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Mongoose Tyax Sport: specifications and reviews

The bike Mongoose Tyax Sport belongs to the budget class. Many people are interested in his so original name. It turns out that this bike owes to a small animal, whose movements are incredibly agile, and the bites are lightning and precise. Woe to the snake that will stand in its way. During one of his trips to the states of Australia, the Californian businessman Skipu Hess, the founder of BMX Products, managed to watch this little brave snake hunter for a long time. He was so fascinated by this animal that he decided in his honor to call his bicycle new direction.

Review Mongoose Tyax Sport

Bicycles of this brand are distinguished by a rather high quality of assembly and well thought out design, which contributes to the most convenient fit of the driver. This led to the fact that today this product is in great demand among riders. Mongoose Tyax Sport, whose reviews testify to the good technical characteristics of the models of this line, first appeared on the market in the distant 1974 year. In order to produce them, Skip Hess even founded a new company, Dorel Industries. At the moment, all rights to release Mongoose Tyax Sport belong to her. Today the company produces mountain models, BMX bikes, comfort class bikes, road bikes and some hybrid prototypes.

The first "swallow"

The "senior" edition is Mongoose Tyax Sport 26. "The manufacturer's attention was focused on the following main components: an aluminum frame, a locking fork, disc hydraulic brakes and a 24-speed transmission Mongoose Tyax Sport 26", reviews Which in most cases are positive, has a very attractive design.The hardtail-type bicycle had a seat clamp with an eccentric and a sufficiently sturdy construction.

Non-standard wheels

The next model was Mongoose Tyax Sport 27.5 ". Reviews of her testify to the fact that today she won the leading position in terms of sales. Unlike the previous analogue Mongoose Tyax Sport 26 ", this bike is equipped with wheels of non-standard diameter - twenty-seven and a half inches. Its aluminum frame is particularly strong, reliable and durable.

Release 2015

The next Mongoose Tyax Sport with 29-inch wheels became the logical continuation of this budget line. Complemented with fairly simple details, the bike looks very dignified and advantageous. The model for novice riders makes it possible to immediately try out your ability to ride larger wheels.

This bike with 29-inch wheels has two issues - 2014 and 2015. And although they do not have much of a technological difference, but in terms of design, there are significant differences.

The frame of the model, from the technological point of view, is quite simple. I must say that the problems with the frame in Tyax Sport are rare. And although the stitches are made a bit rough, but they are very durable. The design also attracts attention with its interesting solutions: yellow and gray colors are beautifully combined, as a result this leads to the fact that this model looks very attractive.

The geometry of the frame in this bike is a real "classic" of its genre. Feathers, sharply lowered down, have become an ideal solution for the sake of sufficiently large wheels. Quite a short base smoothes out the main disadvantage of Mongoose Tyax Sport 29 ". The comments of the riders indicate that it is not perceived as a budget model due to this decision.


Mongoose Tyax Sport - this is a true amateur mountain bike, designed and released in batch production at the end of the last century. Since then they have not lost popularity. Bicycles from this manufacturer are equipped with a high-strength frame, which is made of lightweight aviation aluminum alloy. The presence of a shock-absorbing fork makes it possible to soften as much as possible the impacts of the front wheel during the raids on the uneven road surfaces. The course of it is ten centimeters: this figure is enough to make it comfortable to travel over long distances.

Mongoose Tyax Sport, whose characteristics have made it one of the most popular, first of all will be to the taste of those riders who want to acquire a practical means of transportation for regular walks in the forests, park lanes and along the mountain paths.


Judging by the reviews of the lucky owners, the bikes manufactured under the brand Mongoose Tyax Sport have both their own merits and some negative qualities. They must be taken into account before making a long-awaited purchase. The advantages of this model range are, of course, the reliability of the structure and the sturdy frame.

Consumers separately note the quality components and the availability of attachments. Judging by the feedback, the frame of the bicycle is difficult to deform. The paint of this two-wheeled vehicle is almost not scratched. And the combination of high quality, suitable price and a great experience of the manufacturer in creating models designed for extreme driving, made Mongoose Tyax Sport quite popular.


And although the shortcomings of bicycles of this brand are difficult to be called significant and decisive in choosing, however, they should also be read before purchasing. After all, knowledge of all the strengths and weaknesses of the model you like makes it possible to continue to operate it without problems.

The disadvantages of Mongoose Tyax Sport are a somewhat heavy frame in some models, as well as the appearance of noise during braking.


Both marketers and designers have done everything to make their Mongoose like the buyer. That there is only one firm bend of the bottom pipe directly at the steering-glass. Mongoose Tyax Sport is a budget bike, and therefore a hitch is provided for it. For example, on the 29-inch model is a very simple shock absorber XCT "Santur", and a heavy plug small irregularities swallow is not ideal, but overall the system works fine. Judging by the reviews, this is one of the best budget options.

It should be noted that the model range of this manufacturer provides consumers of such two-wheeled vehicles a wide range of options available. Each of the models is distinguished by specific characteristics, separate areas for use and design features, whether the last 29-inch bike or Mongoose Tyax Sport 27.5 ". Reviews of the bikes of this line show that they deserve the attention not only of professional athletes, but also lovers who simply dream of enjoying a comfortable and measured skiing through the mountains and forest paths. Many of them, having bought this bike, do not regret it at all. Judging by the reviews, this two-wheeled vehicle has practical noiseless smooth shifting and light weight. Some models are so compact that they fit easily in the elevator. Of the shortcomings, users note the most often uncomfortable saddle.

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