Nautilus beach in Novosibirsk: features, events, reviews

In summer, each person wants to go to the sea in order to take a break from the city's bustle, working days and family worries. Unfortunately, not everyone has such a lucky chance. What to do in this situation? You can go to the beach "Nautilus" in Novosibirsk. The inhabitants of the northern region have a unique opportunity to arrange a small vacation at any convenient time.


Opening of the Nautilus beach in Novosibirsk in 2014 was held. This was a large-scale event for every resident of the city. It exists today, and has already turned into the most ambitious summer entertainment complex of the region. In total, you can distinguish several features:

  • The beach has a convenient location, occupies the left side of the coast. You can reach it by private or public transport.
  • Despite the fact that it is in the city, the air here is always fresh.
  • The entertainment complex is well-developed infrastructure: there are paid toilets, locker rooms, umbrellas, sun loungers and foot baths.
  • On the beach "Nautilus" in Novosibirsk is always fun. Organizers include modern music for all visitors.
  • There is entertainment for children. If you want, you can go with them to a cafe or a children's playground. It is worth noting that the operating mode of these institutions is limited - from 9.00 to 19.00.
  • Also for the youngest visitors there is a swimming pool, water slides and attractions.
  • As for the infrastructure, there is a spacious parking lot, a medical center and security.

The beach has become not just an entertainment complex, but a real landmark of the city, to which all locals are with great trepidation.

Main activities

For the third year in a row, the Nautilus beach was opened in Novosibirsk, but without a bathing season. This suggests that the water has not yet been tested by epidemiologists, and it can become dangerous. Despite this, all the coast by this time is already cleared of debris, it has all the necessary infrastructure and an open cafe. What to do before the beginning of the swimming season? Each week, various events are organized here.

Young people can take part in competitions (rugby, beach soccer or volleyball). Winners receive a symbolic cup for a long memory. Periodically there are concerts of local amateur or popular stars in the open air.

On the day off there are beach parties and themed competitions of acquaintances, which help to find your soul mate.

How to get there?

A total of 12 water sources with open coastlines can be identified on the territory of the city. Many people still care about how to get to the Nautilus beach in Novosibirsk. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Metro. You should get to one of the metro stations "Rechnoy Vokzal" or "Studencheskaya". From it, the entertainment complex is within walking distance. It will be convenient to get, guided by the signs with directions.
  2. In the summer time, an additional stop "Beach" is opened on the approximate bridge.
  3. At the peak of the season from the village "City" goes several times a day bus, everyone can come and visit it.

Of course, the most convenient way is to use your personal transport. Close to the beach there is a convenient parking. It is recommended to arrive in advance, as there may not be enough vacant seats. It is worth considering that the entrance to the parking lot is paid for - 100 rubles.

Positive reviews

Reviews about the beach "Nautilus" in Novosibirsk were divided into two categories - positive and negative. Most people like the convenient location. From the stop, where public transport arrives, you can walk on foot in just 10-15 minutes. I like the attractiveness of the place. It looks like a tropical island in the center of the city, sometimes you can pass by from work and watch people relax on the shore carefree. It can not but attract the accessibility of this institution. Entrance to the territory is free (except for parking), ice cream and cold drinks are inexpensive. Another advantage is cleanliness, a daily cleaning is carried out on the territory. The presence of storage cells allows visitors to leave their belongings in a safe place and quietly enjoy the rest.

Negative feedback

How can you not like the place where there is warm sand, clean water, always good and fun? That is why negative feedback from visitors is extremely rare. However, many people have a negative attitude towards the fact that there are a lot of people here at the height of the season, there are not enough sun beds, places for sunbathing, there are always big queues in dressing rooms, in toilets and cafes. This accumulation of people causes rapid fatigue. Local residents would like to be regulated in some way by the flow of people, but so far it is impossible to do so. The only way out in this situation is to arrive early and take the best places under the sun.

Despite this small defect, the beach "Nautilus" in Novosibirsk has long become a favorite entertainment complex for the whole region.

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