"Renaissance Monarch": description, address, reviews

Fitted in a French style, the hotel in the center of Moscow immediately appeals to visitors. It has many features of the Renaissance Monarch. The address, additional services, advantages and disadvantages are information about which you can find further from the article.

Solemn events

This luxurious establishment was opened in 2010 and immediately became popular among business elite and tourists. The most important advantage of this establishment is its location. The premises are located in the financial and cultural district of the capital. Here, both entrepreneurs and couples stay .

The hotel attracts successful and business people with conference rooms. Each room is equipped with appliances: new audio and video equipment and unlimited internet access. Quality air conditioners work in the halls. It should be noted that there are 12 separate auditoriums for negotiations. They are united by a spacious foyer. A total of 1500 people can be accommodated here at once.

It is aimed at various categories of guests of the Renaissance Monarch. The Georgievsky, Ekaterininsky and Andreevsky halls are large halls where residents and guests of the capital celebrate weddings, anniversaries and corporate events. Each room is beautifully and unobtrusively decorated. The scenery helps create a refined and solemn atmosphere.

Employees of the institution can, at the request of customers, install the necessary equipment. In addition, the hotel organizes banquets, a buffet and breaks for tea and coffee.

Impressions of regular customers

Comfortable in the hotel not only domestic guests, but also foreign. For them, foreign television operates. Bring daily newspapers. Therefore, guests are always aware of important events.

The hotel is quite young, but has already successfully proved itself in the capital market. However, many people who have already spent time in this institution, assure that every year the service is getting worse. Workers are often unfriendly and tired. It's not rare that you have to call twice before the number brings something that is missing.

Another negative point is the distant location from other institutions. If you do not like the cuisine that the complex offers, you will have to look for another restaurant for a long time. There are no high-end cafes nearby. But most of the visitors are delighted with the dishes and menus.

Nearby is a shopping center, which connects with the hotel transition. There you can buy everything you need.

Get to the institution on your car is not easy, around the congestion. Saves the proximity of the metro to the hotel "Renaissance Monarch". Leningradsky prospect 31a - the address of the complex.

Tasty and exquisite: all in one

The pride of the institution is the kitchen. The hotel offers guests to eat at the restaurant "Mosaic". It serves refined European and domestic dishes. Enjoy Asian delicacies with the evening restaurant "Premier". Having ordered a special offer, the client will receive high-quality and original dishes. You can try exclusive food, which professionals will prepare for your eyes. It should be noted that you can ask for dinner, meat, fish or vegetarian menu. French exotic is prepared by the famous chef Bezhamin Jubrelet.

Most visitors like a variety of food. Guests say that nobody will be hungry. Nourishing and tasty food. There is always a variety of dishes on the table. However, the guests note that the prices are high, but also correspond to the status of the Renaissance Monarch Hotel.

Cafes and restaurants

On the last two floors is the Executive Lounge. Both private and business meetings are held here. The hall is decorated in light, light colors. However, the highlight of this room is a panorama. From the wide windows you have an amazing view of the center of the capital.

In warm weather, visitors like to sit on the open terraces. This part of the hotel is open until 24 hours. Therefore, guests come here to enjoy the views of Moscow at night.

In addition to what has been said, the Renaissance Monarch Hotel has a ground and underground car park. However, visitors complain that parking prices are unreasonably high. It is much cheaper to put the car on a nearby street, where the quality of the parking is not different.

"Premier" takes visitors in the evening. Enjoy the delicacies of the East you can by going to the Sushi Bar. And in the summer a cafe is opened under shady trees. All this is placed on 16 floors.

Additional services

At first glance, "Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center" strikes with its scale. The structure is very stylish and decorated in all modern trends. The hall is spacious, there are no crowds or throngs. While waiting for your time to settle, you can go to a restaurant, or shopping. It's nice to wait on comfortable, wide sofas at the entrance. No queues. All workers are always in the field. But to many guests the staff seemed rather cold. However, the general impression of restraint workers is not affected.

You can migrate by floors using five fast elevators. Guests say that the lift is not spacious enough. Sometimes the elevator has to wait a few minutes.

In the hotel, like at home

Offers additional services "Renaissance Monarch". The hotel has a gym, a fitness center and a spa. It's all on the ground floor. There are closets that are closed. In addition, they give out a bathrobe and a towel. Sauna is divided, men and women separately. The pool is small. However, on weekdays, when there are few visitors, it is possible to swim freely. You can also use the jacuzzi, solarium and massage room. On the roof there are sun loungers for sunbathing. Most of the visitors have positive impressions of additional services.

Guests recommend taking rooms on the upper floors. From there the best view and less noise. In general, Renaissance Monarch offers its clients 366 rooms of different categories: from the economical standard to the exquisite suite. Among the rooms there are those that are adapted for permanent residence in comfortable, almost home conditions. After all, there are kitchens and living rooms. Also, clients receive a subscription to a fitness center, a training hall, a swimming pool and a sauna. They are located directly in the room.

Problems with the keys

Each room is equipped according to international requirements. There is a TV, a safe safe, fixed telephones. There is a mini-bar. But if you do not leave a deposit at the entrance, it is closed right in front of the visitor's nose, customers complain. There is also an iron and ironing board. Like any quality institution, the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center Hotel has ensured that the rooms have a comfortable, well-lit work space. The phones are equipped with a speakerphone and an answering machine. Therefore, guests are divided, you can do business without leaving the hotel.

Among the rooms there is a five-room presidential suite.

The walls are perfectly soundproofed. Neighbors and noise from the corridor can not be heard, so the guests say. But the windows miss the sounds. Prevent the morning from sleeping construction work and car signals. However, most residents of large cities are used to such "music".

The Renaissance Monarch Institute offers large and spacious rooms. In the rooms are expensive air-conditioners, the air is clean and fresh.

View of the guests

Very spacious bath. There is a hairdryer and a full range of hygiene products. But the visitors are confused by the manufacturer - China. Often customers complain that they do not have enough robes, towels or slippers. However, if this trouble is reported to the staff, then these things will immediately bring. There are no toothbrushes and shower caps, the guests complain. Dressing gowns are standard size, so full people are uncomfortable wearing them.

A pleasant surprise for the guests is the fact that in addition to the minibar in the rooms, electric kettles and coffee with tea. Also there is a pail with ice. The beds are very wide and soft.

It has a very convenient location "Renaissance Monarch". The metro is near. You can exit at the stations "Dynamo" or "Begovaya". The hotel is only 5-10 minutes walk. Near the main sights of the capital. Therefore, from here immediately it's good to go on excursions.

Comfortable rest

You can come with children. The pool is shallow for them. And the staff at the request can deliver two small cribs to your room. However, parents recommend to familiarize themselves with the menu. After all, not all guys like foreign delicacies. Therefore, someone can stay hungry.

In general, it meets all the standards of the Renaissance Monarch. The hotel is very stylish and beautiful. However, along with the pluses, there are also minor disadvantages. For example, often the technique in the room does not work. Therefore, to use a kettle or iron, you have to contact the administration.

Another of the significant disadvantages is electronic keys. Eviction should be held before 12:00 noon. If you forget something in the room, you will have to call the administrator, since you can not open the door with your card.

The key to success is staff

He tries to satisfy his guests as much as possible, "Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center". Various promotions and discounts are held by the institution for special clients. For example, a newly married couple is given a romance. To their arrival, the number is decorated festively. However, visitors complain that the hotel does not have its own decorations. Therefore, you have to bring your own decorative materials. But a young couple is usually given a bottle of champagne and chocolate.

The staff, according to the guests, is very polite and professionally refers to their duties. Almost everyone who rested in this institution positively assesses the work of employees. Both the administrator and the guard are available and will answer all questions carefully.

Guests note that the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center hotel is suitable for both business negotiations and family holidays.

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