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How to make food for dolls from plasticine? Advice to young mothers

Many girls want to learn how to make food for dolls from plasticine. Because of this interest, their moms have to include their imagination, figuring out how to make a cake or an apple. Today we will help you in this matter, tell you how to make food from plasticine for dolls. So, let's begin.

Tutu with juice

Why treat our dolls? First we will make juice for them in a pack. To do this, take plasticine, for example, pink. Let's make the berry juice. We tear off a small piece, we knead it, we form a rectangle with rounded edges. Then take a miniature piece, make a tube from it, bend it at an angle. Next, we attach it to the rectangle. As a result, we get a packet of juice with a tube.

Shortbread cookies with chocolate crisps

How to make food for dolls from plasticine? Now consider the example of cookies with crisps made of chocolate. We need plasticine of two colors: light brown and dark brown. We take light, break off several small pieces from it. Of these, we form cakes, which need to be flattened from the top with your fingers. Now we add crips. We make them from dark brown plasticine. Tear off a large piece of small, the size of a bead. And we decorate cookies with these crisps. Here is another sweet for Barbie ready.


Let's consider more variants of how to make food from plasticine. We will create an apple. We take a green or red clay, break off a small piece. We roll it into a ball. Then decorate it with a leaf made of green plasticine.


To make a loaf, we need a light-brown color clay. Break off a piece, form a small oval from it. To make our product even more like a loaf, with a sharp knife we do notches on top.


How to make food from plasticine beautifully? It all depends on what kind of product you want to make. Now we are using the example of eggs to show how to do it correctly. So, for its creation we need a white and yellow clay. Break off from each piece. Accordingly, there should be more white, because we make protein from it, and yellow, of course, less. From the pieces we form two separate balls. Then you first need to slightly flatten white. In the center of this product we put a yellow ball, which also needs to be pressed down from above. That's all, the scrambled eggs are ready!

Spaghetti with sauce

How to make food for dolls from plasticine correctly? We just need to follow our recommendations. Now we will make spaghetti with sauce. For this we need white, beige and claret clay. We tear off a piece of beige. We make a plate out of it. Then we take white, tear off a piece from which we make a thin sausage. We put it in an arbitrary form on a plate. From above we place a piece of red plasticine - it will be sauce. Supplement our dish you can yourself molded black olives.

Italian pizza

Now let's make a pizza. For this we take a box with plasticine of different colors. First we take a piece of yellow, roll it out. Then give it a pizza shape (round). Next, take a piece of red plasticine.

We lay it on top of the dough-base, like ketchup. Then take a piece of white and claret clay. Roll one, it will be mayonnaise. From burgundy we make sausage, which we cut into pieces. We put mayonnaise on ketchup. From above we place rings "sausages".

A sandwich

We considered various options for how to make food for dolls from plasticine. Now we will tell you one more thing. Let's make a sandwich.

We take brown, white, red clay. First we will work with brown. We make a small flat cake, from which we cut out a square with a knife (plastic).

Next, mix white and red (a little) clay. We get a pink sausage shade. From this piece we make a cake. Using the same plastic knife, cut out the square. We get a slice of sausage. We spread it on bread.

Then take a piece of plasticine, for example, crimson. Grind it, then sprinkle sandwiches (this will be such a seasoning).

Sandwich with salad

First we take a piece of brown plasticine, we form a cake from it. Then fold it in half. We have a pocket. Next, take a piece of plasticine in different colors: green, yellow and red. Roll them out and cut them into pieces, which then put inside the pocket. That's it, the sandwich is ready.


Now you know how to make food from plasticine. As you can see, it's easy, you just need to make some effort. We hope that our tips will help you understand how to make food from plasticine, and you can create such "delicacies" yourself. Good luck!

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