Do not meet on clothes: oral speech as an indicator of culture

Many famous cultural figures are sure, and it is not unreasonable that a man who disrespects his native language is a savage. Specialists rightfully consider the Russian language as a huge wealth. After all, it is language that testifies not only to the achievements or shortcomings of society, but also to a person's culture, his education.

One aspect of the Russian language is oral speech. Unfortunately, today it is in an unenviable condition. The speech of most of the population is poor, filled with jargon expressions, argo words, warped words.

But the impression of a person, first of all, is made up by his ability to speak. The culture of oral speech is precisely that "dress", which is met. It shows the education of a person, his belonging to a particular social stratum.

The trouble with our society is that even people whose profession is connected with the word are careless about their speech. Oral speech of politicians, journalists is full of vain talk, improperly constructed phrases, use of incorrect grammatical forms. In addition, many politicians allow in their speeches too expressive coloring of proposals, which is inadmissible in public speeches. For example, the president owns the phrase that "... Russia can properly grow green."

Many politicians are so addicted to "verbal creativity" that their oral speech is completely depreciated. Until now, on hearing, Chernomyrdin's reasoning that "... in Russia is not what you need." Do not lag behind him and modern officials.

What is this quote (from a report by a Chelyabinsk high-ranking official): "The birth rate in the region was ... low, but the team ... of the regional governor ... coordinated their efforts, and ... was born to 2000 babies more."

Surprising revelations of the former Minister for Emergencies: "When I go to a bath with a good company, there is always a disaster somewhere." Of course, the features of oral speech are its emotionality, but in this case, comments are superfluous.

To ensure that oral speech was vivid, imaginative, and most importantly - understandable and logical, it is recommended to adhere to the norms, which are fixed in dictionaries, rules.

In the Russian language the following points are rigidly ruled:

• Lexical relevance. Its norms are fixed in lexical dictionaries. Incorrect use of words often leads to complete distortion or loss of meaning of a phrase or utterance. A frequent mistake is the misuse of homonyms or paronyms - bone (instead of stagnant) mindset; Leather (instead of leather) purse.

Sometimes people simply do not understand the meaning of words that are inserted into their speech (for example, Russia is going through another incident).

• Grammatical forms are also fixed. They include rules relating to word formation, syntax, morphology.

In word formation, the ways by which words can be formed are fixed. Typical errors are incorrect use of affixes: transformation (instead of transformation), depth (instead of depth).

Morphology dictates the rules of formation and combination of words, the exact use of them in context. You can not say: a customized parcel post, a rail, a shaggy cloud.

• Syntactic norms require the correct construction of phrases, word combinations. The most common mistake today is the misuse of girundish turns. By the rules, they refer to the verb, denote its additional action. Therefore, the phrase "coming out into the street, I felt hot," "coming to the room, there were loud noises" are categorically unacceptable.

• The stylist. Defines the rules for using lexicon depending on the specific situation. You can not use, for example, spoken words in a business speech.

• Pronunciation.

• Accent.

• Intonation.

The last three norms are fixed in orthoepic and spelling dictionaries.

Oral speech is one of the indicators of the general culture of any person. It must be constantly improved and developed. A correctly speaking person can quickly achieve success in his personal life, in the professional sphere.

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