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Marinated hot peppers for the winter

Lovers of sharp little necessarily appreciate a sharp and bright snack of pepper. Serve hot peppers can be to the first dishes, meat, salty pies. On the festive table they will go well with strong alcohol. And one or two pickled peppercorns can be added to borsch or roast.

Hot pepper in marinade on the table
The most interesting and unusual looks on the table is an appetizer prepared from small or medium whole peppercorns, especially if you combine peppers of different colors: light and dark green, yellow, red, orange. If the pepper of a small size is not at hand, it is possible to pickle and large hot peppers, cut them into circles in the thickness of a centimeter.

Preservation of hot pepper for the winter

Ingredients: one and a half kg of peppers of different colors (at least two), 2 tablespoons each. Sugar and salt, 5 tablespoons of vinegar (3%), and 2 liters of water. You can add spices.
Preparation: peppers are well washed, cut off the legs and carefully take out the cores with seeds. If large red peppers are used, they need to be cut into regular rings or obliquely. Put in sterile jars open side up, or pour in rings of pepper. Pour boiling water. Half an hour later, drain all the water, boil again, add sugar and vinegar, salt. Stir well and pour into liter jars. To roll, turn, wrap.

Marinating hot pepper. Quick recipe for a holiday

Spicy peppers are suitable not only for harvesting for the winter, but also for making quicker snacks. They can be marinated and served on the table after a couple of days.
The method is similar to the previous one, the proportions are the same. But due to the fact that long storage is not required, with the preparation of a summer snack from hot peppers, you can experiment, for example, adding fresh greens to the marinade, and replace some of the pepper with seasonal vegetables: celery root, small carrots, cherry tomatoes, garlic, gherkins.

Spices that are suitable for hot peppers

Spicy peppers are combined with most spices. In the marinade you can put garlic, leek or shallots, tarragon (tarragon), bay leaf, spicy pepper. Well suited root and a sheet of horseradish, cherry and currant leaves, oregano and basil, umbrellas of dill or cumin, cloves, cinnamon, small pieces of ginger.

Other vegetables in the same marinade

In addition to peppers, in the same way you can prepare for future use other vegetables or just cook a spicy snack from them in the summer. With the same marinade, you can prepare a delicious dish of tomato, asparagus beans, cucumbers, bell peppers, young garlic heads and garlic shooters, small bulbs, cauliflower and broccoli (disassembled into inflorescences), eggplant, courgette and squash, Beans, asparagus, green peas. If any other product prevails, you still need to add hot peppers, at least 2-3 pieces per three-liter jar. Very beautiful and tasty are also mixes of vegetables, marinated together. In this case, all vegetables or their parts should be the same size.

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