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Zaporozhye (Ukraine) is a city of regional importance, a great cultural and tourist center. Zaporozhye has been attracting visitors for many years. And this is not surprising, because the city is considered the cradle of the Ukrainian Cossacks. Today we will talk about the most interesting and outstanding places of the city.

Cossack sights of Zaporozhye

In the XV century. Cossacks appeared in the lower reaches of the Dnieper River. At the same time, the first fortified settlements appeared here, which later became known as "Sich". They were Cossack camps surrounded by walls. Here there were churches, utility rooms and kureni (apartment buildings). In the entire history of the Ukrainian Cossacks, there are 10 Sichs, the period of their existence spanning almost 200 years.

In 2004, a large historical and architectural complex was laid on the island of Khortytsya (Zaporozhye). It is a collective image of all the Pridneprovsky Sichs that ever existed.

A lot of things are connected with the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks in the city. Ancient oak is a monument in Zaporozhye, which will remind everyone of the glorious past times. According to legend, it was under this oak that the Cossacks wrote their famous letter to the Turkish sultan.

In addition, in Zaporozhye every tourist will be able to learn a lot of interesting information about the history of this region thanks to the famous Museum of History of Zaporozhye Cossacks.

Khortytsya Island

The historical and architectural complex "Zaporizhzhya Sich" embodied the most interesting elements of culture, history and everyday life of the Cossacks. The territory of the reserve is equipped with all the features of the pre-existing Sechy. The complex is surrounded by defensive walls and other fortifications (deep ditch, entrance tower, bell tower). The territory of the Sich is divided into two Koshas: the inner Kosh and suburb.

In the first part of the complex there are main buildings: two kurens, a powder cellar, a school. In the center of the inner kosha (in the main square) stands the Church of the Intercession of the Theotokos, the largest building on the territory of the complex. Not far from the church are located not less interesting objects: a kuren, a house of a koshevy, a gunsmith, a chancery and a scarf.

Having visited the territory of the Sich suburb, tourists have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Cossack forge, pottery, tavern and hut.

Museums of the city

Local museums - this is what the city of Zaporozhye will be able to surprise every tourist. Here you will be told not only about the heroic past of the region, but also showcase unique examples of weapons and objects of Cossack life, rare retro cars, remnants of the fleet of the XV-XVIII centuries raised from the bottom of the Dnieper.

So, what museums are worth visiting in Zaporozhye?

  • The museum of the history of the Zaporozhye Cossacks is on the island of Khortitsa. The exposition dedicated to the ancient, medieval, new and modern history of the Zaporozhye region is open here.
  • The Museum of the history of weapons is located in the heart of the city on Lenin Avenue. At the heart of the exhibition is a private collection of V. Shlayfer. Here are collected unique and rare examples of weapons of different times and peoples.
  • The museum of retro cars - visiting this place will appeal not only to adults, but also to small tourists. The exposition presents restored images of cars beginning - mid-20th century.
  • The Museum of Navigation is a place worth visiting, visiting the sights of Zaporozhye. Here are exhibited samples of the Cossack fleet, found on the bottom of the Dnieper.

Religious objects

  • Pagan sanctuaries on Khortitsa are monuments of the early Bronze Age. The main object of this complex, located on the mountain Bragarnya, in its appearance resembles the famous Stonehenge. Another sanctuary, which is located on one of the slopes of the gully near the Museum of the History of the Cossacks, consists of interesting stone construction of the ovoid form. Also on Khortitsa there are restored idols of ancient pagan gods.
  • Mennonite cemetery is a monument in Zaporozhye, which is worthy of tourists' attention. Here you can see the ancient graves of German-speaking settlers on the island of Khortitsa of the XVIII-XX centuries.
  • Stone tomb in with. Patience is an interesting object, which is a separate array of sandstone. Here was placed the most ancient sanctuary.

Temples and cathedrals

  • St. Pokrovsky Cathedral is a real pearl of Zaporozhye, the main Orthodox shrine of the city. The modern church, erected in 1886, is a 36-meter five-tower building. Reconstruction of the cathedral was conducted from 1993 to 2001.
  • St. Andrew's Cathedral is a fine example of modern architecture. The building was erected in 2001 with the money of local patrons. The temple is made in the Baroque style in the form of a large cross. The building is crowned by one large central and two small domes. The Cathedral is functioning, today services are regularly held in its building.
  • The Cathedral of God the Father of Mercy is the only Catholic temple in the city. The structure is a rectangular in terms of construction, divided in a number of beautiful columns. The solemn consecration of the church took place in 2004.

Sights of Zaporozhye, worth seeing

In the city there are many popular tourist sites. These are not only monuments of the past, but also bridges, parks and gardens of Zaporozhye, unusual streets. Let's talk about places that are worthy of attention of every tourist.

  • DneproGES is the oldest hydroelectric power station on the main river of Ukraine. Its construction began in 1927. The Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Station consists of rowing and two machine halls. This is a unique structure that will impress everyone.
  • The Aswan Dam is a very interesting structure. It is a prototype of the largest Egyptian hydroelectric complex.
  • The children's railway is a wonderful place for family holidays.
  • The city of Zaporozhye is famous for its bridges. The most famous of them is the Arched Bridge. It not only serves as a place for passing the railway transport, but is also a favorite vacation spot for local extremals.
  • A musical fountain on Zaporozhye Festival Square is a cultural center of the city.

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