a teaspoon of citric acid, a handful of sweet and hot pepper in peas. Cook the mixture for 10-15 minutes. Put the ground garlic (200-250 gr), mix, spread hot into jars and close.

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