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The strongest boys in the world. Glory or deprivation of childhood?

Surely every dad dreams of his son being strong and able to protect himself in any situation. But in some cases it goes to the point of absurdity, because there are such fathers who try to instill love for sports when the child is still very young. In this article we will talk about who they are - the strongest boys in the world, and also discuss how they achieved such heights.

Giuliano Stroe - young record holder

This boy was born on June 18, 2004. Already with the diapers, the pope began to conduct strength training with him. When Giuliano turned 5 years old, he managed to earn world popularity, taking a deserved place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Surely you are interested in how a strong boy of 5 years was able to receive such a reward. Giuliano went 10 meters on his hands with a fifteen kilogram ball, sandwiched between his legs. This made a furor among not only ordinary viewers, but also famous strongmen who sent rave reviews to the young talent.

"Childish" childhood

The boy started training with his father Julien Stroe. Pope Giuliano is a former gymnast, whose dreams of a dizzying success could not come to fruition. Apparently, that is why he decided to entrust his life mission to the child.

First Iulian began to take his son to the gym, where he taught him to perform simple exercises. Over time, loads began to increase, and after a while the boy could easily push off from the floor, standing on his hands.

World glory

Real world fame came to Julian on one of the Italian TV channels, where he showed his incredible power capabilities. Then this show was watched by more than 100,000 people.

Surprised public and to this day follows the achievements of the small champion. For example, some time ago the boy again surprised everyone with his strength. He wrung his hands out of his hands 20 times, leaning on wooden pegs.

By the way, Giuliano's younger brother does not lag behind his elder relative. Apparently, after a while Claudio will also be listed as "The strongest boys in the world", because he is known as a real strong man. Claudio is able to perform strength exercises on a par with his older brother and tries to keep up with him.

Jan Jinlong

He is also deservedly included in the list "The strongest boys in the world". Jan - a native of China, which already at 7 years showed unprecedented strength. At this age, the boy easily moved a passenger car from his place, lifted a man and carried it on his back.

Jan always had a good appetite, which caused pride in his parents. Apparently, this influenced his incredible power.

The real glory came to Jan in 2012 at the age of seven. It was then that local media watched the boy dragging sacks of grain weighing more than 60 kg on his back. But that is not all. Jan in the presence of journalists easily moved and stretched for a dozen meters a car weighing 1.85 tons.

He distinguished himself and his large body weight. So, at age 7, his weight reached a mark of 50 kg. In one of the photos the strongest little boy poses with his peer, who is noticeably smaller and thinner than Yana.

It should be replaced that strong people are very much appreciated in the homeland of the boy , therefore Yang in China is a real star.

The most cherished dream of Jan is to get to the Guinness Book of Records. So we wish him good luck!

Richard Sandrack

He also belongs to the category "The strongest children in the world". Richard was born in 1992, on April 15th. To date, he is a famous American actor. And all this is due to the fact that Richard once distinguished himself with his power capabilities.

From the age of three, the boy began to train daily in the field of bodybuilding and martial arts. For exercises, he used lightweight bars and weights.

At the age of seven, the boy's parents moved to another state, where they found Richard a good coach - Frank Hardin. Looking at the possibilities of a small strong man, the man was simply shocked.

For the first time, Richard lit up on the screens of local television in the program "The Ripley Show: Believe or Do not Believe", and then in the famous American program called "The Night of Champions". After this, the boy did not cease to amaze the audience with his strength.

In 2005, Richard released his program for children under the title "Videoter Exercises for Little Hercules for Children". And in 2009 he starred in the movie "Little Hercules in 3D."

To date, a representative of the category "The strongest boys in the world" continues to train under the guidance of Frank Hardin and surprise his fans with new achievements.


Many people condemn the parents of the strongest boys for simply depriving them of their childhood. So, for example, Pope Giuliano Stroe is accused of this for a long time. But the man says that the boy himself expresses the desire to train, and he does as much as he thinks fit. In the rest of the time, as the father of the strongest boy in the world claims, he is busy with ordinary children's affairs - drawing, computer games and communication with peers. Well, let's not blame anyone, maybe these boys really like practicing daily !?

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