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Is the Virgo and Aries compatible?

To the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac are most often addressed at a time when the relationship of a man and a woman are at an impasse. At these moments, the partners begin to look for the reasons for their unsuccessful living together. Considering the compatibility of Virgo and Aries, you can learn a lot of interesting things.

Shared compatibility

These two signs of the zodiac are completely different in their affairs, thoughts and feelings. These opposites can both attract and repel each other. So, Aries trusts her feelings and emotions. For him, practicality always fades into the background, and even to the detriment of himself he will act as he feels, although he can later regret it. The virgin opposite is very practical. She will never act on an emotional level, and everything will be viewed from a practical point of view. Compatibility of Aries and Virgo is difficult to call ideal. In a relationship, they often upset each other. And this is not surprising, because if Aries is upset, he begins to express his grievances and share them with close people who will be around. This can irritate the Virgo, because she prefers to hide her emotions and not take them out to the show. The compatibility of Virgo and Aries can lead to marriage, but it will last only if the Virgin takes on the character of Aries the way it is. Although often she tries to instill in her partner her favorite practicality and change in her some character traits, which, in her opinion, would be unacceptable. In this case, the marriage will quickly disintegrate.

Relationships when a man-Virgo and a woman-Aries

The compatibility of Virgo and Aries in this case can be very ambiguous. Usually a woman-Aries with her emotionality Tries to enjoy life, it is characterized by adventure and unjustified risk. She tries not to think about the future and easily spends money, which may be the last. The Virgo man looks at this disapprovingly, because he does not tolerate instability. It is important for him to be confident in the future, so he will consider every step. But in this union they can perfectly complement each other, despite the opposites. He will restrain her from unnecessary expenditure and ensure her future. She will be next to her beloved, helping him to escape from work.

Relationships, when a woman-Virgo and a man-Aries

In this situation, the compatibility of Virgo and Aries is most favorable. The woman in this case seems thoughtful and caring. She always reigns order, and plans for the future, she will always build very sensibly. In this case, the female Virgo treats the partner with tenderness and affection. And even in spite of the fact that the Aries man will neglect the little things that are important for his chosen one, their union may well be successful. The compatibility of Virgo and Aries will be more successful, if a woman does not burden a man with domestic duties and minor problems, she will have to solve some problems herself. He, in turn, must learn to treat her with greater delicacy, without affecting the inherent femininity and softness.

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