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Teplomash thermal curtains: description, review, characteristics and reviews. Thermal veils "Teplomash" KEV

Curtains "Teplomash" are engineering equipment that prevents the mixing of cold and hot air in different areas. With the help of such a device, it is possible to divide the airspace, for example an office area and a cold warehouse, as well as a room and a street.

Feedback on choosing a heat curtain

The length is used as the main dimensions when choosing the described equipment. Ideally, it should be equal to the height or length of the opening, in the first case it is a vertical installation. A deviation of 10% is permissible. Buyers note that it is important to take into account the orientation during installation, it can be vertical, horizontal, ceiling or universal.

As customers emphasize, horizontal instruments can be installed only above the opening, and their power can be about 6 kilowatts, but not more. Such aggregates belong to the economy class. Vertical curtains can be installed on the sides of the opening, here are design devices that can be presented in the form of columns. If the interior of the room is important, then you can choose the ceiling curtains of Teplomash, which are installed under the ceiling system.

Characteristics of the thermal screen of the company "Teplomash" series "100 Optima"

Model KEV-P15 2/10 62E is a curtain for doorways and windows, the height of which can vary from 1 to 2 meters. Inside the tubular heating element is installed, and the device itself has an ergonomic design. The unit can be installed in a horizontal position, and in operation it can function in one of three modes. Buyers note a low noise level during operation.

This thermal curtain is used to separate zones not only inside but also outside the premises / buildings. Air flow separates the outside air from the internal, maintaining a favorable climate in the premises, and also provides energy savings. This is especially true if there are air conditioning or heating systems inside. The body is made of high-quality steel, which is covered with polymeric materials, which provides protection from corrosion and a long service life.

Additional features

Inside, a reliable heater is installed. The design has mounting brackets and a control unit. If there is a need to cover sufficiently wide doorways, it is permissible to arrange several veils beside. The power of the device can be adjusted in 3 positions. The first involves working at full capacity, the second assumes half the power, while the third mode is the work of the fan without heating. When carrying out installation work, you must take into account that the manufacturer indicates the recommended installation height, which should not be more than 2 meters.

Characteristics of the veil of the series "100 Brilliant"

Such heat curtains "Teplomash" KEV are intended for openings and windows, the height of which can reach 2.2 meters. Inside, a ceramic heater is installed, the body is made of stainless steel, which is polished during the manufacturing process. This model has a bright design and, like the above, can work in one of three modes. A distinctive feature of this option is the front panel, which is made of polished stainless steel with attractive decorative faces. This allows you to create a unique and exceptionally bright modern design of the equipment. The device is characterized by anti-corrosion resistance, compact dimensions and the ability to operate with a sufficiently wide temperature range, which varies from +5 to +40 degrees.

Overview of the thermal curtain of the series "200 Comfort"

Curtain "Teplomash" KEV 200 series is intended for doorways, the height of which can vary from 2 to 2.5 meters. Inside there is a finned heater, and you can control the device using the remote that comes with the kit. These thermal veils "Teplomash" KEV can be used not only for horizontal, but also for vertical installation from either side of the opening.

In order to provide convenient adjustment of the operation of such a system, it is possible to connect several devices, the maximum number of which is 6. At the same time, the modes can be adjusted using the control panel. The manufacturer recommends installing the electric curtains of this model at a height that should not exceed 2.5 meters. The products are guaranteed for 2 years. You can count on a long service life, which is provided by protection against overheating. The design is equipped with a thermostat. As additional advantages it is possible to allocate the compact sizes, and also universality of use.

Description of the thermal curtain of the series "200 Optima"

If you are interested in Teplomash, air curtains of this company can be found today at an affordable price. Among others it is worth highlighting the "200 Optima" series. This model is designed for entrance doors, the height of which varies from 2 to 2.5 meters. Inside, high-efficiency heating elements are installed, and the design has an ergonomic design.

The classic version is complemented by the possibility of universal installation, the presence of the control panel and brackets, which are included. The case is white in color and is made of high-quality steel, which is coated with polymers. The equipment can be used in a wide range of temperatures, which varies from 0 to 40 degrees.

Overview of the main characteristics, which should be noted when choosing

"Teplomash" veils are very popular among consumers today, if you also decided to follow the majority's experience, you should first determine the main parameters that the consumer should be guided before purchasing. It is important to take into account the presence of a tambour. In this case, the "Teplomash" veil is installed inside it, while you can choose equipment of lower power without loss of quality, saving money.

Experts advise paying attention to energy consumption and the desired heat carrier. Thus, electrical devices can consume up to 48 kilowatts. Before you make a purchase, you need to make sure that the electrical grid will be able to cope with the load.

If you install a veil of KEV "Teplomash", then you should consider how often the doors open. If this indicator is large, this indicates the need to select equipment with a higher power. According to experienced buyers, for a cafe with a tambour there will be enough veil, the capacity of which is 3 kilowatts. If you want to purchase Teplomash thermal curtains for a store, then it will be necessary to increase the capacity of equipment to 9 kilowatts.

Characteristics of a water curtain of the brand KEV-98P412W

If you are interested in the Teplomash water curtains, you can pay attention to the above mentioned option, which provides a heating power within 46 kilowatts. The effective length of the jet is 4.5 meters, the maximum air flow is equivalent to 5000 cubic meters per hour. The power consumption of this equipment is 0.53 kilowatts. If you purchase such thermal screens "Teplomash", then you can expect a temperature increase of up to 29 degrees.

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