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Legendary "Kalash" - the best in the world automatic AK-47

Weapons are known to people from time immemorial, from the Neolithic period. True, then his role was played only by stones and sticks. As the development has progressed, mankind has never forgotten to develop weapons.

A set of special devices designed to hit the target, is used for hunting and playing sports, for signaling and defense, but mostly, regrettably, for an attack or defense in the course of warfare.

Modern military weapons are the most complicated technical devices, the most diverse and very numerous. A special place among all types of small arms is Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle, the legendary "Kalash", created in 1947 and still in service with many armies of the world.

Weapons of all time

The AK-47 was recognized as the best weapon of the last century, and the Russian designer, the winner of many government awards, Mikhail Kalashnikov, during his lifetime became the symbol and legend of his country.

The history of the creation of this automatic weapon began after in 1943 an intermediate cartridge 7.62 mm was adopted. The new system of small arms was developed precisely for this cartridge. In 1944, several original designs were proposed, and in 1946 a young designer Kalashnikov introduced his model. After successful tests, the new machine, which in aggregate exceeded the designs of other well-known gunsmiths, was adopted and designated AK-47.

The merits of "Kalash" are known and recognized throughout the world. This exceptional reliability in operation in any, even difficult conditions, ease of maintenance and use, unpretentiousness, low cost, especially in mass production.

But there are some drawbacks: not entirely successful ergonomics of the whole machine, and in particular an inconvenient translator-fuse, causing dimensions and shape of the butt, rather rough aiming devices that do not contribute to the accuracy of aiming. However, the indicated shortcomings do not prevent the AK-47 from being considered an ideal weapon.

Subsequently, the machine was repeatedly modified. For decades of relentless search, the legendary designer brought the design of the weapon to its ultimate perfection. In addition to rifles, Kalashnikov also designed hunting weapons and machine guns. It is difficult to overestimate the scale of his talent. Currently, Kalashnikov's offspring are used by the armed forces of more than 100 countries around the world. This is the most massive small arms in the history of mankind.

Interesting Facts

  • AK-47 - Kalashnikov assault rifle - is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most common small arms weapon in the world. According to some sources, now there are almost 100 million units.
  • In the armament of the Soviet, and later the Russian army, the machine is more than 60 years old. The ability to disassemble and collect these weapons is still included in the minimum knowledge of the young fighter.
  • The Kalashnikov assault rifle is honored to be present on the state arms of some countries, for example Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the Republic of East Timor. Needless to say, many former colonies with the help of AK-47 won freedom and became independent states.
  • Surprisingly, it's a fact: in some African countries the newborns were called Kalash.
  • On the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, in Egypt, a Kalashnikov assault rifle was erected.
  • In honor of the 450th anniversary of the entry of the Udmurt Republic into Russia, the "Central Bank" issued commemorative coins featuring the AK. It was in this region that the serial production of the famous weapons was set up.
  • Popularity is a great power! Even in many computer games-shooters, "Kalash" appears as the main weapon.
  • At the end of the last century, bypassing the atomic bomb and space technologies, the AK-47 was recognized as the invention of the century, and in 2004, Kalash took the third place in the list of "50 items that changed the world."

Mikhail Kalashnikov and his machine gun

Mikhail Kalashnikov always said that he was creating his weapons not for murder, but for protection. But every year from the bullets of an AK machine, 250,000 people die, a quarter of a million. It is believed that more people were killed from these weapons than as a result of bombardments, artillery fire and rocket attacks. Some scientists and designers who created weapons and were shocked by its destructive power, by the end of their life were disappointed in their own creations, such as Robert Oppenheimer, who created the atomic bomb. Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov also was tormented by doubts about the responsibility for creating such a deadly weapon. The spiritual experiences, caused by the death of many people killed from the machine he designed, he shared with the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, who sent a letter six months before his death. Kalashnikov died in December 2013.

The Church's position

The Church supports the creators of weapons when it is intended to protect the Fatherland. It does not condemn the military servicemen who apply it for this purpose. Kalashnikov invented his machine for the defense of the motherland, and not for the terrorists of other countries. Another thing is that politicians can not agree among themselves and use weapons for terrorism and murders.

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