Earrings with a pomegranate - a magical decoration, carrying love, strength and health

Garnet stones from ancient times attracted people. To their magical properties they looked at and composed legends about them. This mineral was sent to gold and silver and carried not only individual items, but also whole sets. So, the aging Goethe presented eighteen-year-old Ulrike von Leventsov as a love affair with a garnet set, in which there were 460 stones.

Garnets, depending on the impurities, have different colors and names. Earrings with pomegranate can be made from purple-red almandine, pink rhodolite or green xavorite.

Mineral deposits

Since ancient times pomegranate has been found in the Czech Republic. Later there were deposits in Bavaria and Africa, in Ceylon, in Australia. And in Russia it is mined in the Urals and in Yakutia. Most modern garnets come from Africa.

Energy of stone

About the mystical dual properties of the stone, people have known for a long time. Our ancestors believed that the gem gives a cheerful spirit, brings joy to the heart, and august people, for example, earrings with a pomegranate gave power over their people and retinue.

In Russia, also believed that if you wear jewelry with a pomegranate, the birth will be easy. This belief is widespread and in our days, therefore, in expectation of safe deliveries, the future mother does not remove earrings with a grenade. This stone is capable of endowing with a happy love - it is worn by lovers and those who are just waiting for love. You can list and other properties of the amazing stone:

  • Red garnets give wisdom and discretion;
  • Green learns of organization, the correct allocation of time and money;
  • Grenades drive away black thoughts, attracting positive thoughts.

But this mineral has a very strong energy, so if a person feels that he is tired, then for some time he must take off the jewelry with him.

As a talisman, grenades are recommended for use by creative people, that is, those whose achievements depend on complete dedication. So, a red garnet allows you to create an image, and a green one - to materialize it.

Zodiac signs

Capricorn grenades - the best assistant. It suits both Virgos, Sagittarius, Leo, and Taurus. A fiery Aries it is not recommended. Green grenades can bring trouble to Pisces, but they will bring happiness and protect from the evil of Lviv and Streltsov.

Present the girl earrings with a pomegranate - and this gift will express the sincerity of your intentions.

In all European and Eastern beliefs, the "red coal" is a symbol of perseverance, strength, loyalty, permanence and health.

Silver earrings with pomegranate

The moon, silver-plated white metal, with its rays gave him the mystery of the night and ennobled him. He is able to protect, heal, protect. But it is full of mystery, which modern science can not always explain.

If suddenly earrings with a pomegranate darken - silver signals that a person is tormented by evil thoughts or falls ill. The owner should pay attention to this sign. If the silver darkened before the trip, then it is better and completely undo it. By the way, it was a long time ago. Silver is the most amazing metal. He develops intuition.

Under his influence, a person purifies his energy, because it absorbs all negative, which is bad for him.

Therefore, if you constantly wear silver earrings with a pomegranate, you can get a charge of energy from the stone and a guard from silver. And there are a lot of models of jewelry - you can always choose what you like.

Types of earrings

Earrings will emphasize the best that there is in a woman's appearance. They will give the toilet complete. Therefore, decorating your ears, you need to consider the silhouette, color and style of clothing. Seryoga does not happen much, as they subtly reflect the mood and feelings of their owner. Their design is extensive, but there are several types that you can not leave from morning till night:

  • Carnations;
  • Hoop earrings of various sizes;
  • Earring-pendants;
  • Earrings with gems.

They will add brightness to the wardrobe. In them, and precious stones, and ornamental, and Swarovski crystals. Perfectly look and earrings with a pomegranate green or violet-red color.

Earrings with semi-precious stones must necessarily be combined with the color of the eyes and shade the complexion, so when buying, you must carefully look into the mirror. They are better to try on with a minimum of makeup on the face, because later they will give the person such expressiveness, which was not even dreamed of.

Gold earrings with pomegranate

Gold also has magical properties, which modern people rarely think about. It is nourished by the energy of the sun, conducts it and loves generous and generous people who have reached adulthood. Especially it is necessary to appreciate the products that were passed down from generation to generation and filled with the energy of all who put them on. And if you constantly wear gold earrings, then this can improve your eyesight.

Astrologers recommend to always wear gold products to Gemini, Sagittarius, Lions, Taurus, Aquarius, Capricorn and Aries. But Pisces, Crayfish, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio should periodically remove gold items. Their metal is silver.

So, earrings are the most ancient decoration and amulet that people have discovered from time immemorial. We wear earrings to emphasize our individuality and style. However, in the stones and metal there are many meanings that are interesting to know and remember. In them there is nothing accidental - everything is taken away for centuries.

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