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Where is the psychoneurological dispensary (Arkhangelsk)? The main activity of a psychiatric institution

People who are experiencing difficulties with psychological health need the therapy offered by the psychoneurological dispensary.

Arkhangelsk has such an institution that brought together competent professionals in the medical field. Fans of their business very soon restore the health of patients, applying the advanced techniques of foreign colleagues.

The Psychoneurological Dispensary (Arkhangelsk) is a medical institution that provides highly specialized care, narcological and psychiatric therapy, as well as general medical rehabilitation. This medical institution was created by the decision of the department of the health department.

Dispensary departments are located in 4 buildings, which are located in the central part of the city. Reception is conducted by qualified specialists. Guaranteed anonymity to the patient.

Directions of the dispensary

The Psychoneurological Dispensary (Arkhangelsk) pursues such goals in its activities:

  • The provision of psychiatric, narcological, counseling, diagnostic, psychoneurological, and restorative care for adults and children;
  • Taking part in programs for the protection of psychological state and health;
  • Study and introduction into practice of innovations, new methods of diagnosing and therapy of mental and narcological diseases.

Dispensary units

The Psychoneurological Dispensary (Arkhangelsk) has the following departments:

  1. Psychiatric Department of Adult Therapy.
  2. Psychiatric department for children.
  3. Department of psychotherapy.
  4. Department of recovery.
  5. Preventative cabinet for the adult population.
  6. Laboratory diagnostics.

Psychoneurological dispensary services

We continue to talk about the psychoneurological dispensary (Arkhangelsk). Lomonosov, 271 is the address of the clinic. It provides such types of services:

  • Free medical service;
  • Call the doctor at home;
  • Commercial medical services;
  • Ensuring the passage of a medical commission.

For the treatment of severe drug dependence, it is worth to go to the dispensary, where the medical secret is guaranteed to patients, since bad habits in the past are not welcomed by employers. These people have the opportunity to start life anew, without doubt and memories of the past tense.

The complex of patient care measures presupposes post-therapeutic observation and follow-up of patients treated in order to identify and suspend the manifestation in time. A large number of manifestations of a new dependence on alcohol or drugs is due to the lack of qualified psychological assistance during the recovery period.

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