Self-massage belly for weight loss: rules and techniques

A slender and smart figure is not only the absence of fat on the sides. Very spoils the appearance of the bulging belly. And it happens not only for young mothers after childbirth or for fat people. Quite often there are thin people with decent deposits in the abdomen. Diet in this case will not help: if the fat deposits have settled in the waist, then they can be removed only when Help massage. It is not necessary to go to a specialized office (although, of course, it does not hurt), you can greatly improve the figure of the house using self-massage of the abdomen. For weight loss, enough 15-25 minutes a day 2-4 times a week. Such a small amount of time can be given to everyone.

In order not to harm yourself, you must follow certain rules:

  • You can not massage on a full stomach. Must pass at least 2 hours after eating. You can do massage on an empty stomach.
  • This procedure is contraindicated in the presence of irritation or inflammation on the skin.
  • Do not massage the stomach and during illness or menstruation. It is contraindicated in hernia, inflammation of the gallbladder and kidneys.

In order to self-massage the stomach for weight loss, you need to become straight and slightly strain the press: you need to massage the fat deposits, not the internal organs. First they do rubbing. Strained fingertips begin circular movements from the navel to the periphery. In this case, we press rather strongly (do not forget to hold the press in suspense). If one hand is good for kneading the fat does not work, put the second on the palm of the second, strengthen the pressure. Having worked well the abdomen, we pass to the sides and waist (there excess fat is also usually postponed and spoils the figure no less than the stomach).

Now you need to stretch the fatty tissue . On one side, under the ribs, grab the fold of the skin with fat, carefully knead it with your fingers, moving to the center. Fingers move little by little, making a decent effort (without unnecessary pain). Thus, we knead all the fatty tissue ("passes" are obtained 4-5 on each side).

Self-massage belly for weight loss will continue with the following method: rubbing vertically. We clench our fists, we rub the fat with the knuckles from the top down and in the opposite direction (the press is strained). In the same way, grind the fat deposits horizontally and on the waist.

Completes all stroking. It is similar to grinding: with your fingertips clockwise, only this time you apply small, gradually calming the skin.

Such a method of losing weight without stress will give effect after several weeks of regular application. In order to simultaneously improve the condition of the skin on the abdomen and restore its elasticity, you can use (essential) aromatic oils. Best suited oils are citrus or mint (you can combine them).

If you want to speed up the process, and for physical exertion there are no contraindications, you can use belly slimming machines . This is the well-known "Grace", hula-hoop or something more complicated, which means, more expensive. If there are no simulators, you can simply in those days when you do not self-massage the belly, to lose weight in a shorter time, swing the press. Such a combined approach is much more effective, and you will return a slender figure sooner.

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