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Fatty deposits: how to deal with excess weight correctly

Fat deposits seduce many women throughout their lives, because getting rid of such an ailment can be extremely difficult. In addition, it is believed that excess weight affects not only the emotional state of women, but also on health. After all, statistical data show that full people usually suffer from cardiovascular diseases, they turn to doctors with complaints about leg pain and swelling, and then cancer can appear.

Probably, every woman noticed that the fatty deposits are located on the body in different ways. And the specialists arbitrarily divided the figure of the full women into H, A, T and O-shaped. But what explains this division and why is the excess weight not always equally distributed on the body? Scientists did not agree in a single opinion and put forward several theories. The first theory relates this state of affairs to the peculiarity of the hormonal background. For example, in some women, male hormones predominate in the body . This can not but affect the structure of their body: the shoulders are wider than the pelvis, and the fat deposits on the abdomen are concentrated. That is, according to the type of a male figure , a certain "puzik" is formed. It should be noted that the predominance of male hormones contributes to the increased production of female hormones, and this, with age, can affect health, up to the formation of a cancerous tumor.

Another theory says that the main problem zone for a woman is the so-called "riding breeches" area. This is due to the fact that the activity of the alpha-2 receptors slowing down the fat burning process increases to the bottom. And in men, on the contrary, these receptors become more active in the upper part of the body. That's why they have a characteristic abdomen, and women suffer from a riding breeches. Some scientists argue that the silhouette of a female figure is due to a hereditary predisposition. That is, fatty deposits are distributed in such a way, as was the case with the previous generation.

But an important role in this matter is played by our food, because it creates a person's appearance throughout life. For example, if you adhere to proper nutrition and use only useful products, then every day the figure is sharpened and becomes only more attractive. But if daily to afford harmful food, especially so beloved by many "fast food", fat deposits in the abdomen will arise even in lean people. Therefore, it is possible to fight such a widespread problem for most women only with the help of proper nutrition and love of sport.

The benefits of physical training have long been proven and are considered undeniable. However, many women who suffer from the fullness of the hereditary factor, genuinely consider training an absolutely useless occupation. After all, they were created by nature, which means that no measures can help but radical types of surgical intervention. This is a deep delusion, as a rule, lazy ladies. Of course, pull yourself together, set a goal and achieve it is much more difficult.

In fact, fatties by nature can become owners of a beautiful slim figure, just the process of its formation will require more effort. But how sweet will be the reward, because a person who has shown the strength of character, formed willpower and a clear desire for victory. Doctors have found that practicing sports saves a person from many diseases. For example, in physical exercise lovers, there are almost no cases of the formation of malignant tumors in the chest. This is because the exercises slow the production of the hormone estrogen.

Fatty deposits can be transformed into elegant lines of a beautiful female body. It should be understood that physical stress is considered stress for the body, during which adrenaline is released. This hormone helps to destroy fat cells and get them into the blood. And in the circulatory system they are used as an additional source of energy. So, sports and proper nutrition create your figure every day. Do not be lazy and start acting today, then a positive result will not keep you waiting.

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