Azimut Hotel, St. Petersburg: review, description and guest reviews

Are you going to visit the northern capital of Russia? Then you need to know where you can stay, where the most comfortable accommodation is waiting for you at an affordable price. That's why we want to tell you about the hotel "Azimut". St. Petersburg is a city with high attendance, why our choice fell on this huge hotel, where there will always be vacant places with high probability.


Hotel Azimut (St. Petersburg) is located in the heart of the city, so wherever you need to get there, everything will be close. And the hotel occupies the highest building in this part of the city, so you will have the opportunity to inspect all the neighborhoods, nothing will stop you. At the same time the windows offer a beautiful view of the old part of the city, as well as modern Peter. Both of them are gorgeous in their own way. Especially often, guests celebrate the opportunity to have dinner and have breakfast in the Sky Bar. It is located on the 18th floor, from where the entire beauty of the city on the Neva is perfectly visible.

How to get there

Most tourists use the services of a taxi, but it is not superfluous to know where Azimuth is located (the hotel, St. Petersburg). The address is Lermontovsky Avenue, 43/1. For those who know the city, it is obvious that its location is very convenient. From here you can reach anywhere in the city, and quickly enough. However, for most tourists the most accessible and convenient transport is the subway. How in this case it is possible to get to "Azimut" (hotel, St. Petersburg)? Metro is convenient for the lack of traffic jams and a clear schedule for the arrival of trains. So, from the airport you can get to the station "Moskovskaya" by means of a fixed-route taxi 39. Follow to the station "Baltiyskaya", and then walk only 650 meters - and you are on the spot. From the metro station "Technological Institute" - only three stops on buses No. 115, 90, 177.

Advantages of this arrangement

For tourists who came to see the city, the hotel "Azimut" is very suitable. St. Petersburg is very interesting with its stunning monuments, magnificent panoramas and cultural program. Therefore, getting here, first of all, you need as much as possible to have time to visit and see. The building itself is comfortably located on the embankment of the Fontanka River. Very close to St. Nicholas Cathedral and the Kryukov Canal, as well as the world-famous Mariinsky Theater. It is convenient car access, closely located subway nodes, as well as cultural and historical values contribute to the fact that the Azimut Hotel is very popular. St. Petersburg from here - as in the palm of your hand.

Corps "East" and "West"

In general, the hotel is a single building, but the photo shows that it is divided into two halves: the first - at eighteen floors, the second - much lower. These are the architectural features of the Azimut hotel (Hotel St. Petersburg). The building "Fontanka" is a five-story building. There are 456 rooms. These are single and double "standards", as well as family "standards" with an extra seat. Each room has everything you need for your stay. These are furniture and utensils, a TV and a bathroom with a shower. Rooms are cleaned daily, towels and bed linen are changed every three days. Upon request, the maid will replace them at any time. Here is a bar, all other entertainment - in the high-rise part of the building. This hotel is Azimut (Fontanka). St. Petersburg is waiting for its guests at any time of the day and night to reveal their embrace to them. Now, if you find information about the fact that this hotel includes two buildings, be aware that this is the issue of this functional division. In the rest the building of the hotel is one whole.

Number of rooms

For tourists, the most important thing is in what conditions they will be accommodated, so we will pay the closest attention to the block. Judging by the reviews, you will not regret if you choose Azimut Hotel. The hotel (St. Petersburg, 3 *) is a favorite place for many Russians for Christmas holidays) is ready to receive guests around the clock, at any time of the year.

In total there are 577 rooms, all of them are located in a single eighteen-story building. At the same time, 322 are numbers of the new generation of SMART. Most tourists say that at a convenient opportunity again would go to Azimut. The best hotel, as it is sometimes called the townspeople, will be to your liking. If for you in the priority budget vacation, then pay attention to numbers like "standard". They are single and double, as well as family. The latter differ with a combined bed. Here everything necessary for a normal rest is provided.

For fans of comfortable rest

The second option is the "superior" rooms. These are small, single or twin rooms. Finally, the third option is the popular SMART. What distinguishes these numbers? First of all, they are more spacious. At your choice, the room can be one-room or two-room, but the equipment of beds of different types occurs according to your order, depending on the number of guests.

In addition, the hotel offers comfortable apartments. They differ primarily in large areas. A special atmosphere creates a free space. Excellent view from the windows, convenient separation into zones (sleeping, business), bathrobe and slippers, as well as a full set of hygiene products - all this creates a unique impression.

As you can see, quite a lot of options are offered to you by this hotel. It is very attractive for tourists of all kinds of wealth, and they can all find a decent rest under the roof of this huge hotel.

Cost of living

Double "standard" is a cozy room measuring 14 square meters. M, in which there are two small or one double bed. The cost is 2700 rubles per night, for two adults. Power is not included. If you choose breakfast at the hotel, the cost will be 3600 rubles per night (for two adults). One of the most popular numbers is the SMART "standard" of 20 square meters. M. When meals outside the hotel accommodation will cost 3200 per night for two, and with breakfast included - 4100 rubles. A spacious double junior suite with an area of 24 square meters. M. Will cost you 4200 rubles per day for two without food, as well as 5100 with breakfast. By metropolitan standards this is quite affordable.

Hotel details

What else can Azimuth offer you? The hotel (Saint Petersburg), which is very warm, provides its guests with free Internet access throughout the hotel. There is an ATM here, as well as excellent places where you can sit quietly and eat deliciously. This is a Sky bar and a lobby bar. A specialist at the reception desk will call a taxi for you and order air or railway tickets. On each floor there are coolers with water. The rooms above the "standard" class have a mini bar and a refrigerator in the room.

If you go with pets, then for an additional fee you can easily agree on the location of the animal. It is necessary only to observe elementary rules of hygiene, to lead a pet to walk, and to wear a leash and muzzle on a dog. There is a meeting room and a luggage room, a conference room. For vacationers are provided office services, at any time you can order a photocopy, send or receive documentation. Laundry on site will solve all problems with clothing. In the ironing room there is an iron, which can be used as needed. There is an excellent restaurant here, which means that you can enjoy pleasant evenings. For beautiful ladies there is a beauty salon and a spa. All rooms have a safe, where you can store valuables.

For business guests

Ideally suited for holding conferences hotel "Azimut". The hotel in St. Petersburg includes 6 spacious equipped halls. Each of them is designed for accommodation from 30 to 80 people. At the same time, the administration reserves the organization of coffee breaks and banquets, and provides simultaneous interpretation services. That is, on the basis of the hotel it is possible to hold meetings of a wide range, including international ones. Your attention is invited to three rooms: "Meeting", "Seminar", "Session" area of 72 square meters. M. All of them are equipped with personal computers and a TV. The capacity depends on the style of meeting you choose. When placing guests as a "theater" you can accommodate 50 people, "class" - 25 people, "banquet" - 20 people. The "Referendum" hall is large in size, its area is 115 square meters. M. Accommodates from 30 to 80 people depending on the accommodation of guests. Finally, the "Puck" hall seats 90 people. Judging by the feedback, the administration is doing everything possible to make the invited guests feel at home.

Reviews of tourists

First of all I want to note that all the reviews are very good. They differ not only beautiful words, but sincere warmth and gratitude to the hotel staff. First and foremost, everyone emphasizes the courtesy and courtesy of the staff, which is not yet accepted by all the hotels of the former Soviet Union. A lot of good reviews about meals at the hotel. A delicious buffet is served for breakfast, and at other times you can use the services of a cafe, restaurant or bar.

Separately it is necessary to tell about service of apartments. All the guests, without exception, emphasize the exceptional cleanliness in the rooms, the maids daily order the rooms, regularly change bed linens and towels. Separate attention is given to birthday people who on their birthday stop at the hotel. They are waiting for a gift from the administration, which is especially nice.

To summarize, I would like to say that the Azimut Hotel is an excellent choice for those who first decided to visit the Northern Capital. Being in the center of the city, you quickly adapt and find all the objects that you want to visit. And the next time you probably do not want to change the hotel to something else.

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