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Alexander Rodnyansky - producer and director from God

Alexander Rodnyansky is a producer, as they say, from God. The result of any of his work is always successful and positive evaluation of critics. Many know him as the founder of the TV channel "1 + 1" or as the director of the channel STS. He is also involved in the series "My Fair Nanny", "Kadetstvo", "Ranetki", "Do not Be Born Beautiful" and "Daddy's Daughters".

Followed in the footsteps of his mother and grandfather

While most of the Soviet schoolchildren after losing their first life in their school were lost in the choice of a further life path, Alexander Rodnyansky knew for sure that he would be a producer. He entered the Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television. IK Karpenko-Kary, to the Faculty of Film Directing.

He chose this direction of his life not by chance. He was raised by his mother, who was a film producer and worked at the Ukrainian film studio "Contact". She was very fond of her work and probably told a lot about her son. Her father and grandfather, grandfather and great-grandfather of Alexander, were also workers of television. Grandfather served as editor-in-chief of the Film Studio of documentary films. On the territory of this studio, by the way, there was a house in which Alexander grew up.

He remembers how in the childhood old films replaced him toys, as he ran to the studio to watch draft versions of films. In this situation, he simply could not help but love what his mother, grandfather and great-grandfather were doing. To cinema he was deeply respected.

First attempts at self-affirmation

After graduating from the university Rodnyansky immediately gets a job at the Kiev studio of scientific films as a film director. In total, Alexander creates seven documentaries, among them "Mission of Raoul Wallenberg", "Farewell to the USSR" and "March of the Living" (for the last he received prizes at two festivals).

Since 1990, Alexander Rodnyansky - producer and director of the presenter on one of the German channels. Some of his documentary films he creates, already being abroad. This also applies to his better work "March of the Living". However, outside his homeland Rodnyansky does not stay long and comes back with the idea to realize his producer talent as much as possible.

Work on "1 + 1" and CTC

In 1994, Rodnyansky returned to his native country and founded "1 + 1", which quickly breaks out into the leaders of Ukrainian TV channels. In 2002 there is a global change in his life - he moves to Moscow and becomes the chief director of the STS television channel. The success of his work on the new channel leads to the fact that after only two years he took the place of the head of the holding "STS Media".

In just three years, under the able leadership of Alexander Rodnyansky, CTC has increased its audience to an unprecedented scale. His popularity was supported by the beloved all the series "Poor Nastya", "My Fair Nanny", "Do not Be Born Beautiful". When in 2007 the rating of the channel began to fall precipitously, the situation was saved thanks to the comedy series "Daddy's Daughters". While working at STS Rodnyansky acquires the film festival "Kinotavr". In 2008 he became a member of the jury of the Berlin Film Festival.

The decision to say goodbye to STS television channel Alexander Rodnyansky takes in 2009. Right after that, he creates his own company AR-Films, thanks to which he has the opportunity to create and shoot intellectual cinema. In 2010, he becomes chairman of the Emergency Council of the Russian private media holding. Under his sensitive leadership, the "Fifth Channel" and REN-TV are restarted.

Professional achievements

In total, Alexander Rodnyansky, whose photo shows his self-confidence, was the producer of more than 40 films and 30 serials, many of which were super-popular. He has won numerous awards: he has won the Nika three times, twice was awarded as the best television producer in Russia, received an award from the European Film Academy and many other awards. His films "1001 recipe for a loving culinary expert", "East-West", and in 2015 and "Leviathan" were nominated for an Oscar.

As a particularly successful work of the producer of recent years, we can mention "The Machine of Jane Mansfield", "Elena" and "Stalingrad", which became the highest-grossing film of the decade. Together with "Stalingrad" in 2013 published Rodnyansky's book "The producer came out," which tells about the dark side of his work.

Briefly about the family

The faithful companion of Rodnyansky, Valery Miroshnichenko, was originally a scientific worker. Having moved to Germany in 1990 with her husband, Valeria changes her profession and becomes a radio journalist. Upon his return to his homeland, his wife becomes a loyal assistant to Alexander Rodnyansky in the development and creation of projects for the channel "1 + 1", and then STS.

A life that is led by Valery Miroshnichenko and Alexander Rodnyansky can be called a friendly one. The family of these film and television workers also includes two children. The eldest son, who was named after his father, graduated from the German middle school and then the British School of Economics.

Cinema never attracted Alexander Jr., but his work in the economic sphere absorbed him completely: he worked hard at the doctoral program in Princeton. He married actress Ioannina Studilina, star of Ranetok and Stalingrad.

El's daughter is now studying at the University of Chicago. She is very active and loves writing.

Alexander Rodnyansky is an excellent example of a single-minded person. His life, he vividly demonstrates that the real purposefulness manifests itself in active work to achieve the goal. He showed that, having a talent, you must do your best to implement it. In the case of Rodnyansky, this approach brought great success and satisfaction to him, as well as a lot of pleasant emotions for viewers.

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