The modern station "Adler": how was one of the most beautiful station buildings in Russia created?

The modern station "Adler" is not just a gray building, which arises in our view after the mention of such a word. Its appearance, it looks more like a shopping center. However, he was not always like that. This station has its own story.

History of occurrence

The railway station "Adler" appeared very long ago - in 1929. We built it long before the district became part of Sochi. The building was built in the Stalin style, I must say, it is not as big as the modern version. The station refers to the North Caucasian Railway and, by the way, is considered one of the largest and largest railway terminals in the whole of Russia. Still, the station has one key feature, which is that the building is located almost on the shore of the Black Sea. In order to be near the sea, you need to cross paths. Many are surprised at this location, but everything is really simple. After all, Sochi - a city that stretches along the coastline for dozens of kilometers, so that the sea here, you can say, everywhere.


Only five years ago began to build a new station building, it was decided to place it east of the former. All this began because in 2014 in Sochi the Winter Olympic Games were to be held. Strictly speaking, not only the station "Adler" has undergone changes. Four years of large-scale work was carried out over the whole of Sochi - hotels, hotels were built, roads were reconstructed, freeways were built. So, the creation of the project of the Adler station was carried out by an architect group, headed by AP Danilenko. The distribution passenger room was placed at a height of ten meters above the railway tracks. And the complex itself was divided into two parts - the sea and the city. Thanks to this distribution it was possible to create a comfortable and modern railway station. It meets all the requirements for such buildings - it is competently equipped from a technical point of view, it has an interesting design and harmoniously fits into the surrounding environment.


Railway station "Adler" as the project appeared in 2009. It is interesting that from the very beginning the architect's developments caused a lot of questions and comments. Therefore, the project had to be transferred to the Sochi branch of the NGO "Mostovik", so that other specialists re-analyzed it and corrected the shortcomings. The time was tight, no one was planning to move the Olympics, so the construction should begin as soon as possible. Therefore, the station had to be designed in parallel with its construction, which had already begun by that time. This was difficult, because it was necessary already erecting the foundation to be used as a basis for inventing a new layout and image of the entire building. There were also risks, and considerable - in just eight hours with the help of powerful jacks it was possible to raise just a giant roof, which was previously assembled at the lowest level of the station. The deformation of the structure at the time of installation was about 1.5 meters, but as soon as the lift was completed, all marks were occupied, as expected. In this Sochi experts helped architects from the company GMP - a German company, whose employees erected the Berlin airport Tegel and the central station of the German capital. Their experience helped to apply new technologies in the construction of the Adler station and develop its logical scheme. In general, a few months after the start of construction work has been adjusted, and everything went according to plan.


The Adler train station is very beautiful and attracts everyone's attention whoever passes by. However, this design could remain unplanted in reality. The fact is that German architects saw the building as more simple, rectangular, you can say "dry". However, the author of the project insisted on his own. Indeed, against the backdrop of the majestic Caucasus Mountains , a building constructed in a special picturesque design should rise. The station, located right next to the sea, should not be ordinary. It should be reflected in the Black Sea. It was this idea that influenced the architect's decision to embody the theme of the sea wave in the building. The author of the project insisted on its own, and we can see the result today.


Every day more than ten thousand people pass through the station "Adler". From the station depart both suburban trains, and long-distance. Espresso and Aeroexpress are especially popular. This is the direction from Sochi to Krasnaya Polyana and to the Airport. Also there are suburban trains - from Tuapse to Adler and back. And, of course, there are many more destinations in such places as: Saratov, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Murmansk, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Novokuznetsk, Barnaul, Arkhangelsk, Blagoveshchensk, Severobaikalsk, Cherepovets and Etc. And this is not a complete list of cities where you can leave the Adler station. The main problem for local people has always been finding a place in an unfamiliar city. It will take only one thing to find "Adler" (station), - a map. And to get to it is also easy - from the center to the station there is a bus at number 125 and route taxi No. 124. And worry about the stop is also not necessary - the driver always stops at the right point: "Adler" station. Remember - there is a station on Lenin Street, 113.

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