A set of exercises from back pain. Exercises Bubnovsky with acute pain in the back

The most common type of pain is back pain. These unpleasant feelings limit the daily activity of about eight percent of the adult population of our planet.

Sergei Mikhailovich Bubnovsky is the creator of the technique of alternative orthopedics and neurology, who developed special exercises to relieve pain in the back. They help to get rid of chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system due to the internal reserves of the human body.

Alternative methodology

SM Bubnovsky can be called a kind of pioneer in medicine. The methods suggested by him make it possible to relieve the patient of pain and discomfort in the joints and muscles. This, in turn, returns a person to a full life without surgery and the use of drugs.

At the heart of Professor Bubnovsky's many years of work lies the principle of the application of motion (kinesitherapy). This is an alternative to external intervention, which activates the internal potential of the organism. This way allows to achieve recovery mainly by the patient's own forces.

The impetus for developing such a methodology was Bubnovsky's own experience. After the injuries sustained in the accident, the doctors predicted a lifelong disability. However, the young man did not give up and after years of self-healed.

The essence of alternative methodology

When patients complain of back pain, doctors generally recommend avoiding stress and rest. However, a sparing regime is unlikely to lead a person to recovery.

Doctor Bubnovsky offers another way. The basis of his therapy is the movement and exercises from back pain performed on special power simulators. With the help of devices developed by Professor Bubnovsky himself, the patient gets rid of the muscle swelling, which is the main cause of pain. Also during training on special simulators blood supply to the problem zone comes to normal.

Not only from back pain, Bubnovsky exercises are recommended to people. They also help in preventive care for those who do not have a prescribed diagnosis. Using this technique is a reasonable choice for any person. After all, his patients Bubnovsky selects an individual, the most suitable for them complex, which allows you to heal diseases of the joints and spine.

The popularity of the methodology of the famous doctor led to the creation of a large number of health programs. For their implementation, no special level of physical training is required. On the contrary, most of its treatment systems take into account the problems of older people.

Perform exercises, so as not to hurt the back, you can and according to the books of the professor. The author paints all movements in an easy and understandable language, indicating the need for self-discipline and regularity of performing health gymnastics.

Exercises for back pain Bubnovsky recommends doing without fail. Their implementation can not be postponed even in the presence of uncomfortable sensations.

Application area

The therapeutic technique of Bubnovsky helps with:

- osteochondrosis;
- arthrosis;
- intervertebral hernia;
- Radiculitis;
- coxarthrosis;
- asthma;
- chronic bronchitis;
- Catarrhal diseases;
- migraine.

Also, the technique of the famous doctor helps to restore health more quickly during the rehabilitation post-traumatic period.

Treatment of the spine

Pain in the back area makes a lot of discomfort in everyday life. To eliminate this phenomenon, Dr. Bubnovsky recommends the set of exercises he developed. With back pain, they are aimed at restoring and further improving the locomotor functions of the spine.

How does the exercise of an alternative technique help to eliminate discomforting sensations? In order to understand this, it is necessary to know what causes the pain in the back.
In the case of damage to the cartilaginous tissue or ligaments, the affected area begins to protect the muscles. They are pulled together, which causes pain. Time passes and the person recovers. But if the muscles in the area of the pathology are not involved, then they become weaker and cease to withstand the previous, even insignificant, loads. In this case, there are feelings that bring discomfort.

The basis of the theory of Dr. Bubnovsky is the principle of strengthening and relaxing the muscles, as well as the development of joints. Strong tissues not only protect the cartilage and spine from damage, but also significantly strengthen them.

Back pain exercises are carried out in a complex manner. At the same time they are quite simple and contain elements of yoga, aerobics and pilates. Simulators Bubnovsky are necessary for those who suffer from disruption of the functioning of the ODA. These special shells allow patients to obtain the necessary physical activity for them.
If you have a backache, what exercises do you do at home? Let us consider them in more detail.

Deflection and relaxation of the back

This exercise starts from the starting position on all fours. In this case, you should feel the muscles of your back and relax them. Then the breath is taken. At the same time, the back bends. Then exhale. The back is bent. This exercise is carried out at a moderate pace at least twenty times.

Stretching muscles

If the back hurts, what exercises still need to be done? To relieve discomfort, you need to stretch the muscles. The patient begins the exercises, standing on all fours, crouching on his left leg and pushing back the right one. In this position, stretching of the muscles is done. The left leg should be pulled forward, and the body should be lowered as low as possible. The exercise must be performed twenty times. Then the reference leg changes. At least 20 exercises are also performed with it.


To perform these exercises, the patient should be on all fours, stretching the body forward and not using the muscles of the belt.

Running data at a slow pace. It is important to maintain balance and watch for breathing.

Stretching of the dorsal muscles

These exercises also need to be performed on all fours. The first movement is made on exhalation. For his execution, the patient tilts the body to the floor, bending at the same time hands. On exhalation the body returns to its original position. Hands at the same time straighten, emphasis is placed on the heels. This exercise, which stretches the muscles of the back perfectly, is repeated no less than six times.


The exercise of this exercise begins with the position of lying on the back, laying his hands under the head. Next, the body rises. Elbows should touch bent knees. The number of such exercises will fluctuate depending on the physical preparation of the patient. If they are performed for the first time, then the reference will be painful sensations in the muscles of the press. In the future, it is recommended to increase the load and increase the duration of its impact.


These exercises for back and lower back pain begin to perform from the prone position. The patient should maximally raise the pelvis, and then slowly lower it. The arms should be stretched along the trunk. It should be borne in mind that the rises should be performed on inspiration in an amount not less than thirty times.

Adaptive gymnastics

There is a Bubnovsky from back pain exercises designed for those who are just beginning to engage in kinesitherapy. The movements of adaptive gymnastics allow patients to stretch and strengthen the muscles. In the future, this will allow performing more complex complexes.

Before starting classes, each novice should read Bubnovsky's advice. A famous doctor recommends performing exercises only on an empty stomach at any time. However, the most preferable is the morning or the period after work.

Exercises must be performed for at least twenty minutes. A sign of their effectiveness is the allocation of sweat. After the completion of the training, water treatments are required in the form of a contrast shower. You can also just wipe yourself with a wet cold towel.

Exercises for pain in the back and waist of the adaptive complex are closely interrelated. Each of them is a complement to the other. Do not despair, if the pain in the back exercises do not immediately. The skill will be improved as practical actions. And only after mastering adaptive gymnastics the patient can easily go to the profile complex.

What kind of exercises are recommended for beginners? Let's consider some of them:

1. The patient sits on the heels. When you inhale, he must raise himself and spread his hands to the sides. Then he should descend on exhalation and take the starting position.
2. To perform a cleansing breath, you should put your hands on your stomach. Then exhale through tightly clenched teeth. In this case, you should get the sound "pf".
3. Exercises on the press start from the position of lying on the back with bent knees. Lifting the body should be done with an exhalation. Then one leg needs to be thrown to the knee of the other and the diagonal presses the press. This starts to work elbows. The left should reach the knee of the right leg and vice versa.
4. The next exercise for back pain should be performed on the side when resting on the arm. With this initial position, you need to exhale and raise the pelvis. After that, the side is changed.
5. Next, the complex adaptive gymnastics provides for the implementation of the turns of the pelvis. They should be done while kneeling.
6. Without changing the previous situation, the patient should tilt the body forward and back.
7. Next, lie on your stomach and tear your legs off the floor. Such movements alternate with the rise of the trunk.
8. For the next exercise, the patient should lie on his side. Then follows the lifting of the foot with a pause in the middle of the mach. Similar movements are performed on the other side.
9. Next, the complex of adaptive gymnastics recommends push-ups from the floor.
10. When doing the next exercise, you need to sit down and try to move only on the buttock muscles.
11. The next exercise from back pain is swinging the foot forward and backward. They perform, standing on all fours.

Kinesitherapy for acute lumbargia

Patients suffering from severe back pain, practicing according to the methods of Bubnovsky, get rid of, first of all, from the stereotype of walking formed by the ailment. This is due to the strengthening of the muscular corset. The famous doctor developed exercises for acute pain in the back, which are performed on the simulator "crossover".

In addition, such patients are recommended and homework. What are the exercises Bubnovsky with acute pain in the back? The famous doctor recommends daily:

1. Move around the room on your lap, while making an emphasis on the hands.
2. Lie on your back, holding your arms outstretched for support. Then, on exhalation, take your legs to your stomach. When there is a light pain, the exercise should not be stopped, but with severe discomfort the sessions are canceled.
3. Lie on your back with your hands clasped behind your head in the lock. The legs should be bent at the same time. Without cutting off the socks off the floor, you should lift the upper part of the body.

Each of the exercises described above should be repeated at least twenty times. After the disappearance of pain, the result is fixed by stretching on the bar.

At occurrence of strong pains during performance of exercises doctor Bubnovsky advises under a back to put a cold towel. This will allow for some time to eliminate discomfort.

Clinical practice of the kinesitherapy technique has shown its good analgesic effect. It is manifested through the reduction and relaxation of muscles.

Do not be frightened by the uncomfortable sensations at the beginning of the Bubnovsky's treatment complex. After all, the therapeutic effect of the procedure will be obtained only when the brain gets used to the reduction of muscle tissue. Overcoming pain will improve the mobility of the spine and form a strong natural back corset.

But at the same time, it should be borne in mind that too much uncomfortable sensations make the application of the kinesitherapy method impossible. In this case, a person must eliminate severe pain with the help of medications, and only then begin to perform therapeutic gymnastics.

General recommendations

Dr. Bubnovsky states that every person should approach the health improvement of his body in a complex way.

In his life there should be not only training and physical activities. The effectiveness of the exercises will be much higher if:
- hold classes in the fresh air;
- to provide a sleep in a ventilated room;
- perform daily exercise in the morning;
- Walking barefoot;
- Drink up to three liters of liquid per day;
- visit the sauna and take a contrast shower;
- to give up smoking and alcohol;
- to eat healthy food.

You need to help your back and in bed. After all, almost a third of a person's life is spent in a dream. To ensure that the bed was not a prerequisite for the occurrence of pain, it is necessary to choose the right mattress. Also, the position should be comfortable during sleep. It is not recommended to sleep on the stomach. Then it will be necessary to bend the neck, which will give excessive strain to the joints. It is best to sleep on your side or on your back, supporting your body with a pillow.

After a night's sleep, you should not get out of bed quickly. It is necessary to stretch and let the body wake up. Such a rise will be a good prevention of injuries. Increased pain in the back provokes an incorrect position behind the wheel of the car. To avoid discomfort, you should optimally set the chair, not pushing it far back.

Protect your back and need at work. This is especially true for those who spend whole days at the table. Stressed posture in the same position becomes the first cause of pain in the back area. To sit it is necessary directly. After all, the slopes forward increase the pressure on the spine. In addition, it is important to get up from the table after every 45-50 minutes of work. This will be a wonderful workout for the spine.

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